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My experience so far with Ear Coning
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Published: 18 years ago

My experience so far with Ear Coning

I started candling consistently about 3 weeks ago. I am still amazed at the wax and gunk that comes out. Let me just say I am no expert or medical person just trying to get healthy again and am just relating what I am working on and the stuff I am getting out. I wish I could see this gunk under a microscope but I feel it is really helping. My hearing improved in one ear after the first candle. I have been cleansing for the past year, diet, colon, Liver Flushes and am now using the detox foot pad and ear cones.

I had coned years ago and then just forgot about it until I saw them in the health food store and bought some. I have now incorporated it into my cleansing routine of present which is using the detox foodpads and the ear coning or candling, watching the diet, ( No sugar, dairy, wheat, processed food) magnetic pulsing, a small amount of blood electrification, Colloidal Silver from the Beck protocol and wearing the terminator zapper 3-4 days a week.

I have two friends diagnosed with cancer, one lost a breast yesterday and the other has it in her organs and stomach. Of course the doctors tell them they will get well with kimo, surgery etc. We all know the routine but visiting them has me all the more committed to keeping up and cleaning out every crevice I can reach and ear candles are just another tool toward the goal.

At this point I cone about every 3-4 days. It seems like my body lets me know because the pressure in my rebuilds and some days they start itching. When the pressure builds I cone again usually with 1 candle per ear since they are not cheap. But may start with 2 candles per session. I candle alone which is a bit tricky but I use a mirror to watch the flame and follow the instructions in the package.

I have been getting out about 1-2 inch in lenght pieces of wax each session but not always out of both ears. One time I got almost nothing and thought I was clean but then in about 4 days did it again and got out a huge hunk so I figure the body is releasing it as it goes. I do the facial massage included in the instructions and get the urge during the candling to move my jaw a lot. (I don’t know if this helps or not but I do it because I am hoping my body knows more than me). I notice the deeper I get the wax gets darker. I am doing this along with the foot detox pads and notice I am feeling better slowly but surely.
Just make sure to get the end of the cone in there and well seated.

Dr. Vinograd (not sure if I spelled it right, sorry) explained that once the body sees a way to detox like with the footpads it develops a routine of detox. I skipped a day of pads once and did not feel well all day and felt like the toxins were looking for their usual escape route. (I use a 1 pad every other day alternating feet for 24 hours after soaking my feet in water and hydrogen peroxide). Slowly they are turning brown not black so at this point I am making the same assumption for my ears, when the pressure builds, more wax and toxins are coming forward to be expelled and the pressure is my cue to candle again. I am finding 3-4 days before the pressure build again, however we are all different. If I get uncomfortable between I rub some eucalyptus oil all around the back of the ear down the neck area and this helps.

Since I am tired of getting sick from die off, etc. I take things slower now but consistently and am going to continue with the candles as well as the pads until it feels ok or can’t get anything else out.

It would be interesting and helpful to read of others experience in this matter as I get most of my info from the net or here at cure zone.

I buy the candles at my local health food store and don’t know if they are really pure but the foot pads I use are approved by Dr. Clark and there is a board here for those, so I am hoping someone with more expertise than I have can help with which brand of candles are best.

My son, who has always had a problem with wax since childhood, got immediate relief from one candling but after working on me I realize he needs many more sessions to really help him. Wish I had know about these when he was little.

I find the candling relaxing and soothing, once you get over the fact you have fire sticking out your ear. To me it just another piece of the healing puzzling that has given me an increment of feeling better, hearing better and removing toxins, old wax, and probably evicting some parasites or at least heating things up and making them uncomfortable. I can’t believe how much junk is in there right near the brain creating an ideal home for I am sure, all sorts of evil things.

I am just an experimenter and have no medical knowledge expect what I have taught myself, but wanted to share and give back a little of the help cure zone has given me on my journey to health. I started out crawling my way back but after a year of reading these boards and doing different cleanses feel I am slowly walking now and hopefully by next year may be running toward the goal of feeling well again.

God Bless and Keep us all in this journey
Just do a search on the net and you will find loads of helpful information.

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