My Journey to God - 40 days of Lent
by mariposa azul

Day 10, Day 11, Day 12, and today: Day 13   9 y  
Day 10, Day 11, Day 12, Day 13. ...and on it goes.
So on Friday - my Day 10th began with me failing my test (Ultimate UGH!! so upset), kid sick, and the dreaded buffet. On our arrival, I let my boss know that I wasn’t feeling so good - ate some broth... co-workers raised eyebrows & couldn’t believe i was eating a second bowl of soup...then save by the call from school to pick up my sick child from school. PURFECT! Then went home and Binged! YUP - just like that! I am writing it - i lived it and still can’t believe it. The weekend was just a repeat of the demise of day 10. I am upset. It feels like a truck that hit me &came without w ...   read more

Day 9   9 y  
day 9 and counting...tick-tock..
I can’t believe I have gone 9 days without eating...I would not have believed it possible of myself considering my lifestyle! I do believe my kind of fast, is easier than other the water fast?! that has to be soooo hard - kuddos to those that actually stick to it..amazing, really. so maybe that’s why is not as hard?? dunno. but i do know one thing - in the past, i have not ever stuck to any type of fast regardless of my intentions until now. Thank you Lord Jesus! i feel you walking beside me.... Believe it or not - I am not starving as I thought I would at this point of ...   read more

still Day 8.....   9 y  
....continue on my 8th day.....
I am supposed to be studying for a test I will have on Friday. A test on 3 Chapters that I have not EVEN read....taking class after 20 years+ & out of it.. no fun! I enjoy the learning process but just not all the pressure that goes with test taking & grades, yuck!! Arrived home after my crappy day at work & am greeted by delicious food that moment I felt the doubt creep in & well,,,,I miss eating. Seriously, I looked at a menu that came in today’s menu & literally studied each item & picture for like 15 minutes LOL! should have been studying my book instead! drank two bi ...   read more

Day 8   9 y  
Day 8 - uneventful but hanging strong.
The following is a quote taken out of a book I was reading: (sorry I don’t credit the author of it, but book was from my Kindle lending library...) ”I am courageous. God has not given me a spirit of fear but of a sound mind, power and love.” I Likes That. I have had a couple interesting scenarios with a couple of coworkers the past two days. (they don’t work in my department) ...Taking the high road - always seems like the thing TO do. It’s what I DO DO. But sometimes,for an instant... BOY, I just DON’T want to!! I AM glad in the end that I do. Keeping strong in my fast - this ...   read more

Day 7   9 y  
7 days - A whole. Entire week!
I can’t believe it has been a week. I must say that I am feeling mighty proud. It’s good timing, ’cause today - I am feeling it. I must also say that I am glad I continue on walking on my thread mill every day (-1) since starting on this fast. It helps charge up my energy battery in the morning - if it wasn’t for that, I am certain my energy level would be very, very low. I hope to continue on with it. I am 10 LBS lighter - and liking it. Feeling a bit crabby & chilly & can’t shake this cough....but I am 10lbs lighter - and liking it. Feeling Blessed - feeling grateful - feeling cr ...   read more

Day 6   9 y  
Day 6 - mentally clear (even thought I didn't sleep much)
Feeling good today - i am a bit chilly, but nothing maybe a sweater or a hot cup of coffee or tea can’t fix. Walked on the thread mill for 4 miles - a little sweat & pep me up before leaving to work. Now here I am...and I think nobody must have brought lunch in. It’s the first nice day out so i imagine people went out for lunch. Great for me!!! Yippe. Feeling hungry , buy yet I am not. (strange) Drinking veggie&fruit juice, coffee & water so far today. Yesterday was the first time in over 10 years that I decided to go to church by myself. Even after hubby said I only had 1/2 ho ...   read more

Day 5   9 y  
...and feeling fine...well, maybe a little nutty..
SOOOO...still not feeling 100% - persistent cough & nasal congestion- But I am NOT complaining. I promised myself before starting that I would not allow myself to think of this fasting journey in a negative light- I knew it would be hard- as I am going to find out since I am only on day 5! - but I don’t want to whine, complain on how hard the fast is or how bad I feel because I am not eating. Period. I just think that it is counterproductive to be negative & that it doesn’t help me in the journey that is meant to lead me to new beginnings. I have failed with negative thinking before and ...   read more

Day 4   9 y  
Day 4 - not bad at all. Sick but feeling great!!!
I was sooo sick last night & this morning - just not as bad today....think I will walk on the thread mill to sweat it off! sore throat, cough & low grade fever. The hubby says it’s from lack of nutrients - he is right to a point. even tough I initially thought it was the bug going around my home -but now, I do realize that I am just cleansing my system from toxins - and my body is going through withdrawal of alcohol & toxic food consumption. I drank some carrot juice & a sip or two of vegetable juice before going to sleep last night. I slept for approx. 12 hours!! (7-7) and I felt so ...   read more

Day 3   9 y  
Day 3 - Faith helps keep me strong... no whining!
Last night I had 2 bowls of chicken broth - with splashes of ’Red Hot’ hot sauce - felt all right. Bummer that I started feeling kinda sick before I left work last night, so the broth felt pretty good & decided to go to bed early to get rest so I may feel better in the morn - No such luck -came down with nasty cough that my family has been so generously passing around :-) Embarrassed to say, but boy that broth went through my system after I drank it! Had to kick my critter out the bathroom when she was getting through with her shower - poor thing ...”EMERGENCY! OUT!!! I SAY!!!!” Felt go ...   read more

Day 2   9 y  
I am at the start line of my spiritual fast.
I am not gonna lie - I am feeling Hungry....especially as I sit here and the smell of food surrounds the office. I am sipping on my coffee.....and I am still hungry. Snap, snap out of it my friend!!!!! So I went to Lent mass yesterday, with my babies. It was hard to be fully committed to service while putting out the fires of fighting, playing and all that whining!! Jeez. But managed to pull it through..only to have the little one almost get run over in the church parking lot... talk about a devotional-time buzz kill. As I was walking on the thread mill this morning - it struck me ...   read more

Get ready...Get set...   9 y  
F=food, G=God - Addictions ===== Love
Ugh!!! second post& second time I erase everything that has taken me a long time to write...and BAMM! I go & erase it all. There is something to be said regarding the use of a new lap top that is not your own. (as two of my little critters pipe up) I KNOW this is not my laptop...yes, I asked if I could borrow it....NO, I did not steal it (LOL) I AM very much aware of the fact that it belongs to my 10- (11 just turned)year-old..who also has an ipad and the cutest camera. I have none of the 3 items above LOL!! and yet I am the one that works & is borrowing (for the second time) an ipa ...   read more

My thoughts - 2 days before Lent   9 y  
fast, lent, spiritual cleanse
I plan to enter my journey Dear God for many reasons. But the main two; to get closer to you and to give thanks for all the gifts you have given to me. My intentions are to give up the following during Lenten time: No food of all type. No alcohol. No Television (except on Sundays) I have decided to allow myself the following: Coffee, tea, creamer, splenda, water, juice and broth. Gum and breath mints....(wouldn’t want to offend those near to me LOL!) I know that my addictions hold me back from being as close to YOU as I was meant to be. YOU, who have given so much to me - all o ...   read more


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