PATTY Giving up-NOT an option. Suffering-NOT an option
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2014 January-Mentally-doing better   9 y  
Moving Along with a Positive Spirit
Just a note. I’ve been thinking about ”mental health” and the need to FIGHT TO BE POSITIVE. My sibling visited for the first time in 10 years-very encouraging to me but bluntly opened my eyes to some of my negativity, sadness and bitterness about choices and situations of life. Well, again--can’t stay stuck in the mud. There only FORWARD. Hey--my life is much sweeter and better than many--and my dear husband does what he can and is who he is. Acceptance with kindness. Day to Day. Smile--Hope you are all well. I’m going to drink some water, juice, exercise and take a HOT enema bath. ...   read more

November 2013-4 Years and counting GMO's   10 y  
4 years and still going.
Well, dear friends. I’m still working on things. Seems like always something new to ”learn and fix”. Have been studying on ”GMO’S” and the HORRIFIC effects. I watched the movie ”Genetic Roulette” from the ”Institute for Responsible Technology” at no charge. It noted that even if you switch from GMO Corn, Wheat, Soy--etc, the body is STILL sensitized and will react ANYWAY. Hmmmm. Hope this will get rid of this awful bloating. Requires more changes in our family eating habits. I just didn’t know, although so much of the ORGANIC food we get says GMO-FREE. NOW I know! Much THANK ...   read more

Oct 2012 3 Years and Counting   11 y  
liver left side pain coffee enema schulze death sadness
Hello to you reading this. Well, another year has flown by. I’m still ’working it’ very hard. I can see that its going to be a while. My health is improving. Still have a pain on my left side below rib cage. Perhaps enlarged liver? Well, Sept I started doing organic coffee enemas daily. Its been a month. Again - junk coming out. (I do a batch and refrigerate a few days supply.) Not getting any younger. BUT I’ve come to realize -- GET OLDER AND A LITTLE BETTER -- or SUFFER TO DEATH. Don’t like the last option. Being one of those beautiful healthy older ladies --- is still a ...   read more

2 years! Look at the changes   12 y  
My ’train’ was hurtling downhill. It’s taken two years to get things ’back on track.’ Now on the uphill, but feel like I’m in 1st gear and straining. NO INTENTION of quitting now.   read more

Allow for your grief   12 y  
Grief for what was, perhaps even grief for what is, and learning to cope and be happy. Continue healing!
My last blog was grieving over -- well -- mostly how my poor choices have affected so many aspects of my life. Apologies if I was discouraging to you. Well, ... time to move on... I REALLY AM getting thru this! I’m reading a book ”Living Successfully with Screwed Up People”. It is a workbook on how to improve our mental viewpoints so that we can live successfully with our life’s loves and challenges. (adjusting me - not ’them’). Lots of tools in this book. I read a portion concerning grieving over losses (this does NOT APPLY TO GRIEF OVER THE DEATH OR LOSS OF CHILDREN, FAMILY ...   read more

SAD AND LONELY makes me want my comfort foods. It's like being an alcoholic. Musings of the Journey   12 y  
Sadness, comfort foods, self-talk, new lifestyle. EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY .. a struggle
Musings -- How deep seeded and insidious that human brain is. I’ve been working hard, very little backsliding, for 2 years. Still EVERYDAY, I need to talk to myself about CHOICES. (Don’t eat that - don’t even THINK about it - it’s not worth it! What can you do to ’ramp it up’ today? Vegetables, vegetables. Go to the Vegetable Market. Juice it, cut it, raw or not. Did I take my herbs and mucil) It’s just A LOT OF WORK - this NEW HEALTH life. It REALLY IS A LOT OF WORK Being healthier has become a HABIT, but not NATURAL yet to my heart. Especially when I am SAD or LONELY, my mind want ...   read more

Picture: I fell down, struggling to get up.   12 y  
Feels like: Chasing a run-away horse.Picture
Yes, I wish I would have started years ago. It’s like chasing a run-away horse. It’s been 2 years, I’m improving, but SO MUCH MORE TO GO. Looking for a measure of health... don’t need to be a race horse.. Look at the pics in my blog. Oct 2009 to Oct 2011 2009 2011 (2 yrs) I’m actually tickled. But it’s also been an emotional journey... Supportive friends, and also other dear friends -- that are quite dubious of this lifestyle of health. But my improvement has caused one or two of them to to reconsider. No sense wasting my breath chirping about c ...   read more

MASTER CLEANSE as soon as lemon harvest starts. EVERYDAY EVERYDAY- NEVER GIVING UP   12 y  
Well, again dear friends, its like ratcheting up - one pin at a time. Sure wish I didn’t wait so long to do this. October marks 2 years. I’m looking and feeling better. Still 125 pounds to go. STILL HAVE MUCH SORENESS AND PAIN ON MY LEFT SIDE. Will start Master Cleanse with dear friend Jena (my support system and lifeline) as soon as the lemon harvest starts coming in. We live in the desert southwest, so... any time now. Went on E-Bay and got the MC book. Reading it now. Looks like a wonderful project. I’ve read so many comments and suggestions in the MC forum here at th ...   read more

7.13.11 Frustrated. NEW PLAN AND VIDEO LINK   12 y  
Liver cleanse did not yield much success. BACK TO THE BOWEL
Well, the liver cleanse just hasn’t had the results I hoped for. Went back and re-watched Dr Schultz video q=dr.richard+schulze#docid=-7742868537064591944 Well, bowel bowel bowel. OK. This month, July 2011 I’m doing the #1 MAX bowel cleanse. Today I’m up to 17 MAX a day. (curacoo, cape aloe leaf, cascara sagrada aged bark, senna leaf and pod, hawaiian yellow ginger root and habernero pepper). I’ve had a permanent ”bruise” on the lower left side of my belly for a year. I’m going to try to ...   read more

How? 4TH day liver cleanse sweating garlic! lost weight   12 y  
4th liver cleanse results
Dr Schulze cleanse. I use daily ONE WHOLE BULB of garlic - inch or more of ginger root -- oranges & lemon and lime -- all my detox herb tinctures (detox, & LB) and abt 8 oz of organic olive oil. (not bad once you make up your mind.) MY EXPERIENCE (I’m on the 4th day of 6 days of my 4th liver cleanse). Well, I smell like a giant garlic horse! First two days, very nauseus. 3rd and 4th day- feeling much better. as always- I take hot hot epsom salt baths (use 3 to 4 pounds). No cravings for food. I make the potassium broth and drink soup all week. We live in the heat- so n ...   read more

May 2009 and June 2011. THEN AND NOW PHOTOS WOW!   12 y  
Look at THEN AND NOW-- with so much more of the journey to go
So many changes. Look at my blog about the electro-stim. Seems to be ’waking up’ my liver. I’ll keep you posted. First pic-- I was swollen, blotchy face and FOR SURE I didn’t feel good. About 295 lbs. Now- well, look. 248 lbs (shhhhh don’t tell anyone!) It comes down to-- how much am I willing to do to save my life? This healing- is a LOTTA WORK. (I was naive enough to think it would be a quick fix). But wow-- I’m feeling better than years.   read more

electro stim liver therapy
add’l photo posting   visit the page

Photo me doing Electro-Stim LIVER Therapy   12 y  
electro stim LIVER THERAPY PHOTO OF MY FEET ! Well, don’t laugh. I’m trying EVERYTHING known to man to zoom my body into ’cleanse’ mode. I suggest you research for yourself how this electro-stim therapy is being used in cancer therapy here in U.S. and in CHINA. No idea if this is the way they do it or not. I looked at pictures and ’you tube’ videos of the location of LIVER meridian lines and feet acupuncture points. The TENS units are sold to anyone (looks similar to me to the ’build your stomach muscle’ stimulation belts worn to lose weight). Pls ask someone before you try- make sure it i ...   read more

Electro Stimulation for LIVER   12 y  
Electro Stimulation to LIVER
Well, doctor gave my husband a TENS unit for his back. Electric pulses to relax the muscles. Researched on internet. This technique is being used on accupressure points and meridians for the liver. I’m trying this as well as directly on the affected area. Will keep you posted. I do believe in WORKING it everyday until I’m healed. No fooling around- I’m too old to waste time. Anything time honored within the realms of natural medicine will be tried (no spiritism or hypnotism). I’ve said it before-- this HEALING is a LOT OF WORK. Wish someone would have told me when I was YOUNGER! I’ve ...   read more

lost 10# one day after 3rd liver cleanse   12 y  
3rd liver cleanse- lost 10 pounds in one day!!!
What a shock after my last posting. About 5 days AFTER finishing my 3rd LIVER CLEANSE. Body just pooped and pooped. Lost 10 pounds in one day ! (after losing only 45 in a year and a half!) Something has started working! I’m MORE THAN THRILLED. Will do the 4th liver cleanse first week of July.   visit the page

3rd liver cleanse june experience   12 y  
3rd liver cleanse DR SCHULTZ my results and what I passed.
Pretty early in the game last year, I did a SCHULZE cleanse but nothing happened. So I decided to intensely keep cleaning my bowel. 2nd try, about 5 months ago, did a MORITZ cleanse. Got out lots of little soft ’peas’- (baby stones from what I gather.) I found the MORITZ cleanse to be pretty intense. You actually have to stop your life to do it. NOW I have decided to do a SCHULZE cleanse MONTHLY UNTIL nothing comes out for 3 or 4 times. JUNE 2011- I STARTED ON SUNDAY. Made the potassium broth. I drank the half a bottle of the LIVER herbs EVERY DAY as well as the DETOX TEA every day. (P ...   read more

Patty's photo progress Oct 2009 to May 2011   12 y  
Inch by inch. What a difficult road this physical recover is.
from this: to this: in a year and a half. Saved my life. Again, best of success in your own journey. Patty   read more

Mad Cat photo ! TENACITY PERSONIFIED   12 y  
This cat symbolizes the spirit we all need to survive.
Gotta love it. How symbolic. I want and need to have the same indomitable spirit, I want to WIN this one and swim to the other side.   visit the page

Picture of GIANT parasite egg. AND ME- MAD CAT   12 y  
This mad cat symbolizes the tenacity that we all need to succeed
Vomited up over 50 of these. EWWWWWWW. I’ve passed so many parasites, but this one is a stubborn one. Any suggestions would be appreciated. i was doing real well thru the winter (October 2010 to Feb 2011)... ALL WAS QUIET. But we CAN’T DECEIVE OURSELVES. Had ’family winter visitors’ stay a couple of months. Again, the distractions of life..... again vomited up two more eggs. Made me realize that we have WORK TO DO. Company and all the distractions are gone... and I’m back on the heavy duty program. I’m trying so hard to ”work it” every day. NEXT ORDER OF BUSINESS NEXT WEEK ...   read more

How it all started   12 y  
I've been on the journey for 18 months. (Since October 2009 to May 2011) Became deathly ill (years of life distractions/duties and neglecting myself.
Makes me think of this song- on You Tube ”My Old Friend”~Tim McGraw. ((just hit the back button to return to CureZone )) Seems to be a lot of us that zoomed thru those years, lost a lot of ourselves and are struggling to regain our footing. At any rate, started Dr Schulze’ program at the urging of my dear friend Jena. Still can’t do Bentonite clay- always clog up. I’ve been using #1 Max 9xday for over a year. (along with juicing, greatly improved diet (no meat), as well as superfood and echanachea. ...   read more

Introduction to Patty   12 y  
Patty's journey to health
I’ve thought of this VERY COOL illustration. If you have a computer that is acting up, sometimes the best thing you can do is just re-start and let it re-set itself. Well, we are all ’re-setting’ our default switches. If we ”push the right buttons”, the body goes into ’repair mode’ all by itself. It is SO incredible to watch this well designed mechanism re-programming itself. I’ve been on the journey for 18 months. (Since October 2009 to May 2011) Became deathly ill (years of life distractions/duties and neglecting myself. Makes me think of this song- on You Tube ”My Old Friend”~Ti ...   read more

Introduction to Patty's Blog   12 y  
Patty's Journey from illness to life
I’ve thought of this VERY COOL illustration. If you have a computer that is acting up, sometimes the best thing you can do is just re-start and let it re-set itself. Well, we are all ’re-setting’ our default switches. If we ”push the right buttons”, the body goes into ’repair mode’ all by itself. It is SO incredible to watch this well designed mechanism re-programming itself. I’ve been on the journey for 18 months. (Since October 2009 to May 2011) Became deathly ill (years of life distractions/duties and neglecting myself. Makes me think of this song- on You Tube ”My Old Friend”~Tim ...   read more


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EVERY DAY. After 2 years, still need to talk to myself about choices daily, like an alcoholic addition. Always fighting. Don’t like where I was. Not THRILLED with where I am, FORWARD FORWARD… more...

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