My 30 Day Water Fast
by starbright41
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Day 9   13 y  
Day 9
Day 9 and I have lost another 1 lbs bringinh my weight to 12.01 (168lbs) Im very pleased, ive almost broken the 12 stone barrier :) Will check in again this evening. Weight: 12.01 (168 lbs)   visit the page

End of day 8   13 y  
End of day 8
Have reached the end of day 8 and am feeling fine (Although I was tempted to swipe a few of my nieces chips today :) but I reaiated) Will check in again in the morning :)   visit the page

Day Eight   13 y  
Day Eight
Today is day eight and I have lost another 1 lbs, briniging my weight to 12.02 (169 lbs) and again im feeling good. To be honest I think im over the worst :) and I think it will be plain sailing from here on (or so I hope, lol) but I feel quite use to my routine and am not craving anything :)the only thing that is a little daunting is is the amount of time I have left, Xmas seems so far away and its around that time that i’ll be finishing :( but then again 1 day felt daunting when I started and here I am at a week and a day :) Will post again this evening. Weight: 12.02 (169 lbs)   visit the page

End of Day 7   13 y  
End of day 7
Again another smooth day :) feeling good and quite pleased that im still keeping with things :) Will see if I lose any weight in the morning :)   visit the page

Day Seven   13 y  
Day Seven
I have offically reached 1 week and am really happy :) havent lost any weight today, but to be honest, am not suprised, as I know it was due to start slowing. But other than that im feeling great :) 1 week down, 3 to go! Will updaye later. Weight: 12.03 (170 lbs)   visit the page

End of day 6   13 y  
End of day 6
Just about ready to go to bed :) again a good day (Been quite busy which helps :) cant believe that tomorrow will be officially a week :) (makes to whole prospect of 30 days seem a lot less daunting :) Will check in to update in the morning.   visit the page

Day Six   13 y  
Day Six
Its the morning of day 6 and I have lost another 1 lbs bringing my weight to 12.03 (170 lbs) which is great, I feel a little hungrey this morning but seeing how consistant the weightloss has been is giving my weightloss a real boost :) As I said yesterday evening, I do feel that the loss will begin to slow shortly (as weightloss does) but untill then I welcome the fact that im losing on average 1 lbs per day! Weight: 12.03 (170 lbs) 6lbs lost in 6 days :):):)   visit the page

End of Day 5   13 y  
End of day 5
Again today’s been a good day, and im ready for bed :) I feel that the weight loss may start slowing from here on, as I know that generally the most rapid of the loss is within the first few days, but it all good :) as long as its going in the right direction its fine :) Will update again in the morning.   visit the page

Day Five   13 y  
Day Five
Today is the day 5 and I am another 1lbs down :):):) Im very pleased and am glad that I am so close to the end of 1 week :) To be honest I think the majority of my eating habits are a mental thing, as I cant beleive how easy i’ve found doing this (Although I dont want to talk too soon, lol) but apart from a few passing moments where I have felt a little hungry/weak, I feel just fine (maybe cause I’ve been quite busy, and in a generally good mood :) But it has shown me that (for myself at least) its really important to ensure (even after a diet) that a person can change their mental at ...   read more

End of day 4   13 y  
End if day 4
Am at the end of day 4, still doing ok, trying to do my best with the intake of water :) Did have a moment when I felt a little light headed today, but I think that that was because I was doing a lot of running around, but on the whole im feeling ok ;) Will check in again in the morning.   visit the page

Day Four   13 y  
Day four
Today is day 4!!! and im another puond less :) bringing my weight to 12.05 (172 lbs)! Again im feeling fine and am quite happy about the consistant weightloss :) Will post later to update on my day :) Weight: 12.05 (172 lbs)   visit the page

End of day 3   13 y  
End of day 3
Just posting before I go to bed. Have got through another day :) and am quite proud of myself (its always a little daunting when you start and dont know how your gonna make it past 1 day let alone 3, so im quite glad that im here :) Today was a little more difficult, but not terrible, was feeling quite hungry around mid afternoonish, but it past quite quickly (not sure if its was just a mental thing, as I was talking about the fast at the time) but I feel ok now and am quite comfortable (have had no dissy spell or feelings of weakness, which im really happy about :) Will weigh in in ...   read more

Day Three   13 y  
Day Three
2 more lbs lost this morning :):):) Im quite chuffed about that and still feel fine (no hunger this morning) :) Didnt get finished what I had to yesterday, so have to today (Hoping I can take a more relaxed approach.) But am feeling good which is a good start :) Will update later. Weight: 12.06 (173 lbs)   visit the page

End of day 2   13 y  
End of day 2
Got through day 2 :) well im not actually going to bed yet as I still have quite a few things to do :( but cant see myself eating before I hit the sack so figured it would be safe to post now :) Again, I found today quite easy :) have had a bit on my mind today so in a odd sort of way have found that, that aspect has been quite a welcome distraction from food :) but then on the flip side, im a little stressed (good stressed, but still stressed :( but its kept my mind off of food which is great!!! and even better that I havent turned to food as a comfort!) Again, im hoping that tomorr ...   read more

Day Two   13 y  
Day Two
Today is the begining of day 2 and I have officially lost my first pound! And suprisingly I dont feel hungry at all! Im really hoping that today is as smooth sailing as yesterday was, but I will post again this evening to update. I must remember to drink more water today, I didnt do to well yesterday I only had 2 glasses :( Weight: 12.07 (175 lbs)   visit the page

End of day one :)   13 y  
End of day 1
Well, I have lasted, I have successfully completed the first day of my water fast :) To be honest today wasnt that bad, there were a few time where I forgot and headed for food, but remembered, and didnt find it too difficult resisting :) Havent really had any hunger pangs today (at least none significant enough to remember) could be due to the fact that I had quite a busy day today, which has been quite a help :) Well im off to bed now, and will check in for my first weigh in, in the morning :) (I wonder if ive lost anything yet???)   visit the page

Day One   13 y  
Day One
Today is day 1, and I have made the concious decision that for the next 30 days im going to abstain from eating and only drink green tea and water, not only for its weight loss benefits, but also for the benefits that I know it will do for my skin hair and general well being over all :) (And the fact that I have a photoshoot to attend next month is another driving factor :) I also feel that its important that im able to teach myself dicipline in being able to say no when im offered food, cause if I cant there aint no point in even attempting any type of diet, which is why im going to attem ...   read more

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