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Oracles, Greys, and dragon riders, oh my... :)

Some Oracle info, some ex hubby/grey info, and dragon rider/me info

Date:   12/1/2015 2:48:02 PM   ( 6 y ) ... viewed 375 times

There are things I'm seeing that I'm being told to wait to post, since there plans in the works that come in a back door so to speak, so spilling the beans is bad. :) But everything is still on track. It's should be clear by christmas that things are changing. I'm looking forward to it.

So I guess now might be a good time to describe my job as Oracle. Because it *is* just a job, not my uniqueness making me special or anything. Although there are some rather unique qualifications. There is, as I've said, one for every generation, and my generation is the 50s-60s. Oracles are born on the five year usually and are female because men are less able to connect to the right brain where the connection to Celeste is.

Testosterone actually severs those connections, and that's why most guys are able to block their emotions so easily, as I've said. I have to say though, if any man could be an oracle, my ex-husband could. From what I can determine, he has regrown those connections as much as possible, and uses energy to make the rest he 'needs' to feel 'right'.

He was a grey, and one of the oldest leaders, and relied heavily on his connection to their overarching sentience for guidance, plus the species itself is really enmeshed/connected with each other, with that hive mind.

So he is actually more aware of his emotions and able to work with energy than anyone else I know. I wonder if 'Person of Interest' Harold's refusal to give any emotional attachment to the machine is exactly what my ex did--and why he isn't some kind of oracle in his own right, even as Harold lost that chance when Root stepped in. Hum...

But he seems unable to really believe the full situation, and that would take some serious work softening his knowledge balloon. Part of the job requires that you realize you are able to do it. Kinda like knowing you have to accept the position, and I seriously doubt my ex ever could. Many Oracle candidates can't. Celeste sends learning opportunities and protection to every candidate until someone takes the job.

Then the other candidates are returned to normal status, with just the regular lessons and no extra protection. I'm hearing there hasn't been any one accept the position for 7 generations, because it had gotten so dangerous and seemingly unbelievable. The choice of a dragon rider for oracle was very different, too, because usually she went with true humans or ex-El-*th, who are more able and desirous of connection.

As an apex predator, my species wasn't connected to anything. Hard to care about something you needed to eat for dinner, and any other of your species on your territory was a threat to your food supply, relatives or not. As a dragon rider I never even knew who my parents were and never needed care other than in the nest pit, where the mothers (about 5 per nest) would have a couple of months of throwing food in, to feed us.

It was literally dog eat dog down there and the weak did not survive, so from a hatching of maybe 20 or so, 2 would survive normally. So needless to say, siblings weren't to be treasured but feared and gotten away from as soon as possible.

And as mothers, if you fell in the pit accidentally, especially if the nest was older, you were the next meal. The baby dragon riders were terrifying and incredibly dangerous.

As a dragon rider with my dragon; he formed a strong telepathic link and that became my norm---one significant link felt 'right', never that flock of friends or even a BFF. It was with my grandma or a significant fellow. That's pretty much all I ever wanted. To this day, I do have a hard time getting on a gut level what 'friends' are actually for, having no clan or herd or pack instincts, as most others do.

The results---I have had to work thru those connection issues but still find more than a few connections very uncomfortable, and I really don't like being around kids, much less wanting any. I never once thought to myself, maybe I should have a kid. Now that I can't have them, it's actually a huge relief. I haven't really addressed this issue much so it's still pretty strongly influenced by my origins.

So I was a risky candidate. My unwillingness to 'care' made me more vulnerable to being drawn to the hybrids way of thinking, she was afraid. But luckily, because we dragon riders had little to fear, and were honest to a fault because hey, who would be stupid enough to tell us to stop?, I was very disdainful of the hybrids (we knew them before their time here) who even then lied thru their teeth, and were cruel manipulators and total thieves.

Huh, I realize that's why they pretended to not care that Ennos was back on earth. We had never actually ever threatened them, being fellow employees working for the greys, so we were always pretty well behaved around them. They never saw the primal rage a dragon kicks into at times. That is terrifying.

She knew that the lack of fear and feeling the rightness of honesty would be key thru this time, since the hybrid's versions of crap were pretty much in full swing. And the fact that I really don't care what people think of me made me able to stay the 'right' course against 'public' manipulated opinion, as she hoped. Sure having approval is better than rejection, but 'right' is more important than acceptance, for me.

I think that was why I went through that cult experience, to help me solidify my commitment to honesty, since that group was so committed to the anti-human dishonest ways. And them killing my friend showed me just how far anti-humans were willing to go (and enjoy it) and what bad results it would have.

In fact I'd say her being tortured to death but kept alive by the town doctor for extending the torture time, gave my my strong desire to stop needless suffering AND have an abiding hatred of the medical industry. So learning what the pharmaceutical cartels and their minions were up to in medicine, only confirmed what I already knew at a gut level. The 'medical industry' exists only to extend the suffering for the hybrids pleasure and of course their total profit.

Well, that didn't describe too much of what the job entails, yet again. I guess I'll do another post tomorrow, eh? :) I'll get to the job description I promise!

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