Autoimmune Healing & DNA Activation
by triplehelix

Moving beyond limitation with Potentiation, and more.   15 y  
I realized I was expanding my consciousness just by allowing, observing and participating in my own healing. I understoond for the first time how everything is energy and all you have to do is recognize this to feel its truth.
My apologies for being absent from blogging for a while. I’ve been freshly inspired to share some reflections on my Regenetics process since the new paperback version of Sol Luckman’s Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method. First, I must say that this book is thoroughly amazing and quite revolutionary. An "activation" in itself, it helps explain so much "ener-genetic" phenomena in the universe and our roles in the very creation and sustaining of these (i.e., our own realities). A person truly ready for healing has to move beyond victim con ...   read more

Powerful New Information on DNA Activation   16 y  
Revolutionary new research in "wave-genetics" reveals DNA can be activated by sound and light waves keyed to language frequencies. Studies in cell biology further demonstrate that the genetic code can be consciously stimulated to heal not only the mind and spirit but the body as well.
I’ll return to blogging next week. I just received this fantastic email from the Phoenix Center and got permission to pass it along. It says a lot about the emerging field of DNA activation in relatively few words. Enjoy! INTRODUCTION TO THE REGENETICS METHOD OF DNA ACTIVATION This is an exciting time to be alive as humans learn just how completely we create our own reality. Central to this evolution of consciousness is a growing appreciation of the many ways we create ourselves. Literally. DNA is the alphabet we use to compose our existence. Revolutionary new rese ...   read more

The Truth About Autoimmunity   16 y  
I had a growing sense of being "rewired," as if my body's inherent wisdom, after years of "fritzing," was gradually coming back online. I felt, and continue to feel, that had I not discovered Regenetics when I did, ten years from now I could have Chronic Fatigue or some other condition resulting from my body's inability to transmit proper signals due to genetic damage and accumulated cellular toxicity.
One of the basic, yet revolutionary, concepts behind the Regenetics Method ( is that “resetting” the body’s energy blueprint is capable of actually restoring physical integrity and wellbeing. In the weeks and months following my Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning, I had a growing sense of being “rewired,” as if my body’s inherent wisdom, after years of “fritzing,” was gradually coming back online. I felt, and continue to feel, that had I not discovered Regenetics when I did, ten years from now ...   read more

My first session: Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning   16 y  
All of these remarkable developments kept integrating in the weeks and months following my Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning. I was consistently amazed so much change could result from one thirty-minute session.
I’ve always believed in distance healing, so the fact that Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning is performed remotely didn’t phase me. In fact, I felt empowered by the way the session is set up to “co-create” my experience and open myself to my own “ener-genetic” transformation. I intuitively understand the interconnectedness of all things. It’s fascinating to think of humanity as cells in a biological organism capable of tuning into one another just by intention. DNA acts as an antennae capable of sending and receiving information, ...   read more

Finding after years of seeking   16 y  
I was looking for the real thing, a genuine "whole-istic" approach, something that would truly unify and empower me. My path ultimately led to a relatively new technique called the Regenetics Method, developed by Sol Luckman.
A few years ago I began a process I had no idea would have the dramatic impact it has had on my life. I’ve always been a seeker of truth and that quest almost always has included a progression along a path where healing and enlightenment are intertwined. I seem naturally driven to expect more of life, never feeling truly satisfied with the world around me and my place in it—yet I was never able to pinpoint what was missing. Since childhood I was plagued with cat, pollen, mold/mildew allergies and chemical sensitivities. I also have scoliosis and wore a brace when I was y ...   read more


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This blog is about my experiences and revelations with the Regenetics Method of DNA activation, with emphasis on physical healing, emotional transformation and spiritual enlightenment. My intention is to share helpful information with other seekers who have not yet found the answers they are looking for.… more...

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