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Food again, well sort of   15 y  
The issue of food has come up again because I am getting increasingly annoyed at people who get sick from bad diets, plus I sometimes have to compromise to socialise.
I know someone that has watched the Processed people DVD and the truth has struck home with them. Once you know this stuff there’s no turning back. If you like meat and processed food you are li...   read more

Paranoia - out of ones mind   15 y  
I started a blog on paranoia, had a metanoia while doing it, and told a parable about wild pigs
acc” It’s also interesting to note that παρα can be found used in the sense of expansion, eg παραισθησιογό&#...   read more

Metanoia - to embrace thoughts beyond ones present limitations or thought patterns   15 y  
Just a ramble really, but written twice using different words
I don’t know if this is going to work but I am going to say something about missing the mark in life (sin) changing one’s mind, in the sense of embracing thoughts beyond its present limitations or ...   read more

sin and repentance - how I view them   15 y  
Words get embedded into our psyche and we make no effort whatsoever to change our views.
After a fascinating email exchange with a real life friend who is going to be a psychologist. I thought I’d post this. Unfortunately religion often preaches a "processed" form of the t...   read more

Time to get some sunshine   15 y  
Getting out into the real world, helped by a website called
I have been posting too much here lately, so I thought I'd get some fresh air. On the internet, you don't get to know people properly, there is nothing that beats the real thing. I found a good ...   read more

When in Rome, do as the Romans do   15 y  
View from the top
Here’s my view from my office window, which is a clapped out portakabin on the roof of a decommissioned forty foot shipping container. The door beside that window opens up to a sheer drop. ...   read more

Why do we need haircuts?   15 y  
Recently I looked at "naturalising" my hair by washing it in water only, to retain the oils. I then wondered why we had to cut our hair and shave, no other animals do.
Lately I have been experimenting with less / minimal usage of petrochemical products such as shampoo and soaps. It started not from any cosmetic reason, but I noticed that humans tend to be short o...   read more

[video/audio] Elephants have artistic skills and appreciate art like humans   15 y  
Could you imagine an elephant painting a portrait of an elephant holding a flower?
I have just met some people who came back from Thailand today. Out there, elephants are very valued and respected creatures. When two elephants meet who have not seen each other for a long time, th...   read more

Politicians will be obsolete in the future   15 y  
An amusing video, and a politician of substance and moral fibre.
BBC TV Natural World - A Farm for the Future   15 y  
An excellent documentary that was screened recently in the UK.
This is easily the best video I have come across so far. General Theme (To save time I have edited text from this blog, as he does much the same as what I do! I am grateful to...   read more

Derrick Jensen - another interesting character   15 y  
After reading some of John Zerzan's stuff, I discovered Derrick Jensen, who has a lot of views on where society is headed, and what we should be doing about it.
Derrick Jensen talks about taking action now, but I think that is unlikely to happen because of the way our minds are geared up to behaving in a way outlined in " The Pleasure Trap" (wow, look who...   read more

A quick vent   15 y  
Don't read this
This f***ing planet is driving me crazy. We have people getting fatter, consuming all the earth's resources, farting methane, eating dead cows that fart methane before we killed them. Then we ha...   read more

Film: "The Age of Stupid"   15 y  
I saw a good film on climate change. It brings home the problem, but will we take action based on it's content?
I saw a good movie last night, called " The Age of Stupid". I saw it at the Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. The film was good. It portrays the world in 2055, after we failed to act on C...   read more

Make a Movie? plus - New Film: "The Age of Stupid"   15 y  
Someone mentioned making some of the stuff I have written about into a movie, but it is not so easy! And I have a ticket for "The Age of Stupid" this coming Friday
Oh dear. Someone thinks I should make this into a documentary of some sort. The Target audience would be intelligent people who care about the environment, use the Internet and are prepared to thi...   read more

[video/audio] Religion, and me   15 y  
Religion, Star Trek, and things.
I am always reluctant to talk about this, but I thought I should mention it. I don't believe in "book" religions, I follow no code, other than what's in my head. However a long while back I did ...   read more

[video/audio] The Importance of the Community, and a Movie "A Delicate Balance - the Truth"   15 y  
It seems I have some friends who are keen organic gardeners, and I discovered a new movie about health, nutrition and climate.
One other angle on this is the importance of relationships between people. The world only seems to work well when people are honest and truthful with each other. This is the message that Young gets...   read more

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