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Re: Boy, leave the board for just a little while...

Natural Cancer Remedies
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Natural Cancer Remedies
Cancer-proof your body with little known immune boosters!

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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Boy, leave the board for just a little while...

Hiya Tisha,

I cannot say I dislike the YL oils...I've never actually tried them myself. First of all, in my opinion, they are way overpriced. Because of quality?? NO, because of all the hands out for profits. Another reason, Gary calls himself a Doctor. He is NOT a doctor...he has a degree as a Naturopath...which he PURCHASED at Bernadene University.

Their ethics bother me a whole lot. Distributers are given pamphlets and can prescribe oils for all different ailments without any proper knowledge of what exactly it is they are doing.

When I first began really studying essential oils on more than just a 'hobby' basis, I was frequenting some message boards. One of them turned out to be a YL message board on yahoo. At first I really thought these people knew what they were talking about. But then I began noticing messages the were referring people to different oils for serious ailments INSTEAD of going to get actual medical treatment. They were actually discouraging people from seeing a doctor. To me, treatment should come on different levels...treat both the body and the mind ~ the physical and the spiritual and the mental. I believe they are all connected. I work in a hospital AND I believe in alternative medicine. I believe that they should compliment each other, not override each other.

One person posted about something pretty serious. She was having female problems that was causing her to bleed constantly. She was beginning to feel weak...could not eat, etc. She got a gazillion messages about what oils to use to treat this affliction. And she was buying into it and kept coming back..."I tried 'such and such' oils, and the pain and bleeding has not subsided" She would then get another message "Oh, well, it must be caused by 'this', try 'this'" My message was YOU NEED TO GET TO A DOCTOR RIGHT NOW!!! Well, that board is moderated and my message never made it to the board...I tried posting it several times before finally I privately emailed the woman. I was literally sick to my stomach that I could not get through to her. About a week later, she emailed me back thanking me for the email, she went to the doctor and it was fibroids and she was hemorrhaging from them because they had gotten so large. She was having them removed... which is not a big deal these days. She later emailed me again to tell me that she had the procedure done and she's good as new. One day, in and out with a one week recovery time. Another message I found was from a person who's elderly father was having hearing problems. She was instructed to drop a certain oil in his ear NEAT!!! OMG, that's dangerous...even if it was lavender or tea tree...which they were not even those.

I just recently came across a website run by YL. They gave instructions for a massage therapy...ummmm...raindrop therapy?? I think. Anyway, part of the instructions was, 'drop the oils directly onto the skin, start with then go on to It may start burning, but that's ok, it's just the toxins being drawn out' may start burning because you are dropping pure essential oils on the skin without a base oil!!! You can get serious actual burns on your skin from some essential oils...there is even the possibility of overdosing on them. Herbs are drugs...EO's are close to 1000 times the concentration of the herbs/flowers.

Ok, this is getting long, lol...sorry I went on a rant.

Any more questions ROFL...


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