MY First Master Cleanse
by #81322

Day 5-The Halfway Mark   16 y  
day five good day
This was also a good day! I jogged (yes, jogged) three miles this morning and then did the SWF which lasted about 4 hours today. I watched my friendís baby along with mine and then only had about an hour of downtime while my daughter napped and the boys chilled. I was tired at this point, had a headache and mild aches in my legs/joint--could the detox be starting or am I just sore from the jog? Went to a neighborhood friendís tonight. I live in a wild, but very fun neighborhood where the kids play in our yards until dark, running around, capturing lizards and snakes or playing kick- ...   read more

Wow! I've done four days!   16 y  
How the cleanse works
Iím still not half way but it feels pretty good to know that I have stuck with it for this long. Iíve read all about what is happening (or supposed to be happening) physically. As far as I see it, this cleanse basically slows your digestive system down to a halt and goes into cleansing mode where toxins are attacked/sloughed off/ and expelled. The longer you do the fast the deeper the cleaning. Another thing I learned is that it can take quite a few days (seven I think I read?) for meat to pass through your system which is one reason the minimum fast time is 10 days. Also, I read that t ...   read more

Day Three: I'm in the thickest fog...   16 y  
horrible day. felt dizzy and foggy
This is a horrible day--Iíve felt dizzy and foggy all morning and Iím irritable as hell. Iíve lost it with the kids numerous times. I canít complete a thought or sentence for that matter and I canít remember things like what I came into a certain room for. Maybe itís my iron? (Later) OK, I feel better. I needed more to drink and am going to try a little black-strap molasses in my drink tomorrow. Iíve had eight glasses of lemonade today and Iíll aim for that tomorrow as well. Oh, I didnít mention this morning yet. I had cramps all stomach and bowels moved and gurgled a ...   read more

Day Two: Things are looking up!   16 y  
no more headaches and better drink
I tried the SWF this morning with not great results. Drinking nearly a liter of salt water is a lot more difficult than it seems. At the beach, when you get a taste of the ocean, you spit it out and it just seems wrong to have to drink it first thing in the morning. I could not finish it all which may be why I really had no bowel action. The lemonades are going down much better today with the ĒshootersĒ of syrup/pepper followed by a lemon/water chug. I guess my beer chugging days in college are proving to be useful. I didnít jog this morning but instead went to the gym and used a ...   read more

Day One...The nastiest drinks in the world..I'm in trouble..   16 y  
Nasty drinks and missing caffeine!
I woke up and did not use the salt water flush because my stomach was already crampy (I poop first thing). I jogged three miles with my friend, came home and drank more Lax. tea which made me poop again. The lemonade....I think it is about the nastiest thing Iíve ever tasted and I have a very hard time swallowing it (my husband is doing fine). Hopefully, Iíll get used to it over time because I really canít imagine having only this for ten days. 3:52 p.m. Iíve had only three glasses so far and am starting on my fourth. YUCK! Bedtime: Today has been very hard for me. Iím sure I ...   read more

It Was the Night Before Cleansing.....   16 y  
My "worries"
Iím very nervous about starting this Fast. We (my husband is doing this with me) drank our Lax. tea (which tastes pretty good) and I just spent an hour getting drinks ready for tomorrow. My husband is going to take a gallon-full of lemonade with him to work. It takes TONS of lemons and Iíll definitely have to come up with a better measuring system (ĒbulkĒ) to make it easier. ANYWAY Iím worried I wonít make it very long--I donít have great will power Iím worried about the pooping and side effects (tongue, mucus, headaches, etc.) Not sure about how weíll ween ourselves back into t ...   read more

Why am I doing this to myself?   16 y  
why I'm doing this?
Right after New Years I mentioned to a friend that I was wishing I could open myself up both physically and mentally and dump out all of the garbage that was holding me down. There are days that I feel so mentally full that I canít complete sentences or hold a complete conversation unless they have to do with carpooling, changing diapers, or what weíre having for dinner. I needed a change! Iím 38 years old and in decent shape. I run 3 miles 5 days a week and can do all sorts of push-up and sit-ups and yet Iím always exhausted. I used to be quite the water drinker and found that late ...   read more


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