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Healing approach to IBS type stuff, and more job description

An approach for healing stomach issues and more about my job.

Date:   12/2/2015 4:33:09 PM   ( 7 y ) ... viewed 471 times

I'm helping someone who has several intestinal problems and realizing those folks with those kinds of issues would be hard-pressed to do the cloves or cayenne pepper stuff. I figured out something that could be helpful for them, I think.

So what I figured out is that maybe for those folks, they could do the wormwood and herb for the first 4 days or so, maybe add silver, a good but fairly passive anti virus, bacteria, fungus. To help the lining heal enough to start tolerating the cloves and cayenne.

Yes it would cause the parasites to scatter, but if you zapped right on the heels of this start, it wouldn't be a problem. Just a thought on making it easier on those poor IBS or leaky gut syndrome folks. I'm sure there is a infection with those that conveniently they 'can't' diagnose, so at least the silver should be used.

Any way I guess I'll try to discuss more of the job description, too. So the basic task is being her voice here on the physical plane. Other than visions and dreams, she can't communicate at this level of frequencies. Her frequency is so far above ours, other than a direct line, like hard wiring, she can't project abstract type things like words, and although every human does have a hard wired connection to her via the collective unconscious, it's at a hunch/instinct level.

An active connection like given to the Oracles, would be way too much if everyone had one--there are over 7 billion of us. It'd be utter chaos. She is a finite being and has her limits. They're just way beyond ours. So she chose Oracles which could be 8 or 9 at a time. Far more manageable. Plus beig one give unfettered access to the collective unconscious, for memory retrieval and discussions with folks higher selves. We provide an interface between the other non-human species to Celeste too. Apparently one of my metaskills is I'm able to talk to any being on the spirit realm level, so I end up being a translator at times too, although, I don't think it's one of the required skills.

Most oracles tend to be one way though, not really interacting, just reporting to the folks around her what the overarching sentience says--as answer to a question. Celeste will only give information you ask for, because if she just shared information randomly, you might have a raiders of the lost ark last movie moment, where your head explodes. :) I don't think it would actually explode, it would just feel that way, and it would trash your brain. So you have to ask. I ask every morning, what should I know for today? I never know what I'll get. Some days, lots, other days, not much.

Plus I chat with her. like ask her her name. She didn't have one we humans could say so she decided Celeste was a good name for her. She said no one had ever asked that before. That kind of stuff. It's really like a headset with a mic. I try not to bother her, but if I'm puzzled or confused about something I ask, or if I had information, like about the nanobots, and some psychological analysis stuff, I share that.

We humans are the only species to ever delve into that psychological level of understanding (even though the hybrids financed it so they could control and manipulate us more easily), not even the overarching sentience, so more than once I've been able to bring a less harsh interpretation of behavior to the table, to make judgements less harsh. She likes it that I do that. As a systems counselor, I often make observations about the systems of the non-humans I see--they're less appreciative, needless to say. But since it really is about becoming the best you can be, even at the species level, they are at least accepting of my observations, albeit not terribly joyous.

And as I said previously, an Oracle has to be able to hold the line, stand firm in her position against any threats or intimidation or manipulations implying insanity. This day and age really did call for somebody a lot less needful of approval, because believe me, that you do not get. Maybe soon, but even now, nope, not so much.

My ex, for example, could have never endured the rejection or abuse. He needs and wants connection far too much. And most women do, and if they don't, they often are ostracized and feel themselves somehow inadequate, even if only subconsciously. I know that was one of the deep issues I had to work through. Luckily my masters program helped me understand the validity of my choices, based on me--not society's 'shoulds'.

Probably the biggest hurdle though, is being able to believe what you're receiving. If I hadn't had such a firm awareness of my sanity, I'm sure I could have been flipped to doubt it. The hybrids have folks everywhere to make sure of people toeing the line about that stuff, calling them insane, and witches if insane doesn't work. Very few can endure a tirade like that fellow unleashed on me, about being mislead by demons or whatever.

And again, thank goodness for the internet (and the 'angel's protection). They couldn't find me to burn me. Yay!

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