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a principle of health

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Published: 17 years ago

a principle of health

less is better.

people come to curezone looking for relief. some of the stories are so sad to listen to. they have generally reached the end of their rope, allopaths have done all manner of poisoning and butchery and brainwashing on them, they are constantly miserable and have difficulty functioning in the ways they want to or used to or need to. and they carry all this illness and other baggage here to look for something to add to this burden - to find that missing thing in their health picture.

well i got news for you all. you dont need more, you need less. much less. so much less that you would be shocked, repulsed, almost devestated by the enormity of it all.

the body can be looked at exactly like the earth. it ebbs and flows, has seasons, circulates air throughout, moves water through everything, goes through droughts, suffers trauma of earthquakes and volcanos and near earth impacts, gets all(not exactly true, but another subject entirely) its energy from the sun, floods, fires, stagnation, etc. the body is the same way. all it needs is water and sunshine.

now i am not set to bring this analogy to its completion in this post, but it is the prime directive of health. we are breatharians and all thought of maintaining health must flow from this principle. all food is poison. no matter how much you want to believe that food is actually GOOD for you, forget it. its all abunch of lies. the question is, why are these lies? well, much groundwork has been laid to make the lies of pharmediagraco sound true. just as the world is now polluted and out of balance, so is the human body. this in turn changes the system because it adapts. after the adaptation, the body reacts differently than it did before. soon, you are not relating to human physiology, but to poisoned, polluted, contaminated human physiology. it is the differences in individual exposures that cause the differences in how individual bodies react to different foods and treatments, etc.

there is only one thing that brings health - the free flow of your clean blood. this should be your goal if you wish to truly be free of illness. it is very hard. the skin and lungs are gateways to the blood. the air is pitiful, but indoors is still a thousand times worse than outside. all of the cleaners and detergents and sanitizers and deodorizers, both personal and household - throw that crap out. MH has gone so far as to say take out all windows and doors, winter and summer. surely one can take a statement like that and devise a way to make the inside air as close to doing that as possible. of course we coddle our bodies too much anyway, and that also makes them weaker, less vibrant and hardy. so MH's suggestion has two purposes.

dont put anything on your skin you wouldnt eat. it is literally the same thing.

all the food you eat - it cant all get out. elimination is the key to clean blood. the more crap that is dumped into the body and makes its way into the bloodstream and deposited in tissues and organs, the more the environment of the body is changed. an old growth forest will eventually be struck by lightening and all the stored dead wood in forest allows a fire to rage and a cleansing commences. the fire is like a pathogen - without the fuel piled up everywhere, it would not burn wild and free but would quickly spike and burn out of fuel.

by the time people get here, they are spending their time putting out fires all over the body, chasing symptoms with medications or foods or herbs or supplements. this will never end UNLESS the true cure is taken. fasting until all of the dead rotting food and environmental toxins are out is the only cure. the body stores toxins in fat. that means that until you are skinny, you are carrying around god knows what. it will eventually have to be dealt with. either you will get rid of it, or something else will come along, like mosquitos to a stagnant pool, and nature will obey, whether we will or not.

so you can see, i havent even gotten to diet and there is more than enough to make us sick many times over. the most perfect food is fruit from trees. this food will do the least amount of damage to the body. this is why the orange juice fast is the best way to perfect health - as perfect as your body is capable of. orange juice gives everything needed to cleanse and sustain the body. it has water and Sugar and minerals and lots of sunshine stored in it. just add oxygen and youre there.

to start the cleansing process, one must make deliberate choices. it has been shown time and again here that every choice that helps cleanse the body enables a person to make the next step. remember, there are basically two types of toxins stored in the body. one kind is water soluble. this makes the kidneys very important. these toxins are eliminated fairly quickly with good kidney function and plenty of clean water. the dead food stored in the body keeps creating more of these types of toxins, so making gains here includes simply decreasing the amount eaten. eating raw makes it harder to create this storable undigested food. mixing foods properly cuts down on the amount of acids produced by these morbid matters.

along with water, clean oil is essential. this clean oil is needed in the diet, on the skin, and oil pulling really helps as well. when you have a good flow of clean oil going through the body, oil soluble toxins can be removed. this is extremely important. our environment is full of oil soluble poisons, especially in the air because of our petroleum based transport and economy.

i have been oil pulling a lot lately. something i have found is that when i am pulling, i am not hungry. i think oil pulling would be a great adjunct to an ornage juice fast. it is going to be one of my next projects to try it together.

let my people go

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