My first Master Cleanse
by valenciafaster

Day 15 and 16 Last Days!   16 y  
Ending the Fast, Day 15, Day 16, Master Cleanse
Day 15 I started longing for food. The end was near and it was tough. I actually got nauseous on my run, I had to stop and pretend to stretch as I fought the waves of bile on the street corner. Truth be told, it was too hot to be out, and my sense of smell is really keen on this thing. Everything reeked of feces, or dog pee, or garbage or exhaust. I had to turn around and limp home slowly. Day 16, I didnít make it to the end. I had some solid food. Cake actually. Birthday cake. My favorite. It was my mother-in-lawís birthday amd Ējust a littleĒ I told myself. I ended up having ...   read more

Day 13 and 14   16 y  
Day 13 and 14 Master Cleanse
I was doing my toungue scraping and realized that I have all these little inflamed taste buds on my tounge! Detox symptom? Anyone know what that means? Iíve gone to every other day with my senna tea as Iíve passed the 10 day marker with it and it says on the box to only use for ten days. Now, though, Iím getting solid waste every time I use it. And the cramps are less, so thank God for that. Still 12 pounds down. Solid. Scale not budging. I think Iím going to go on a wind sprint workout today. That REALLY works. On the other days I do Debbie Seibers Slim in Six series and her ...   read more

Day 12   16 y  
Day 12 Master Cleanse
12.5 pounds down today. People are asking me what Iím doing and I feel like the Pied Piper of the Master Cleanse. No major detox symptoms to date. Big Day 14 is coming up. I went for a 40 minute wind sprint workout today and had plenty of energy. But yes, I am thinking about what Iím going to eat when Iím off. Iím going to the restaurant Raw the first week of solid food! 5 days left but I donít even need a countdown. Iím just fine!   visit the page

Day 11   16 y  
Day 11 Master Cleanse
Stayed up SOOO late last night, Iím exhausted. I read on Dr. Weilís website today a pretty shabby review of the Master Cleanse. But elsewhere he RECOMMENDS juice fasts. So whatís wrong with this juice fast? He says that people normally regain all the weight and have a harder time keeping it off after this one. Of course my mind says, Ēyeah, if youíre not exercising and are eating pizza.Ē But he planted a seed of doubt. In the meantime, I feel fine. Iím almost jealous of the big ups and downs and spiritual breakthroughs other people say they have. I just feel normal. No change sinc ...   read more

Day 10   16 y  
Master Cleanse Day 10
Fixed another great meal for friends, went to a cocktail and sushi party tonight and had no problems sticking to my lemonade and water. Body feels fine, I stayed up until 3 am with no caffeine! Other than a little tiredness, I was able to keep going. People are surprised that I donít eat, but it doesnít bother them as long as it doesnít bother me! Down 10 pounds today. Didnít do the tea tonight, I want to sleep as long as I can. Renae   visit the page

Day 9   16 y  
Master Cleanse, Day 9, easting psychology
I had a little stress enter my life today, and I wanted the comfort of food. Instead I had to deal with it head on. And I did. And itís done. Tonight we had friends over for a barbecue and I fixed my favorite foods. It wasnít a test until later in the evening when I was REALLY tired and ready for bed. Thatís when the food starting whispering to me...but when they LEFFT and I was cleaning up. Thatís when the real war began. Iíve always been a food hoarder from a VERY young age. My mom saw that my appetite was larger than my little body at about age 4. I could eat like a horse, an ...   read more

Day 8   16 y  
Master Cleanse Day 8
Getting just a little hungry...wanting the kidsí mac íní cheese. I made lunch for my fiancee today with no problem, but the evening food smells seem to hit me harder. Itís more the social aspect of food that I miss though. Restaurants, the warm and cozy priviledge of having whatever I want and being served. Kicking back a little wine. Even coffee sounded good today for the first time. Not because I was tired, but because I wanted some. But then I think how long Iíve stuck with my program and Iím totally impressed by myself. And THAT is enough to keep me going. I had some stomach ...   read more

Day 7   16 y  
Master Cleanse Day 7
I thought this was supposed to be the hard day, but it hasnít at all! No problems. Well, the smell of popcorn that my friends were having tonight smelled like popcorn, chips and cheese, pizza...all rolled into one. My sense of smell is REALLY strong. Iím trying not to be the dork who talks about their newfound cleanse all the time but itís hard. People say ĒIím depressed.Ē and I want to yell, you should try THIS! Nothing more to report. Continuing on steadily. Oh, 8 pounds down and my waist lost an inch.. Thatís GOT to stop sometime yeah? There has to be a plateau. I donít mi ...   read more

Day 6   16 y  
Day 6 of Master Cleanse
I was a little hungry today. Every time Iíd drive past a restaurant, Iíd point it out and say OH! I LOVE (fill in blank). Falafel, hummus, italian, California Chicken Cafe, Mexican. Anything. Plus I was a little cranky. If I didnít know it was PMS I may think it was detox, but no, just my hormones acting up. I measured the maple syrup in 1/4 cup increments today to see how many calories I actually took in through my 2 TBS servings, and itís only around 700 calories. Thatís REALLY a shocker that in 7-8 drinks Iím not tired and falling into bed. Iíve been going to bed at midnight, 1 ...   read more

Day 5 - Day 6 am   16 y  
Day 5 of Master Cleanse
Day 5 yesterday was again, REALLY easy. I canít believe this. Strangely I had some pain in the tendon that connects my hamstring to my pelvic bone. Itís a deep tendon that I hurt very badly when I was in college, doing the splits unwarmed up. So it was an odd sensation to have that pop up again. Itís funny to be so textbook. I read all these comments about peopleís old injuries coming back and I thought, ĒI donít have any old injuries.Ē Oh, yeah except THAT one. But today itís gone. I got hives again last night from eating the coconut in my show, but at least I was given a VERY sma ...   read more

Day 4   16 y  
Day 4 of Master Cleanse
Day 4 was very easy. There are only a couple times during the day when I go to long without a lemonade that I start to get that empty sensation in my gut telling me itís time. Then if Iím out and about and canít get to one, I start to get a little cranky 20 minutes later, but after a drink, Iím fine! I went back to a work out for 45 minutes and found that I was bouncing off the walls. I had SO much energy! I feel great! My mood is stable, no depression, no anxiety, better focus. Also, I finally went to Whole Foods and got Organic syrup...I know I know, terrible UNORGANIC syrup up ...   read more

Day 3.5   16 y  
Day 3 update.
I keep reading that Day 3 is supposed to be hard, but itís been so EASY! (Beware of the Liquid Leaks though. That SWF really does its job!) Iím not hungry at all, I have way more focus and a much better outlook than I have for weeks. I think the caffeine may have been my biggest problem all along. I canít believe how refreshed and FINE I feel. No headaches, no pain, no hunger. Just a lemonade every 2-2.5 hours seems to keep my blood sugar stable enough to keep me going!   visit the page

Day One Through Three   16 y  
day 1 -3 experience on master cleanse
So Iíve started this. Iíve been going through some depression, and Iím getting married, and I have been having problems with my ability to focus. Iím hoping this will get me back to center and give me some better perspective on myself and why I tend to emotionally overeat. Day 1- Not hard really. I like the lemonade a lot. Iíve read other peopleís blogs and theyíre so focused on their BMs. I would always laugh, but suddenly I became very aware of my inability to go to the toidy. Number 1 yes. Number 2...that didnít come until DAY THREE! Not really hungry. I was waiting for the ...   read more


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