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Re: Helpful Tips and Suggestions for your Fasting- My Posts from &
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Helpful Tips and Suggestions for your Fasting- My Posts from &

Updates-Treating MY BODY RIGHT
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes
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This ebay link is where you can order Nopalina cheaper than my local Health food store. And on this site it tells you of all the benefits .

So it can help you have a fresh start when you start your plan or help in your plan.

But we must cleanse and detox our bodies from the free radicals, posions, waste, food chemicals, fecel matters, excessive bloating etc.,

And Don't forget the Sub Bilingual Vitamin B-12 Dissolable Tablets under the tongue this is a vital Nutrient!!!! But I will use it when I go back to eatting solid foods again.

The testimonies are great on this product.

And besides the hosts of sublingual their daily show Life" I enjoy what they do and make happen prayerfully for the world.And That's their Doctor- so that makes it even better! LOL!

Also I would like to note my desired permanant weightloss - 57lbs. Remember my height and weight is on Weightloss Freedom 4 Fasting is me Freedom4me and all my info is still on their if you'd like to know.

I am setting up a Treating My Body Right Profile soon with all my pics and progress Glorified reports for the public to view- like I said before I really want to help somebody- So I need to help myself.

I already have a myspace page profile, but it's not for weightloss it's for networking, friends and family connections. If you desire I will give you my url. We can even IM on Myspace live. Just email me here if you request for it.

Okay Be Blessed always. Put God First Always. God Loves you!

Have a Blessed Day!


This 2nd post was dated back February 13, 2005

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I have to say Hi To all my weightloss buddies from

On the Success Stories Forum I am Freedom4me (user ID) and Slimleanbody4me (userID) for those who don't know...

Health Status from Physican: A perfect Canidate for weightloss plans.

After trying every weightloss plan and pills shakes, excersizes and salads and with depriving myself in some of those I've tried for 6 years, I only lose some and gained back more, up and down-up and down.......Circling hopelessly, looking to try something new, trying all that I did gave me a stocky build instead of slim and lean, it seemed as if all my fatty tissue turned into muscle (muscle weighs more than fat)

I really examined myself, the foods I ate and how badly it affected me...

I am a Christian, I remembered everytime I did the Bible Fasts Isaiah :58 and the Daniel Fast etc. Consuming only water . People would say, You have a radiant glow, I seemed calmer, and I look good losing weight. THEY NOTICED. I remeber how I felt great and dropped the pounds fast. Although weightloss at that time was not the main focus. My face had cleared up, my indigestion tract system was great as new, my bloating was gone, water weight deseased, the heavy uncomfortable weight had left, minor aches and pain from being overweight that was the thing of the past!!!!!!!!! I felt more sexier and my romance improved. But after the Fasts was over, I returned each time to the same foods, Junk foods, with refined sugar, bad fats, oils, and really high carbs that kept me constipated!

Well I did plenty of research on Fasting for weightloss and then finding two food choices that I can choose that would keep me healthy and keep my body burning fat/calories to keep the weight off.........As a Lifestyle FOR LIFE>>>

I find that a Cleanse / Fast has many health Benefits and fast weightloss is just one of them, and I find two healthy proven Food Plans, Low Carbs and Low Calorie intake-with choosing good fats and good pure grains instead of white rice- brown rice, white bread whole grain or wheat bread etc...(for the low calorie)

There are many Cleansing Fasts to choose from, Water fast, Juice fast, Master Cleanse fast, Yerba Mate Tea Fast, Soy Ready made Drinks, Or Low Carb Can Drinks. This a great way to Cleanse your system and prepare your body for your new lifestyle, from all the heavy mucus build up, posions, free radicals, toxins etc.

Fast purifies and detoxifies and Cleanse the body.

What I did before the fast is got a free 5-day sample of Jim's Colon Pills from
and this is like a wonder sent from Heaven!!! I got samples sent to my whole family , you'll see my testimony on that site..I still can't beleive they choose to put up my testimony (smile) .

But this is so gentle and it works getting out things you wouldn't beleive you had inside you.. But you do...Any way this gets out the fecel matters you had in you for years, parasites, wastes, (mucus- that heavy build up that stops your nutrients from being fully absorbed and working more effeciantly)

So this is great! After this it's good to start the fast 21-30 days, consuming one full glass of your choice of liquid fast, and throughout the rest of the day, drink plenty of distilled or spring water, if it seems you are getting bored, suck on a few Sugar free hard candies, and chew a stick of Sugar free gum (this helps)And you can even sip on flavored sparkling springwater in the 1 liter bottles - this is fulfilling...

It worked for me....I had lost 37lbs in 30 days. But I didn't have a good eatting plan so I gained that back and a little more in 2005.

I find when I lose the weight in Cleansing first, I feel lighter, more energized, public friendly, sexier, my skin clears up from acne, no bloating, a claensed colon and digestive tract system, self confidence, and joy, joy, joy that I can go to the store and pick out a size 3/4 and feel and look beautiful in them, I communicate better,,,, I just love it... It seems like a big weight has been lifted.....

Well I am starting this over again and guess what Today is day one.... My other fasting for weightloss buddies are at I am going for 30 days again.

I feel good right now. Anyone can join me .. Just logg on often to encourage and support one another it'll be a great journey. A 40 day sacrifice is worth a great expected end. and this is guarenteed you'll drop the ponds -your body uses your stored fat tissues and use it for energy-resulting you drop weight fast! Don't be surprized, and there's no plateaus Here! No relying on pills to see if they'll work and it's in expensive. Time is all that matters here! And that will fly by.

There is one catch to this healthy plan, ther is a side effect, (A Slight headache and some feeling of feeling weak for the first 3 days or less) Don't worry trhis is a Healthy friendly side effect. It's all the toxins stirring up to rid itself out of your body.. And after this you are good to go....

Here are some tips as the weight start falling off and you find your clothes getting too loose (which you will) take the clothes and give them to the needy and the poor.
This is a way of not looking back to what you've lost.

To cheer you up go out shopping and buy yourself a peice or two of clothing that is stretch material about the size you are at losing...This represents your bright new begining,YES!

Here are some educational sites on Fasting for weightloss...

What ever tips I find I will post them , and I will give my updates. Usually I lose 8 pounds in 2-3 days, we will see this time how much but that not of an important focus , it's finishing what I have started knowing all the graet healthy benefits I get from fasting. If you really need a jump start in fasting you can also order The Nopalina I've tried that's it's really good, This is like a head start to me...

I hope this post is helpful to you in some way. Just know 40 days is worth it after years of putting all the wrongs food in your system and it kept you fat!!!!!!

People reported Cholestrol levels and Blood Pressure to be normal after Cleansing/Fasting..............

God Bless you in what ever you decided, go what truly works for you, but a buddy I don't mind having to Fast with....LOL!

Have fun in exploring your new Journey.

I do have a tip that works all the time during fasting..........

Think on good thoughts that's going to lift your spirits up. Any bad or discouraging thoughts that try to creep in your mind, cast them down immediately, meaning don't meditate on them this can lead to a frustrated/disappointed time during fasts, this is not good.

Watch clean comedy that makes you laugh, read books on low carbing to start changing your mindset from your old eatting habbits. This will give you a new focus...

If someone do you wrong or someting happens bad, Learn to forgive quick, hold no grudges, take a moment , and a deep breath and release that incident or purpose out of your thinking, and this will prevent stress build -up.

Okay I 'll talk to you soon..

P.S. Men and women are welcomed...........

Here's something to think about....

You can start by giving away the foods you can't use for your new lifestyle change.... and slowly fill up your cabinets with foods you will eat....

As you lose the weight you'll want to be more active and socialize more. Meanwhile you can practice breathing excersizing contracting your stomach muscles and 3 mintues of stretching this will help with you getting leaner and perhaps toned if you get some cans in your house for resistance or lab bands..........This will prevent or tone flabby areas if or extra loose skin from the fast weightloss, this is not so in every case, but in a few cases, ......rubbing on strecth mark cream or toning creams and gel in a circular motion, restores the toned elasticity in your skin making it firmer....

These are just some extra tips, Or you can join bally's Curves , or Lucille's.

But I am a person that don't have that kind of time so I 'll do more planned activities with my family, like bike riding, swimming lessons, roller skating, walks in the park with my spouse, juming rope with the kids, playing basket ball, volley ball, tennis,soccer and some calm cool family entertainment.... but I will stretch daily this preps my muscles for the days activities.....

It's so much benefits in eatting more whole foods and less processed foods- and still enjoy your fresh flavorful meals, Reports like a mass reduction of ceasures, ashma lesson or never returned and a group that was unable to get pregnant , got pregnant on Eatting right Take it from Rubin, Jordan- The Makers' Diet and the Great Physcian RX.....[You are able to read his whole entire book online at]...I'm telling you folks this is real, with promise........

You'll do great any new info I have I will share it for your benefit..........And you share with me as well..

We are in this together..... and I enjoy helping others and sharing success Stories, we learn from them and grow from these experiences.

I know from research a Glyclemic eatting plan is great for type II diabetes for their specific type of diet....

People has reported hair growth and stronger nails.

Less pain and aches in their bodies,

I'll keep ya posted.............Soon

See ya


3rd posting

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes


It'll be great just to eat whole natural foods- but somehow we do have a taste for processed foods, so okay keep it minimal and never let processed foods be a main meal course- it'll be labled ( a side small dish )

Organic is best when it comes to process foods if u just have to have it!

Food Listings

Meats: Poultry, Fish, Steaks with the less fat as possible[rather lean] lamb chops/ meat, turkey ground, turkey meat if possible without the skin (no Animal fats or skin) etc,

Drinks: Soy Milk, chocolate , Regular, Vanilla or low fat, 100% fruit juices, Certified Organic Cow's milk of any kind, Smart water, Spring water, Teas, Postum hot drink in place of coffee if u desire, etc,

Vegatables: All Vegtables

Snacks: Try Healthy Yogurts, whole natural Baked chips, [ they even have the chips from sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and more mixed healthy chips. healthy popcorn ,whole grain cracker snacks, organic, cookies , bars and snacks...etc,

Just take a snack not a bunch!

Oils: olive oil, organic coconut oil, , canola oil and every now and then butter, Smart Balance with flax seed oil regular or light, and it has omegas etc,

Sweetners: Raw organic Honey, Organic Coconut oil < this has so many good health benefits and even boost the metabolic rate to burn off fat!! etc,

Seasonings I recommend. If you can't make up you own fresh seasonings- then try Mrs. Dash [mixed natural flavorful herbs in all varieties, whole Black pepper, Salt Sense -33% less sodium and Sea Salt ( the best intake for health) parsley, etc,

Sauces- i recommend you make your own from scratch to your desired taste or buy the best healthy ones that's out there!!!

Breads- can be whole wheat- whole grains- 7 grain- 12 grain- oat etc, can be the new white whole grain or whole wheat bread- My kids love it!

Portion control/size keep it minimal and never over eat- For maintence for the weight you've lost...

Bake, Broil , Steam, Grill, Crock pot Pressure Cooking[for the tough meats] and stir fry is the best for cooking meals.

As far as Cakes , muffins, icecream , sorbert, slusshies- You can make your own- and you control the ingredients making it flavorful and just right for you and your family.

There's a good icecream/slushie/sorbert maker for about $27.00 at

...your whole family could enjoy making these wonderful treats and eatting them

These are a few tips to work off of.

The key is eatting fresh foods instead of canned, if u must then eat frozen foods, or get the fresh food bags to seal and store your fresh fruits and vegtables in so they may last longer.

I will tell you where you can get these special food bags- just contact me by email or myspace IM live.


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