My 30 Day Water Fast
by starbright41
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End of Day 17   13 y  
End of day 17
Today has been a good day, I spent a lot of time thinking about what im going to eat at christmas :):):) (not sure if thats a good or bad thing, lol) but am toying with the idea of continuing until the year (excusing christmas day) but im not sure yet, so will have to see how I feel nearer to the time :) Will check in again in the morning.   visit the page

Day seventeen   13 y  
Day Seventeen
Its day 17 and I have lost another 1 lbs bringing my weight to 11.11 (164 lbs) Will update this evening :) Weight: 11.11 (164 lbs)   visit the page

End of Day 16   13 y  
End of Day 16
I have made it through to the end of day 16, and have definitely realised that in my case, success/ failure seems to be related to my mood (i.e. the past few days ive been a little stressed, and have found it difficult resisting (i.e. my boyfriends KFC :( but today (a quite smooth sailing day) I have found it very easy resisting :) But now this realisation has really got me thinking about after the fast, what will I do in the feeling down times (we all have them :( and how do I remain strong willed :) A few things I have to think about over the coming days/weeks. Will check in aga ...   read more

Day Sixteen   13 y  
Day Sixteen
Its day 16 and its looks as though the little chicken I had hasnt had an impact (Yet!!! lol) as I have lost another 1 lbs :) bringing my weight to 11.12 (165 lbs) :) Will check in this evening to upate on my day (this time hopefully with out the addition od KFC chicken :) Weight: 11.12 (165 lbs)   visit the page

End of day 15   13 y  
End of day 15
I have reached the end of day 15, and have to admit that I cheated a little bit today :( I had a few bites of my boyfriends KFC chicken :( only about 3 bites, but still enough to make me feel a little guilty :( Im hoping it dosnt effect my weight in the morning, but then again, even if it does, I suppose its just one of them things. Will update and let you know in the morning :)   visit the page

Day Fifteen   13 y  
Day Fifteen
Today is day 15, and I am officially halfway through :) I havent lost any weight today, but am not too dissappointed, I think I have had a good run up until now and am sure I will lose more weight tomorrow (I hope, lol) Will update how my day hs been later today :) Weight: 11.13 (166 lbs)   visit the page

End of day 14   13 y  
End of day 14
Today has been a good day, and has run quite smoothley :) I have lasted again, and have kept to the regime :) Will check in again in the morning.   visit the page

Day Fourteen   13 y  
Day Fourteen
Today is day 14, and is my official 2 week mark! :) I really cant believe that I have lasted this long :):):) and also cant believe that I have more or less reached the half way mark (But even more so cant get my head around the fact that christmas is so near!!!) I have lost another 1 lbs this morning officially bring me below the 12.00 mark :) I now weigh 11.13 (166 lbs) Which I am really pleased about :) Will check in again this evening :) Weight: 11.13 (166 lbs)   visit the page

End of day 13   13 y  
End of Day 13
Today has been an ok day, I was a little tempted to eat, as I had my boyfriends parents down today, and he ordered Chinese :( but I done well and abstained :) but it now feel like my mind is running over time on the thought of food :( (The chinese smelt so good!) So I have decided that im going to have an early night in order of curbing my craving :) Will check in again in the morning.   visit the page

Day Thirteen   13 y  
Day Thirteen
No weightloss today :( so im still stuck just above the 12.00 stone barrier (just my luck, lol) but I knew that the weightloss wouldnt be constant, and im still feeling good, and am glad its all moving in the right direction :) Will post this evening with an update :) Weight: 12.00 (167 lbs)   visit the page

End of day 12   13 y  
End of day 12
An ok day today, have just kind of got on with things (its all feeling a little second nature at the mo, which is good!) Will check in in the morning to update.   visit the page

Day Twelve   13 y  
Day Twelve
Its day 12, and I have lost another 1 lbs, bringing my weight to 12.00 (167 lbs) which I am very pleased about :):) Will update again this evening :) Weight: 12.00 (167 lbs)   visit the page

End of Day 11   13 y  
End of Day 11
I am at the end of day 11 and am about to go to bed, which I am quite glad about today, as I have been really tempted to eat :( (I think its because I let myself slip a few days ago) but ive wanted to eat, and my main issue is that I havent even felt hungry, just had the mental want of food :( (I almost poured myself a glass of wine today, and remembered just in time that I was on a fast, lol) and I dont think the fact that I know that I have a number of things that I have been putting off, that im gonna have to deal with tomorrow :( nothing bad (actually the major things I have to do are ...   read more

Day Eleven   13 y  
Day Eleven
Today is day 11 and I have lost back the 1 lbs that I put on taking me back to 12.01 (168 lbs) and even though im happy, I cant help but think that I could’ve been a pound less today if I hadnt have picked :( (but im trying not to dwell on that too much on that, as I dont want to get hung up on my weight, especially after I have finished the fast, even though I feel that the first 5 lbs of weight gain on any diet of this nature is kinda inevitable, i.e. water) But I am looking forward to my weight being somewhere nearer 11.07 (161 lbs) by the end of this week, which is keeping me going ...   read more

End of day 10   13 y  
End of day 10
Have made it through the day, and have completely stuck to the fast (felt bad about my slip up yesterday :( So far so good (despite my 1 lbs gain this morning:( But on the plus side, I can now finally fit in to my size 12 (US 10) Jeans!!! which I could not do at all last week :):):) which has helped to re enforce my enthusiasm :) Lets hope im back on track in the morning :)   visit the page

Day Ten   13 y  
Day Ten
Looks like my picking has had an effect :( as I gained 1 lbs this morning :( but its ok, I suppose its just given me an idea of just how far I can go with eating (which supprisingly isnt very far!!!) But from research I have done into weight loss I do know that a lot of the weight lost at first is from Glycogen in the liver, which is refilled upon eating (especially on rapid weight loss regimes(i.e. Water Weight) so im hoping (or am telling myself) that its just that, lol. But from this morning im back to my usual of water and Green Tea :) (This has also given me an idea of how it will ...   read more

End of day 9   13 y  
End of day 9
I have reached the end of day 9 and must admit that I cheated a little today :( as I had family down and couldnt resist the urge to pick (Which was bad considering the fact that I wasnt hungry :) but I didnt eat much maybe about 5 chips and a little meat, but considering I have lasted a whole 9 days, im not going to beat myself up to much (Lets call it a celebration break in honour of me lasting and of also losing 8 lbs :) But I will definitely be back on track tomorrow :) as I have a goal that needs reaching :) I have quite a busy day tomorrow which always helps :) Will check in ...   read more

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