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Published: 14 years ago
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Let me put it into a little perspective for you Rygar...
In our country's past, hemp was used, as was cocaine. You
could buy hemp, trade it, it was used for everything from
rope, medicine & tonics, to making automobiles. Over
time, the people who wanted to suppress that technology
and control people's choices made it illegal. When I was
your age, people in Missouri could go and did go to prison
for life for possessing a single joint. Just prior to this
you could stand out in the street and smoke a marijuana
cigarette and cops would drive by and not even take notice.

You think it could not happen, and yet, in the current
climate of our country, where the Patriot Act strives to
strip us of our freedoms and lobbyists can allow products
like Aspartame to pass through the FDA guidelines because
someone lined someone's pocket, you better believe it is
more than a little possible that our health freedoms can
be in jeopardy. Have you noticed that as people clamor for
better health choices that drug companies and companies
you would never associate with herbals and tonics are now
turning their attention to monopolizing the market. It is
not about health, it is about profit. The smaller companies
will not have the money to be able to meet the arbitrary
standards that these corporations will make sure they have
a hand in writing up. The big companies will buy their
seals of approval and the government will play their part
by hauling off the first hundred or thousand or hundred
thousand folks caught selling vitamin C over the allowable
dosages. Perhaps the punishment will only be fines but enough
fines and people will begin to tow the line.

This will also begin the shift of "thinning the herd" to a
new level since the gov will also remain focused on spraying
us with chemtrails and adding stuff to our water which will
further numb and dumb us. Whatever they plan to call choices
will not resemble the freedoms we have now. We have lost
so much already. I have posted in another post that already
there are products which it is illegal for people to discuss
the benefits of since it is illegal to make claims and so
those of us who know what they are good for can still buy
them. If they make it illegal to speak about these products
or address issues of hydration and a multitude of other
healing methods and ways that have been preserved by word of
mouth and passed on through little pieces of paper...well,
those ways will die with those who know.

I can give you another example of how cures can die. Rene
Caisse was a nurse who operated a healing clinic in Canada
using a native herbal formula. Today we call it Essiac and it
is a powerful tonic and popular in cancer treatment and is also
good as a phenomenal blood tonic. When she died, the Canadian
government went in and took all her papers and research and
burned it all. Fortunately, Rene had anticipated this as she
had already been hassled since her success cut into the
established medicine's profit. She had sent her formula out
to many many people and that is why we are able to still have
it today. It consists of 4 herbs which one can grow, mix and
steep in a tea and drink. If it becomes a crime to grow
these herbs, just as it became illegal to grow marijuana(hemp),
you may find a significant number of folks being hauled off
in attempts to bring the rest of us in line.

In Missouri, there was a huge effort about 10 years back to
make all hands on healing modalities something to be licensed.
The license, which was expensive, had to be renewed every 1-3
years(MORE$$). It finally was passed and most modalities did
fall under the umbrella, but we were successful in exempting
Reiki from it since it is a modality which can be transmitted
long distance, and can flow merely by touching someone. So a
good example of how people can effect change. This is ten years
later and the battle is more important and more significant
since it basically tries to make LIVING a health issue to be
controlled, dispensed and licensed, taxed, and suppressed...

Shortly after the laws changed in Missouri, someone was in
our store and noticed my massage chair and begged me to rub
their sore shoulders. I was concerned since I did not have a
license since the cost and the constant need to renew out
weighed my healing practice such that I was pushed out of that
practice except for those who I traded or gave it to. I allowed
the person to climb into my chair. I told them, "this is for
entertainment only and is in no way an effort to help you feel
better or be construed as massage". The person I was speaking
to was a cop~!

Think, think again. What do you want your future to look like?
A place where people are afraid to tell you what may help you
heal the pain in your heel for plantar fascia? How about having
to go to a doctor to get a prescription for a box of epsom salt?

The fox is in the chicken the warrior you want to be
and speak for your right to pursue health and happiness in a
country that has always been based on what Bush claims is a
worthless piece of paper...



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