The Splendifurous Power of Fasting!!!!!
by Fastingchick1000

Recent fasting attempt   8 y  
ugh so toxic...
I tried to fast and I just kept getting sick to my stomach...I think that Im so toxic that I cant just jump into a fast anymore...I have to gradually get into it...I’m thinking that it is around fall time and I can do some vegan soups for about a month then go raw vegan for a month then juice fast for a month and then water fast...that way I can detox a bit and also collect necessary nutrients to store for the water excited to try this...   visit the page

ok so....   9 y  
not going according to plan...
I’m finding it hard to fast cold turkey. I think that I need to start of vegan and then ease into the fast. I think that is what I’ll do.   visit the page

definitely need to fast   9 y  
I know this is like the one-millionth time...
I’m pretty sure it’s about that time. I start tomorrow. Water fast. Reclaiming my life.   visit the page

ok im back for the third time   10 y  
Third time's a charm...
ok so tomorrow I will be embarking(sp?) upon a 100 day water fast. I will try to post every day. It starts 04/09/13 and the last day will be 07/11/13. This is going to be a time of rest and relaxation for my body and deep intimate time with the Lord. In my daily post I will post my weight, how I feel, and any revelations the Lord has pressed upon me. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!   visit the page

ok im back   11 y  
starting again. so sick of bein portly....
I have faound that my weight has kept me from doing the things that I want to do in life. My life is so boring and unsatisfying. I am starting a water fast today. I am 245 pounds and I want at least 125 of that weight gone.   visit the page

Day one   12 y  
first day of the rest of my life
Today I have started a water detox. I say detox instead of fast because the word fast implies that I am doing it for religious reasons. I have read a lot of fasting books and this is not what this is. This is to restore my health by detoxifying my body. I will record it. I think that this will have some spiritual aspects to it and I will record those experiences on my other blog, but here I will discuss the physical trials my body goes though. I began at 1AM and I have a date that I have chosen to end, but I will not disclose it just yet. I know that this is a detox not a fast but I ...   read more

hey im back   12 y  
a new aproach
i think what i want to do is eat green leafy veggies before i fast so that i can make it a little easier to water fast. i want to succeed. so i think that is what I will do. cw: 248.2 ate: 2 LB of turnip greens   visit the page

Not my typical fast   12 y  
Day One: feeling ok
Today I started a fast where in I will not weigh. It will not be about weight. It will be about me getting to know God and doing what he asked me to do. I will however express how im feeling physically and on my other blog, Thoughts Of A Lady, I will write about the spiritual and mental things going on. Today is day one and I feel ok.   visit the page

not playing anymore   12 y  
this is it...
Yesterday I had a unusually terrible day at my crap job and I said enough is enough!!!!! I have to do something. I have to lose weight. I want to go into the military but Im 250 punds and 5’4” and female. Im so fed up. Im starting a water fast today. I feel so bad. Not physically but mentally. I feel so frustrated. I feel like Im not living. I feel like I could be doing so much more if i could just get the weight off. I feel like I would be so much happier. So today I start at 250 pounds.   visit the page

Day one Lemonade!!!!!!   13 y  
the first day of many
I just finished my first day of dry fasting and I was craving lemonade so bad instead I drank a big cup of water and started my water fast. Drinking after dry fasting brings greater relief than eating after water fasting. So far I feel comfortable. It appears that I will dry fast one day then water fast the next and alternate like that. I can tell that now that my dry days will make my water days feel like feasting. This is how I feel on this first transistion to water. so my weight... I started at 250 pounds and now I weigh 240. I know it is water weight and that on my water days I wil ...   read more

Im back!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!   13 y  
Yes Im back to give this another shot. I am about to alternate water and dry fasting and change my life.   visit the page

Day 1   13 y  
day one of many
weight: 247.4 ok today is day one of a complete fast. that means that I will fast until my hunger comes back. I am so excited about the changes my spirit, mind, and body will go through. So far I have been ok. No adverse effects. ok...   visit the page

by tomorrow I mean today.....   13 y  
I must navigate the waters of temptation with precision.
I started my water fast today and Im eleven hours in. I got to say that it is pretty easy at this point. I just have to make sure I dont mess up at work. My Co-worker can cook her ass off!!!!!! DARN HER DELICIOUS COOKING!!!!!!!   visit the page

This time its for real...   13 y  
starting again
im starting a water fast tomorrow and this time i will blog everyday and i wont mess up!!!!!   visit the page

ok....   14 y  
HUMILITY...I need it.
This is day one of an indefinate fast. This time I have my mind right and I am prepared to follow through. This fast is not about my body or anything like that. Ill post the effects on my body though. I will not post my weight as I go but I will post my beginning weight which is 245 and I will post my ending weight. This fast is about humbling myself before God. As I progress, I will post any revelations that God has given me and any thoughts or feelings. This is about HUMILITY!!!!!!!!!!!   visit the page

I have started at 12am...for the last time   14 y  
Eye of the tiger baby!!!!!!!!
Ok. I know that you all are like would this girl just start all ready. It took me a while to get my mind right. I need to focus of the mental and spiritual part of the fast and not the physical. If I do that then I will succeed. God needs to be my focus. Im ready to get my life. I cant say get my life back because I never really possessed one. The enemy started attacking me a very young age and he meet with little resistance. I became addicted to food very young and I have constantly gained weight since I was 4. I didnt know but now I ready to fight for my life!!!   visit the page

really started at 3am   14 y  
and I paid for it...
I started at 3 this morning cause I ate some chips and salsa last night. I went to sleep directly afterwards. Later this morning I wake up to stomach acid pouring out of my nose and filling my ears. It didnt hurt as bad as inhaling it so I was grateful for that. I need to stop laying down right after I eat!!!!!! sleep+food=stomach acid in the nose and wind pipe!!!!!!! DONT DO IT!!!!!!   visit the page

Started at 4 pm   14 y  
Fasting from food, feasting on sorrow...
It has ben 3 hours and I feel ok. I have been in a bad place and that has been helpful. Sorrow fills the belly just like food.   visit the page

Still failing   14 y  
In order to succeed, I need to focus on God.
Im so weak. Not weak physically but mentally. I know that Im going about this all wrong. I need God to be the focus of my fast. One time went God was the focus of my fast, I fasted for six days with no problem. I need to make him my focaus again. Sometimes it is hard to make God the focus when there are so many things wrong around me. It’s hard not to focus on that stuff.   visit the page

WAGING WAR!!!!!! (did I spell that right???)   14 y  
My body has won the battle, but I will win the war!!!!
im furious!!!!!!! im tired of my body!!!!! im waging war against everything that is wrong with it by fasting!!!!!!! no more excuses!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! so irratating my body is!!!!!!!!!!! geese!!!!!!! my body is doing everything it is not supposed to do!!!!! so dumb!!!!   visit the page

intense miserable failure!!!!!!!   14 y  
The burn of failure!!!!!
I failed on friday. I ate spaghetti. When I ate the spaghetti, I went home and fell asleep. A few Hours later I was awakened by TORTUREOUS HELL FIRE BURNING IN MY WINDPIPE!!!!! I was coughing and gaging and gurgling. I had acid refux during my sleep and inhaled the stomach acid. Stomach acid is like hydrochloric acid which is the worst! Ever since then I have been coughing. This is the pitts!!! I will try again today. Im off for the next three days so that will help me get 72 hours under my belt before I go back to work. I always mess up at work.   visit the page

Day two   14 y  
Day two yields nothing but smelly breath.
I woke up this morning and I felt ok. My breath was kickin like karate though. I dont really feel the urge to eat right now but that is only because I just woke up. Im sure that later today the food demon will come and tempt me seeing that it is only the second day. I will pray and read my bible. It is weird. I stepped on the scale today and it said that I am still 245. Usually on the first day I lose like 4 pounds of water weight. I think that maybe I need a digital scale for accuracy. I will invest in one the next time I get paid. There are no significant changes yet. I still have ...   read more

still day one, still holding on   14 y  
having a bad day
There is something that I have not talked about that is going on with me. It has been going on for three days. I have been having images flash in my mind. Disgusting images. Images of corpses with open sores that move and maggots and tons of swarming flies. These images are unlike anything I have ever seen before so I know that it has to be some sort of fabrication of my mind. I love horror movies and it must be a compilation of things that I have seen before in movies or on tv. I dont know what triggered it. I didnt watch a horror movie three nights ago when the images started. I dont ...   read more

Another problem that I hope this water fast will fix   14 y  
get rid of pica
I have found that I have an eating disorder called pica. It is when you eat things that are not food. I eat baby powder and I am quite addicted to it. It started maybe 6 months ago. Im 12 hours in to my first day and im still going strong. I drank a liter of water and I feel good. Please keep praying for me   visit the page

The first water fast   14 y  
Day one
Hi. I am a lady and I am really looking for a significant change in my life. Physically im not really that healthy. I have been diagnosed with diabetes. Im 20 years old and I am 245 pounds. I am 64 inches tall and have boils and other skin infections all over my body (I also have a toenail infection). I am almost in constant pain with the boils and muscle spasums. My body odor is quiet strong(if I dont shower). My arms itch and i have discolored skin. I also snore like a frieght train. I know that this is all because of my weight. My body is a trainwreck and I know that it is because ...   read more


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