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Re: I didnt know about l-cysteine
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: I didnt know about l-cysteine

Okay, here goes!! To start, my health has been bad and going done hill. The doctor's weren't helping, they were willing to diagnose me with IBS and leave it at that, I insisted on a stomache scope. The surgeon found a polyp, scary thing is there's stomache cancer in my family history. That all lead my husband to look into holistic treatments as traditional was just getting me worse. First he found ambertose (glyconutrients) and the Dr. Clark's regimne. One of the case studies, 2nd book I think, was my stomach word for word so I was convinced to try it. We did the zapper, the l-cysteine, and the walnut with Wormwood . Of course my stomche just HAD to be childish and regect the capsules (they're gelitin) so I get to put the power in a little water a swollow, fast! (yuck, yuck yuck!!)

To start with, yes I got wormies out. The awful thing is that they looked just like the worms that come out when you deworm your dog. Gross, gross and grosser! That's been on ad off, but continuous. But that has lead to a whole list of things that are better. Here goes: no more antiinflamitory for my Arthritis (was taking 2 just to control it), no more steroid inhailor, no more using my rescue inhailor daily or before going to bed, I rarly us my inhailor as often as once a week, no more frozen glass shards in my feet when I first get up (!!!), no more sever wrist/hand pain from arthritis, no more super short breath, I can walk for approx 20 min. without exhaustion, my fatigue is lifting (finally), my insomnia is almost gone (yeha!), my hand dexterity has returned almost fully, my tendonitis is almost a no-show, my knee pain is almost completely gone, almost no Arthritis flair-up, I can occationally eat something with butter in it, my diet has expaned to include fruit and veggies (yippeeee!!), I can drink juice once in a blue moon now, I can cook with filtered tap water again, my memory is starting to clear up and come back (I've missed that!), my allergies have lessened dramatically, I dropped my perscrip. antihistimine, my acid refluz is sarting to get in control, I have finally cut back on otc antacids (!!), my weight is dropping, I'm toning (that's not happened before), I didn't spend 6 months finding my latest pair of shoes (2nd pair I tried were wearable), I can wear dress shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!, my lower back pain is going away, my owies are finally healing normally, my Acne is starting to clear up, my Depression is getting better (though I still have bad times), I can--sew, quilt, crochet, draw, write with a pencil, paint, embroider (those were things of the past just last x-mas), I can actually clean my own house!!! (that's a really good one!), I can bake and cook and be normal again!!! So basically, taking a couple little things, combined with a few others that help also, my entire life has reversed. My husband and I no longer wonder if I'll make 30. I no longer wonder if I could sustain a pregnancy if I was so blessed. I have hope for the future again. And it all started with two REALLY bad tasting things and some icky white things in my stools. I can't thank Dr Clark enough!! God bless her!!

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