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I speak to my boyfriend, God speaks to me...   8 y  
Lets be friends...
I started dating my boyfriend about 3 months ago and we see each other about once a week...I was texting him today and I told him ”Baby I don’t like that I cant see u more. I feel like that we aren’t really getting to know each other...its hard for me to get to know u...I wanna know u...I want us to be friends as well as in love...I need more time with u” then I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me ”Honey, this is what I want from u...I need time with u”. I say that I love the Lord...I have adoration and respect for the Lord but I don’t know if I can say that we are close...I wanna be close ...   read more

Not Feeling Too Great...   9 y  
I need a heaping spoonful of Jesus!!!
I feel like crap. I cant really pinpoint it but I feel bad. I need to take care of myself. I feel like I need to get back to God. I need him. I feel kind of miserable in my life when I’m not focusing on him. I just need to keep reminding myself that he is all that matters.   visit the page

ummmmmmmmmm!!!!! get your kids!!!!!   9 y  
soooooo are you gonna pick this stuff up???
So I’m in the store the other day and there were these 4 kids in there throwing the merch all on the floor and the store owner had to put them out. I was just like what??? If my mother even heard something like that happened with me, I would be dead meat. Im still scared my mother is lurking in the shadows and I’m 25 years old!!! Its so disturbing to me that these kids would come in and just distroy the store and not think twice about it. Where is the fear(respect and reverence) of your mother in your heart??? I never would have evey thought to shame my mother like that...bottom line is ...   read more

Martyr   9 y  
You need something from me??? Take it I guess...
I told one of my girlfriends about what happened with me and the dude I was talking to. She said she was about to cry. I was like what??? why??? She said because she sees how happy I am when I’m in a relationship and all she sees is how the dude takes from me. They say you are a nice girl and that you deserve better and they take what they need from me (confidence, assurance, or just someone to talk to) and then they go on their merry way. She said all she can think is when is it gonna be your turn to be poured into just like you pour into other people. She says it like u sacrifice for p ...   read more

So ummmm...   9 y  
Can a person be asexual??? Do I like greens that much???
Ok so I was talking to the dude that I was talking to and I think that he is totally gay. No ifs, ands, or buts. I still love him as a friend. He tells me he doesnt want to like dudes. He just does. He says that he doesnt want to be in a relationship at all. I feel sorry for him. I want him to be happy.....so thats that. On a lighter note....have you ever wanted to know what it would do to your body if you only ate raw leafy greens for a year??? I think about this all the time!!!! I think I might do this and document my experience.   visit the page

Swing and a miss...   9 y  
uuuummmmmmmmmm I don't think he is the one.....
Ok so you know the guy that i was talking to just as friends??? So the two of us got a little serious. We said that we would be boyfriend and girlfriend. Things were getting really heavy. He said he didn’t want to date anyone else. He said he wanted to marry me. I was on cloud nine. Remember, I have known him for 10 years. I was gone in the brain over him. One day we were talking about our lives and he tells me that ever since he was 10 he has had thoughts about what if he is homosexual. I was like what??? I was like I think everyone at some point has wondered about homosexuality and ...   read more

Ok so you know that guy I was talking to...   9 y  
The embers have not completely gone out....
I talked to the guy today and he was all like I’m sorry for everything. I was like it’s ok if you do the long distance thing. Just don’t push me away. We could just be friends. He was like I still have feelings for you so it would be hard to be just friends. I said o ok. He was like well I guess we could be friends. I say ok. So I guess now we are just talking as friends. It’s really ok with me. I feel ok. which is good. I don’t feel hurt. So that is good.   visit the page

Ok so I was talking to this guy....   9 y  
When is it gonna be my turn for love...
I was talking to this guy and we were getting a long great. It was kind of a long distance thing. I don’t mind it. I’m like we will make this thing work. The think with me is if I like you I’ll do what it takes to make it work. So everything is same old same old. I think that he is in this thing with me. There have been so many times before that he could have said look I don’t want to do this. I am not blaming him for how I feel. I fall extremely hard and fast for a guy at first. I don’t know how to change that about me. So if I start liking someone I pretty much know I’m going to get hurt ...   read more

ok so I'm back...   9 y  
the boy is back in town...
I’m back on the scene. I’m back in school. My ex-boyfriend messaged me the other day. We have not spoken in 2 years. I broke up with him. I cut all ties. I could not handle seeing anything that reminds me of him. Now he messaged me saying that he wanted to call and verbally apologize to me for how he treated me. I said ok. I love this guy. I mean he totally pulls on my heartstrings. I forgave him a long time ago but I let him apologize anyway. He told me that he wants us to get back together. I want him back so bad but I feel that I have to guard my heart. I told him that I think we should ...   read more

Edited   10 y  
it's about time!!!!!
So im in my 24th year of life. Im going back to school for my business degree on the 12th of this month. Im pretty excited. I still have not done what I am supposed to do as far as fasting is concerned. Its so hard. I think that Im going to start tomorrow. The Lord would not tell me to do something if I could not do it. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!! So lets see..... there is nothing too interesting going on. Im working my butt off trying to earn money for school. I went to college straight out of high school hoping to become a doctor. Then after my freshman year I learned that I didnt want to be a ...   read more

Let's talk about men...   11 y  
I dont understand guys...
Ok so I am so confused. Do men like it when the girl is old school and just waits til the man comes and sweeps her off her feet or does he like the modern girl that goes and get what she wants and may sometimes ask the man out. My friends are all like this is the 21st century and you need to tell the guy how you feel, but my mother is like guys dont like girls that are too forward. I dont know what to do. So far trying to go out there and get what I want has yielded only heart break and waiting for my prince charming has yielded nothing at all. I guess I would rather nothing happen to ...   read more

I dont know...   12 y  
The smile in your face, and then talk behind your back. BACKSTABBERS!!!!!!
Sometimes I wonder why some people go out of their way to hurt others. It makes no since to me. I think that it takes less effort to be nice to someone than to be mean to them. And Im always like if you dont like me then leave me alone. You dont have to bless me. Just dont curse me. I’m at a lost. I think what I am going to do is just ignore it.   visit the page

Some revelations   12 y  
It is time to exercise my authority...
I went to church on Sunday, and the pastor spoke about doing what is best for you and taking hold of your life by exercising the authority that God has given all of us. He says that we dont have to be bound and that God doesnt want us to be. He said that if we just do what God asked us to do we will be delivered from bondage. What does this have to do with me??? When I was 16, God impressed upon me to do a water fast until he tells me that im done. I didnt do it. Over the years he has been telling me go ahead and do it and I always start and something always comes up where in I feel tha ...   read more

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