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Issue 50: Janie's Update on MS
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Published: 21 years ago

Issue 50: Janie's Update on MS

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From: Duncan


My wife was diagnosed with Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis over 15 years ago. I took her to the best MS specialists in Houston for treatment for about 10 years. Eventually the Neurologists told us, in essence, that they had done all they could for her, but her case was hopeless and there was no need to come back. They had done all they could for her, go home and wait to die. She almost did.

After that, around 1994, we decided to try alternatives and holistic therapies. She eventually wound up on the Gerson Therapy, which consists of heavy detoxification and nutritional therapy.

This consists of making a glass of fresh organic juice and drinking it every hour on the hour, for 8 - 12 glasses per day. No other food except things like vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids such as flax seed oil, etc. and purified water. The detox consisted of colon cleanses, kidney cleanses, liver cleanses, coffee enemas, removal of "silver" dental fillings (poisonous mercury Amalgam fillings) and chelation to remove the mercury from the body. Also, removal of root canal teeth and repair of cavitations were part of the dental cleanup.

We also got Hulda Clark 's book, "Cure For All Diseases" and tried to do everything she recommends the best we could, including building the zapper and using it, treatment for parasites, etc. She has also been treated with IV hydrogen peroxide, hyperbaric oxygen, and a few other things.

Janie has now recovered her health to about 90% of normal. All of her symptoms are either gone or improved now. To look at her you can't tell she has ever been sick. However she still has a few problems we need help with, and if anyone on this list can offer any suggestions we would appreciate it.

The biggest problem is a stinging and burning pain in the feet and legs, along with an electric shock stinging and vibrating sensation, such as when you hit your funny bone on your elbow. We have been to several MD type doctors and three alternative or homeopathic doctors
with no help. She has been treated for the pain in many ways, all were a waste of time and money, except maybe the PAP IMI machine (pulsed magnetic therapy, similar to the Thumpy machine).
She just started using it last week and it seems to have helped some, but too early to tell yet, as far as long term relief.

She has a few other various problems to deal with, but mainly if we could get some help with the pain, that is our first priority.

Thanks for any help with this,


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