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Candida Notes - First draft, please comment! :)
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Published: 18 years ago

Candida Notes - First draft, please comment! :)

Here are my notes on things every candida sufferer should know and what protocals are effective. I try to keep it sparse since brainfog prevents reading large documents. :) Let me know if I forgot anything!

Candida Notes
---Do I Have Candida?

Common symptoms include: brain fog; irritability; recurring vaginitis, jock itch, thrush;
patches of ringworm or white rash; moldy toes; acne; constipation/indigestion

If you've taken broad-spectrum Antibiotics , then yes.

Take the Saliva Test. Instructions on Internet. Keep taking the test regularly to determine whether you are in first stage (candida overgrowth) or second stage (candida balanced but aftermath still needs to be dealt with).

---Common Causes
Standard American diet coupled with improper eating/lifestyle habits and stress that lead to poor digestion. Undigested foods due to lack of bile from the liver, enzymes from pancreas and gastric juices in the stomach (antacids) go to the colon and rot. Candida eat this.

Taking Antibiotics kills acidophilus, which is a microbe that keeps candida in check much the same way that wolves will keep deer in check. Too few wolves and deer overpopulate.

Systemic candidiasis isn't just about candida. It's also about what candida does to you over time. When candida grows into the rhizome stage, it sprouts into a long, stalk-like fungus that punches holes in your entire digestive tract, allowing toxins to enter the bloodstream. The liver and immune system must deal with these toxins, so they get stressed, overloaded and clogged, as does the lymphatic system due to partially digested fats. Digestion slows down even further and you end up with a vicious cycle that creates even more candida and liver congestion and leaky gut.

Candida eats sugars and excretes alcohol. Your liver is stressed from dealing with all the alcohol.

Many people call brain fog "die off" and often die-off is involved, but really, it is all those toxins passing the blood brain barrier. Whenever you feel fatigues, brain fogged, cleanse the colon.

----------The Cure

-Kill the yeast (only 10% of cure)
ThreeLac has helped a few people, but not so many as they claim. Apparently, if you take it immediately following Antibiotics it's a great help. If you've had candida for awhile, it is much less effective.
Kyoilc (garlic) and Grapefruit Seed Oil are the best for steady, effective, not too many side-effects, anti-yeast supplements. Pau D'arco tea is often recommended but you have to drink 8 cups daily for it to have any effect. Garden of Life sells an anti-fungal mix that has good things in it.
Anti-fungals should only be taken for 2 - 4 weeks. After that, yeast has adapted and resistant. Switch to probiotics. Be sure to practice good colon cleansing while you take anti-fungals to reduce toxic symptoms.

-Starve the yeast (avoid all sugars and dairy for 3 months)
Avoid fruit too. An apple a day is okay, as are lemon and lime.
Caveman diet.
If you lose too much weight, start eating Kichadi. Also known as Kicharee, it's a basmati rice and mung bean stew that is great for people with weak digestion. Ask for recipe.
Avoid raw foods. They are healing for most people, but for weak digestions lightly steamed is better. Juices are fine.

-Replace friendly microbes
Probiotics are the good microbes that get killed by poor diet, dead foods, antibiotics and aren't replaced by dead dairy. You can take them orally but beware, many won't survive stomach acids. Primal Defense is designed to survive and doesn't need to be refrigerated.
Refrigerated cultures are great for rectal implants.

-Alkalinize the body with an alkaline diet
Vegetarian diets are alkaline. Eat very high quality beef once a week to keep up your strength, otherwise, stick to beans, lentils, nuts.
Caveman diet! Excellent!

-Thoroughly cleanse the bowels, lymph, liver
Buy an enema bucket setup. Cheapest one I've found is from Health & Yoga in India. Follow the Bowel Management for Beginners notes.
At least weekly, take a detox bath.
Dry brush daily.
See liver notes.
Increase power of digestion
See notes.

-Avoid allergens for 6-9 months
Anything you are used to eating is probably an allergen to you now. Common allergens are wheat, corn, white potatoes
Beware of perfumes, pest sprays, household cleansers. Use natural solutions whenever possible. Avoid new cars!

-Oxygenate the body! Increase circulation!
Walk at least 20 minutes 3x week.
Castor oil packs/moist heat
Cayenne Pepper

-Good Sleep!
Go to sleep by 11:00 pm. Each hour before midnight slept is twice as healing as every hour after.

----Essential supplements:
Pancreatic enzymes
Super Greens (chlorella, spirulina, barley, veggies, etc.)
Essential Fatty Acids
Can take fish oil, flax seed oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Borage
Green Tea & Spicy Teas
Planetary Formula's Bupleurum Liver Cleanse
A good multi-vit - Solaray's Spectro - with GTF Chromium
Cleansing drink: warm water, juice of Ĺ lemon, 1 tbl apple cider vinegar; dash of cayenne or cayenne tincture; a bit of maple syrup just to make it taste better - as long as you use just one tsp don't worry about feeding the yeasties. Drink every night, try to drink mid-morning or before main meal.
Consider getting a juicer. The yeasties have been starving your body of vital nutrients for a long time. Vitamins are just not as good as real food.
Fiber/intestinal cleanser/bentonite clay
Support Adrenals
NO caffeine
Take Gotu Kola (an herb) as a Tea so it helps repair tissues too

----Great References:
"The Yeast Connection Cookbook" by William Crook
"Juicing for Life" by Cherie Calboum
"Perfect Health" by Deepak Chopra
"The Ayurvedic Cookbook"

Candida Diet Guidelines


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