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Moving to wordpress.com, no longer posting here.   7 y  
Stopping this blog
Closing this one up... Iím pretty well along with my blog on wordpress. https://oracle461com.wordpress.com/ So Iím still posting on the thread under spiritual healing part 2, and the wordpess blog. Thank for your reads here. :)   visit the page

Couple days off from posting...   8 y  
Time off.
Taking a break while things are slow and my sweetieís off work.   visit the page

Some proof I think, and helping the Chinese...   8 y  
Some Chinese billionaires 'vanishing' and how I maybe helped with reaching the 'mafias' there.
Todayís post: I read an article about some vanishing Asian billionaires. Iím pretty sure we know where they vanished to. :) Some proof finally of what Iím saying. The Chinese media isnít as afraid of the íelitesí--their occupation has been much shorter and less successful. So while they had to spout the party line, they can feel the hands on the reins are gone, so theyíll revert back to the truth far more quickly, I think. In some ways, like worker abuse, the hybrids have been able to press their agenda there (left over training from their grey days, no doubt, since their lives were ...   read more

More waiting but wanting to get on with getting ready...   8 y  
Waiting still and wanting to get going on getting ready to survive the energy strip.
Sorry. posted it but forgot the blog part. :( Looking for clues of change--I notice the yahoo feed is all a bunch of personal tragedies and fluff like Dear Abby--not anything about a war needed or looming. I saw some few references to ISIS and Obama, and one snippet about congress... No rabble rousing per say--I think it shows somethingís going on--if only by the lack of usual fear mongering. But I am still waiting, almost holding my breath. Iím not a person who does ífaithí at all, but this stuff doesnít feel so much like faith but trusting my sense of íknowingnessí. It doesnít feel ...   read more

Still waiting (with some clarification)...   8 y  
Waiting for it to break loose and Far East troubles still.
Another quiet day---I still feel like Iím holding my breath. This is the make it or break it point, clearly. Either itís all an amazingly well filled out delusion on my part or things are going to break loose pretty soon. I know how my crappy memory wouldnít let me remember though, so I believe if it were a delusion, it would keep changing in the basic stuff cuz Iíd forget details--it does change as things get updated, but the basics remain the same. And the El-*th are still trying to get the far east settled down. I sorta off handedly (from outside the fishbowl) asked why didnít they a ...   read more

Fake parasite info, fake blogs and a bit of news...   8 y  
Fake parasite info, Fake blogs to try and hide mine, and a bit of news...
And the idiocy goes on. All this anti-zapper crap. I canít tell how much are the employees pretending to not want to use zappers (although Iím sure each and everyone of them does), or real folks who theyíve scared away from them. Mostly they feel like contrived plants. Iím guessing theyíre shooting for those who lurk to solve their problem, versus post active questions. I really thought things would go a bit faster than this. Iím getting that the El-*th are focusing their efforts in the far east right now. The íelitesí hadnít made a lot of headway there, but organizations as bad of p ...   read more

Power tripping media...   8 y  
Power tripping media
Gosh, kinda slow right now---I feel like Iím holding my breath, waiting for something to break loose. Itís there, I can feel it, but thereís something in the way---mostly media unwillingness to print the real news, still following orders, not from fear but from the ego gratification of being in control. I think thatís pretty heady additive stuff. So, itís at a lower level than the El-*th dealt with, and more wide spread. Iím getting that Celeste is dealing with it at the karmic level, and guess Iíd give a bit more attention EFTing around the power tripping in the media. No pressing ...   read more

New blog on wordpress--trying to organize it.   8 y  
New Wordpress blog
Iím getting a new blog on word press going. Shooting to make it more organized aka not so scattered. https://oracle461com.wordpress.com/ So may post a new blog entry later.   visit the page

Most important part my job, and climate change...   8 y  
What I see as the most important part of my job, and the real reason for climate change.
I guess I forgot to mention one of the biggest jobs for the Oracle is to help humanity as much as possible, which is the main reason Iím here on CZ. In that effort, I support parazapper, because he really is trying to help humanity too. If he gains some living wage from it, good for him. So Iím here to help stop the murderous lies, misinformation, and fear mongering the hybridís employees have been pounding the real sufferers with, causing them to suffer more and probably die because they never actually heal anything. You can see those employees fighting tooth and nail with me to k ...   read more

Cadmium toxicity, and an apology...   8 y  
Cadmium toxicity symptoms no longer given, and an apology to the El-*yh...
Looks like the cadmium toxicity issue needs discussion. I did research on this back when I was investigating Dr. Clarkís death about 5 or so years ago. I knew it wouldnít be cancer, since she had healed it many times over at her clinic for a variety of people. I happened to read a article about someone dying of cadmium poisoning, and realized the symptoms matched Dr. Clarkís right up to the death looking like it was ícancerí. So, comparing the posts and articles people around her made observing her symptoms, one of which was severe debilitating joint pain, to the symptoms, I realized ...   read more

Healing approach to IBS type stuff, and more job description   8 y  
An approach for healing stomach issues and more about my job.
Iím helping someone who has several intestinal problems and realizing those folks with those kinds of issues would be hard-pressed to do the cloves or cayenne pepper stuff. I figured out something that could be helpful for them, I think. So what I figured out is that maybe for those folks, they could do the wormwood and herb for the first 4 days or so, maybe add silver, a good but fairly passive anti virus, bacteria, fungus. To help the lining heal enough to start tolerating the cloves and cayenne. Yes it would cause the parasites to scatter, but if you zapped right on the heels of t ...   read more

Oracles, Greys, and dragon riders, oh my... :)   8 y  
Some Oracle info, some ex hubby/grey info, and dragon rider/me info
There are things Iím seeing that Iím being told to wait to post, since there plans in the works that come in a back door so to speak, so spilling the beans is bad. :) But everything is still on track. Itís should be clear by christmas that things are changing. Iím looking forward to it. So I guess now might be a good time to describe my job as Oracle. Because it *is* just a job, not my uniqueness making me special or anything. Although there are some rather unique qualifications. There is, as Iíve said, one for every generation, and my generation is the 50s-60s. Oracles are born on the ...   read more

Some posters, meta skills and the new justice system...   8 y  
Better without some posters, meta skills usage discussed and what to expect with the new criminal system
I love how some of the employees are saying how parazapper and I are ídriving awayí the regularí long time posters. Right. Folks who get arrested tend to íleaveí, eh? And thatís where those dear ísolidí posters have gone. And Curezone is a far better place without their pharmaceutical cartel-driven agenda, in my opinion. Although a new version of those posters do seem to be coming back. :) My information is saying the main cartel big wigs have been arrested by now, and theyíre moving back to finish up the political corruption, but will be back for the littler fishes in sites that are as i ...   read more

Now some worried moderators, it appears, and some updates...   8 y  
Updates on the situation, and worried moderators.
Several posts about the more meta topic concerning me calling the íemployeesí on their crap have been hidden or removed by moderators. So it appears thereís some fearfulness about what might happen to them if what Iím saying isnít true. Since Iím sure the employees are haranguing them mercilessly, I donít blame them. Those employees are vicious and extremely anti-human, so they have no qualms causing pain and fear. Understandable, since the mods probably have no way to even ask as I do with muscle testing. And I even have some brief moments of doubt, although not so much since Ted re ...   read more

More 'diabetes' bull crap...   8 y  
The fake out with the glucometer and 'insulin'.
More about my ídiabetesí. Iím discovering how deep this monumental lie is. I completely trust muscle testing and it is putting that trust to the test. I muscle test and it says my blood sugar is 106 or so in the morning. I can get a general prediction from muscle testing as to what that corrupted meter will say. I can get within 15 20 points usually, and itís usually a hundred or more above the reading from muscle testing. And Iíve discovered it not only over reports the blood sugar level, but if youíve used íinsuliní, it also measures the íinsuliní present in your blood and calculates ...   read more

Some more chicanery...   8 y  
An Observation...
Well, apparently some level of moderator above the banning level, can stop people from not only accessing a thread as theyíve done on the various forums the íSpiritual healingí thread appears off and on, but also a specific post. In one of my most recent tee-a-tees, over one the Parasite support forum under the íscada RSG-4 zapperí thread one of the posts I made keeps not letting me open it, but all the others around it, no problem. Guess there was something in that one the other poster wanted hidden. I unfortunately donít recall all that was covered. Iím actually getting information th ...   read more

Spiritual healing part two...   8 y  
I will be doing my daily posts here now versus the thread in Spiritually/Prophesy forums, and assume you read those, when talking about various info. :)
Iím switching over to a blog format since Iíve pretty well gotten all the relevant history and involved folks covered in the order needed. Iím getting feedback that posting in both places would be more helpful, so Iím doing that now. :) I may switch to another more well known site for this blog, but for now at least, here is easy to do and will hopefully provide the opportunity to interact.   visit the page


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