Baby Boomer / Somewhat Healthy Journey
by hippeesandee

Back to Basics   17 y  
raw milk,,, Back to basics
My entire life has been a ”back to Basics” kind of lifestyle... I trust my instincs as far as my health goes.... So it is probably the reason I’ve been slim most of my life... I never bought into Antibiotics as the Majik Pill... Cannot stomach the ”Cold Cures” aisle of any drugstore or supermaket... They are right up there with the aisle of ”Junk Food” in any supermarket...... Hell I’ve even given up on junk food... They used to be good when they were a junk food..... At least you knew what you were buying... Let me regress here.... When I was quite young, a cousin of some ki ...   read more

Nite Shift Health   17 y  
Working the night shift is being upside down for a big portion of your life...
I’ve been upside down for so long it sees normal to me. When I leave for work, it’s not too bad, after all no one is coming home and ending the day. But coming home from my job, my friends are rushing around getting ready for work, so I just grab a beer and tell them to have a good day at work and they tell me to have a nice sleep... Working the nite shift can seriously damage your health and never mind what it does to your brain cells..... The experts tell you that the best sleep is before midnight... Since that is the high energy time on the job for me, it’s not an option.. ...   read more

Kefir and Kombucha tea   17 y  
Kefir Kombucha very good things to drink to stay healthy
OK OK, I’ve finally am starting to get my Kombucha Tea and Kefir on track..... The Kombucha tea - lets see 3 64 oz. bottles filled, 8 16 oz. Grolsch bottles with the swingtop caps (I take these in my cooler) always have Kombucha Tea on hand... I have 4 cups Kefir brewing and 3 cups Kefir waiting to be drunk... I’ve been drinking Kombucha for a month and Kefir a week now seriously. 6 ounces three times a day on the Kombucha and 3 cups of Kefir. No significant changes, but then, there really wasn’t much wrong with me ”yet”, but I have notices little things like the brown spots (fr ...   read more

I HATE plastic   18 y  
Plastic leeches
Well, my Kombucha tea was and is a success... I’ve been drinking it daily. Since I made my tea with green tea it tastes like ginger ale and wine... Gee I luv wine, could get used to this. I bought this white plastic (ugh plasatic) bucket to brew 5 gallons at a time, started with 2 gallons, with all the taste testing that didn’t leave me with much as long as I was doing the continuous brewing. Well this plastic thingy has got to go, I’m not into plastic, so I am looking for gallon jugs. I certainly don’t want another ”sun tea” jug with a cow on it. All I want is a few gallon jugs ...   read more

Foot Reflexology   18 y  
Foot Reflexology
Over the years I’ve picked up a few positive things to do for myself that is healthy and some of these have stayed with me and some have fallen by the wayside, sometimes some of these wayside things just need to be revisited. One of these ”sleeper” things is Foot reflexology Reflexology, also called zone therapy, is based on the notion that each body part is represented on the hands and feet and that pressing on specific areas on the hands or feet can have therapeutic effects in other parts of the body. Most proponents claim: * The body is divided into 10 longitudinal zones—fiv ...   read more

Kombucha Mushroom Tea   18 y  
Kombucha Tea is a blood cleaner, tastes like either vinegar or ginger ale, seems I brew both types accidently
I received my Kombucha SCOBY in the mail yesterday. Thanks guys, right in the middle of my work week. I work 12 hour shifts overnight, in a clean room ~~bunny suit and all~~ Sleep a few hours and back to work for four days this week. I have a routine in the morning when I get home, I take a slug of rejuvelac, my cottage cheese and flax oil. I have a beer ~~nothing cuts the mucous in my mouth (having worn a face mask all night) like a cold beer, Water at this point doesn’t do the trick, forget soda ~~better living thru chemistry~~ Beer is made of natural products somewhat... I sure w ...   read more

Baby boomer wanting to be healthy   18 y  
Kombucha, rejuvelac, Kefir grains, foot reflexologyA baby boomer wanting to be healthy
I’m a baby boomer turning 60 next year. The 60’s,,,,, we ate rice and vegetables, drank a lot of beer and toked a little herb. The is a journey of why I am as healthy as I am today in spite of a bout with alcholism, drug dabbling, smoking cigarettes, an illegal abortion, will probably think of more as I get into this blog. I was raised in a small farming community in Northeast Pennsylvania, so I do remember what ”raw” milk tastes like. I also know what eating vegetables taste like in the garden warmed by the warm air and sun. Picking berries (strawberries, blackberries and blueb ...   read more

Baby boomer beginning will soon be 60 OOPS   18 y  
Kombucha, rejuvelac, Kefir grains, foot reflexologyA baby boomer wanting to be healthy
Sorry This was a goof, see the above message, will try to delete this on e   visit the page


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Want to talk about my jouney from the Health conscience of the '70's to now. My falls, My good health stuff, the pratfalls I seems to have missed and others that I got caught up in. I'm an old Hippee approaching 60 and want to get thru life without "drugs"… more...

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