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The Anionic Lemon, the Cure
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Published: 17 years ago
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The Anionic Lemon, the Cure

Hi you all,

Here I found some familiar concepts and also new ones or with a bit different perspective:

“The only real cure of any disease can be found when we start to focus on the soil. Well, Dr. Carey Reams (physician and an agronomist) fits in perfectly.”

“All energy in human bodies is created by the RESISTANCE generated when these oppositely charged ions rotating in opposite directions come together.”

RESISTANCE being a type of friction which causes energy to be given off.”

pH is only a measure of resistance, not a measure of quantity or quality. A pH of 7 means that there is an equal resistance between anions and cations. (Olszta's note: however, it doesn't indicate whether the substance being tested is anionic or cationic)“

 “Suppose, in theory, that you ate only foods or substances that contained cations. What would happen? With no anionic substances present, there would be no resistance. Remember, no resistance, no energy.

“In the practical considerations, it is not possible to have only anions or only cations present. However, it happens all the time with sick people that there are never enough anionic substances present to get for them the energy needed from the cationic foods that they have eaten.”

The anionic Lemon
Dr. Reams states that each and every food is cationic. There is only one exception: The lemon which is anionic. So, to metabolise our food, we need to produce anionic foods that balance the cationic foods we eat. Otherwise we can't get any friction and thus no energy out of our food.“

Anionic Minerals
While lemon is the only anionic food, calcium and potassium are the needed anionic minerals. If you don't eat enough mineral-rich organic foods, you will develop a deficiency of anionic minerals, which means you can't develop enough resistance with the cationic food, which means you can't produce enough energy. Energy starvation is what causes cancer. The best way to get the proper anionic minerals is to eat the widest possible variety of fruit and vegetables you can. “

The liver
This is where the liver fits in. The liver produces huge amounts of bile to aid in the digestion of the food, but more important to balance the cations in the food with the anions in the bile. Besides that, the liver produces about 6 billion enzymes, which are used by the organs in our body.”

The Cure

Liver-regeneration protocol
The liver regeneration protocol is quite simple. Feed it the only anionic food available on this planet: The lemon. Use a neutral non-anionic, non-cationic liquid as a medium: Distilled water fits in perfectly. The protocol is as follows: Make fresh lemon juice and add 9 parts of distilled water to the 1 part of juice, i.e. 4 ounces vs 36 ounces distilled water. Four ounces of the lemon-water solution each hour and Four ounces of plain distilled water take on the half hour. “

Example: 9:00 4 ounces of lemon-water solution, 9:30 4 ounces distilled water, 10:00 lemon-water, 10:30 distilled water, 11:00 lemon-water, 11:30 distilled water, etcetera.

WARNING! This must not be done by anyone unless it is done under the supervision of a doctor trained in the biological theory of ionization. This much lemon water could be fatal to anyone with either a high or low blood sugar. Neither this author, nor anyone else, assumes responsibility for those who attempt this liver rebuilding technique on their own without proper supervision. About one person in a thousand has an alergy to the juices of the lemon.

Why can it be fatal?  It's because the pancreas gets a lot more enzymes that it was used to and all of a sudden starts to produce a lot more insulin. You can imagine what happens. When bloodsugar levels fall too low, due to excessive insulin, you can fade or fall into a coma, which might very well prove to be fatal.


A problem solved (by web author Ed)

The book says to use several sweeteners like molasses, but I wasn't able to digest those sugars. So, there I was: I knew I had the answer in my hands, but I wasn't able to implement it because the lemon-water resulted in low blood sugars.

I then made the painful decisision to let the RBTI be and try some more diets. I tried the Homo Optimus diet and it did give more energy, which was positive. But eventually it didn't give me the radiant health I was longing for.

Then, February 2004, I somehow got attracted to the RBTI again. I signed up for the ReamsAnswers forum, reread the entire book and had new confidence. I explained my problem to Dr. Beddoe w.r.t. lemon water causing low blood sugars but the inability to use sweeteners in the lemon water. He then made the suggestion to use fruit juice instead of water in my lemon water. That did the trick. The sugar levels remained up, above 1.2 brix and I was finally able to use the lemon water on a daily basis.



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