Journey to a Fruitful Life
by 5823434

My Big Goal   11 y  
Journey to a Fruitful Life
Water Fast # 1: Thursday*May 3 - Thursday*May 17 [15 days] + 1 hour cardio everyday Raw Fruiatarian Diet # 1: Friday*May 18 - Thursday*May 31 [14 days] + 2 hour cardio all weekdays, 4 hour cardio all weekends ---------------------------------------------------------- Water Fast # 2: Friday*June 1 - Friday*June 15 [15 days] + 1 hour cardio everyday Raw Fruitarian Diet # 2: Saturday*June 16 - Saturday*June 30 [15 days] + 2 hour cardio all weekdays, 4 hour cardio all weekends ----------------------------------------------------------- Water Fast # 3: Sunday*July 1 - Sunday*July ...   read more

Too hard, this is too hard.   11 y  
Journey to a Fruitful Life
I canít stick with my plans, theyíre just too hard for me. I find myself buying food and eating. Hanging out with people and eating. Itís like being social is an excuse to eat. I should be able to be social and conceal the fact that Iím water fasting. I should be able to do my 60 minute cardio a day without any pressure. I really want this, so why is it so hard for me? I need to make out a schedule again. And I need to stop hiding from people. I need to be confrontational and tell people Iím okay, that Iím not sick. Telling people Iím sick while Iím water fasting will lead them to believe ...   read more

WF Day1: Routine = Success   11 y  
Journey to a Fruitful life
I donít want to blog...I feel so lazy these days, understandably. Iíve made it through my first 24 hours without eating and only drinking water. Iíve done my 60 minutes of cardio during lunch (which will be taking place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday while in the army) Iíve found certain paths which Iím comfortable to walk through but not enough to listen to music, as soldiers around the area talk to me and ask me questions. Iíve started to create a routine for myself which helps push me through fasting. But, two of my friends are starting to notice me not showing up to the cafeterri ...   read more

Dead Sea. Dead Mission   11 y  
Journey to a Fruitful Life
I woke up feeling comfortable. Finally, no pains! Unfortunately, my aunt woke me up so she could take me to the dead sea. I wasnít into this idea, but I got out of bed anyways. In my head I wasnít really dedicated to a water fast. I donít know why I get this way. I become so dedicate to a water fast during the night, and then the morning I wake up I plan on breaking the fast, eating, and planning a new fast for tomorrow. As you can imagine, this has been going on since Iíve been 14. Thatís about 6 years now. Ugh. I want to say ĒNo moreĒ put a stand to it and actually mean it. I really, rea ...   read more

Content Day   11 y  
Journey to a Fruitful Life
Today was good, besides the morning. I woke up in pain again this morning, after having a dream of consuming a snickers bar and feeling pain after just consuming it. I opened my eyes and realized the dream was real, sans eating the snickers bar. I quickly walked out of my cousinís room (in which I was sleeping in) and went to the bathroom down the stairs. Explosion. Sorry if thatís TMI. But it happened once again folks. Another painful experience. I could promise myself to stop all this, but Iím a food addict so we all know where that promise goes. However, Iím really ready to just star ...   read more

Happy Passover!   11 y  
Journey to a Fruitful Life
Iím taking back what I said before about not blogging for today because itís pointless. I know I havenít improved much on being healthy, but I need to document my days regardless. Even if I end up not changing and not acceling at my health for years to come (God forbid), Iíd like to know I at least did have a life...whatever life it may be. Today I had a massive stomach ache, diahrea, headache and disgusting burps through out the day. It all happened yesterday after I got my leave for the weekend from the army. I bought a shnitzel in laffa which was really yummy, from the central bus s ...   read more

I don't want to be one of "those" people.   11 y  
Journey to a Fruitful Life
I donít want to be one of those people that Iíve seen all too many times on Curezone, Youtube, and the general internet, that proclaims they are going to do ĒXĒ amount number days of fasting and then disappear. I know Iím supposed to be on my 4th day of fasting, according to my goals sheet, but I failed towards the end of the first day. I re-amended the Goals, Steps, and Rules so I could start on Friday, April 13th. Wow, didnít realize that was Friday the 13th. Iím not going to lie, water fasting is extremely difficult. I need to be prepared but I also need to stay focused. I need to ...   read more

Goals, Steps, and Rules   11 y  
My first post to a hopefully very long and permanent journal for the rest of my life.
PLAN A) WATER FAST: Sunday*April 8, 2012 - Saturday*April 28, 2012 (3 weeks) + 60 minutes of cardio a day PLAN B) RAW FOOD DIET: Sunday*April 29, 2012 - Sunday*September 30, 2012 (5 months, 2 weeks, & 1 day) + 2 - 4 hours cardio a day DIET LIST: Raw fruits, almonds, and vegetables (may be steamed/baked/boiled as well but without additives) Sugar free mint gum, vinnegar, mustard, and WATER. NO potatoes, peas, bananas, corn, or anything of the starch category. No dried fruit. No dates/figs/honey. Only up to 10 almonds a day. PLAN C)WEENING ON FOODS: 2 hours & 45 minu ...   read more


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