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Some posters, meta skills and the new justice system...

Better without some posters, meta skills usage discussed and what to expect with the new criminal system

Date:   11/30/2015 6:32:37 PM   ( 8 y ) ... viewed 511 times

I love how some of the employees are saying how parazapper and I are 'driving away' the regular' long time posters. Right. Folks who get arrested tend to 'leave', eh? And that's where those dear 'solid' posters have gone. And Curezone is a far better place without their pharmaceutical cartel-driven agenda, in my opinion. Although a new version of those posters do seem to be coming back. :) My information is saying the main cartel big wigs have been arrested by now, and they're moving back to finish up the political corruption, but will be back for the littler fishes in sites that are as impactful on health, as this one.

Let me explain what I'm learning is going to be the new criminal justice system under the new government. The old version was so corrupted there wasn't really any way to save it. As I've said, our meta skills are turning back on, now that I believe we can communicate with them (anti-humans are being prevented from getting theirs up and running though, so no bad 'heros' types) which is why the hybrids started all those metahuman-type shows, to scare us out of using them. Or even wanting to use them, with all the 'cautionary tales' they've added about good people turning bad when they start accessing them. A bunch of BS, of course--all to drive fear. But that's not going to happen.

But anyway, one of those skills is telepathy. It's quite real, and the el-*th are already able to do it. It's just a passing glance sort of thing usually, so it's not like the NSA on steroids or anything (and all of us humans are so unaware and untrained at proper use/control of our thoughts, we're basically yelling in the spirit realm all the time any way), but they, like we will be able, can go deeper if there is need for it.

Right now, we don't have folks who can really use that skill yet, so the new government has asked them to fill in for them until we can. So the system is going to be very like the one the El-*th use.

First a victim comes in, requests protection or justice from some sort of anti-human human (or otherwise) doing criminal behavior. The victim is asked to share their memories of the crime via telepathy with an 'investigator'. If he/she sees a actual crime, they will bring in two others to do independent and uninformed readings, which they will write up in detail.

If all three see the same crime, committed by the same perpetrator, the perpetrator is brought in and given the same 'interrogation', but regardless of their consent. And again, if all three see/report the same crime, independent of each other, the criminal will be found guilty and sentenced. Usual outcome. And of course if the 'victim' reported a false crime, it would cause them to be sentenced instead.

If all three don't see the same thing, either time, witnesses will be sought and asked to share their memories of the event, and for those areas that may not be public enough, like dark alleys and such, the human government folks are are wanting to keep surveillance cameras in those areas, so there will be some other kind of record for backup.

If for whatever reason, even adding the witnesses doesn't help, it goes to the top judiciary person for evaluation and decision. If it feels beyond his scope, then it's on to the president/top government official (since we may not always have a president).

If there is still doubt, we can take it to the El-*th courts, if we want, all the way up to their king, if we feel it necessary. Just like the old days before Atlantis, except we humans usually didn't do the telepathy part then, cuz we couldn't, although we did often ask the El-*th to help, just like this.

Things got finished, usually very quickly and with little fuss. It is sooo much better than a system hybrid-twisted basis to favor criminals with higher priced lawyers who make it easier for them to avoid the immediate consequences of their criminal behavior and go out and keep doing it. The folks arrested right now, before the new government is in place, are just being held, though, not prosecuted yet, based on their observable treasonous behavior, no telepathy involved.

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