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Update on Sebastian Reed
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Published: 19 years ago
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Update on Sebastian Reed

I e-mailed Sebastian Reed telling him I couldn't log onto his website. Here is his reply:

Dear Paulette,

I apologise for the fact that an old post of mine mentions a website about teeth, since the site doesn't exist anymore.

In the future I may be able to provide more information about teeth via the internet but for now I'll continue to work on fixing my own teeth and posting messages on messageboards from time to time.

I can suggest a couple of keys to having good teeth: having a reason to have good teeth and not allowing the obstacles that stopped others to stop oneself. These 2 together are very powerful, much more powerful than either one alone.

The details, like what foods to eat and what exercises to do, can vary from individual to individual, yet if a person gets it in their head that they can have great teeth then they can. I wish I could share more with you but for today time limits me.

As for my own teeth, they're progressing very well. The harmony of the internal organs of my body is becoming quite good, and when that harmony is good is when regeneration can happen.

The letter below gives a bit of an update. It's a reply to a friend who's been on the tooth trail with me for 2 years.

This email correspondence occurred between myself and ****** at the end of April 2004.

Dear xxx,

I hope you don't mind me replying to your last email in point by point detail. Here it is:


Quite an interesting approach! At first when you said you let yourself eat anything you thought would make you happy, I was wondering if you were going to eat junk food if it made you happy. If it weren't for health concerns, I'd binge on cheese cake, ice cream, root beer, pizza, and stuff that tastes good and isn't good for people.

My thoughts: in theory, I allow myself to eat anything at anytime, in any quantity: even pizza. Underlying this confidence is a lot of food theory and experience, and that Science degree I'm trying to finish, so it's not pure indulgence without some kind of background to it. By meditating on foods like wine, chocolate, cheese, sweets, rich meat dishes, and toffee, I don't feel as strong an urge to consume them when I'm around them. I know their tastes, and I love them as most people do, but I don't express my wish to eat them, I just acknowledge it. I promise myself that if I grow back my front teeth I'll have the biggest feast ever seen in Australia. Knowledge and emotion have a big say in what I eat and don't eat.

The best example I can remember is when I was still accepting the possibility of regrowing my front teeth and I was being bombarded with the doubting comments of other people. One day I went into a chicken shop. I hadn't eaten meat for a month and I was craving it. There was a young man serving and we had a brief discussion. I said to him: "I really want to eat some chicken but I have a huge emotional issue at the moment regarding animal foods and my feelings leave me feeling that I can't buy a piece of chicken from you and eat it here unless you're a person who believes I can regrow my front teeth if I try to". He wasn't able to believe that, so I told him I couldn't buy any chicken and I left. I said I might come back in a week and ask him.

The next day I went into a delicatessen which was filled with rich cheeses, salamis, game meats, coffees, biscuits, and other goodies. There were two ladies working there and I posed a similar proposition to them, telling them that I wanted to buy some cheese but that I didn't feel I was able to do so unless they were able to believe that I could grow back my front teeth if I tried to. They couldn't conceptualise it. I told them I might come back in a week and ask them again.

The next day I went into a pizzeria. I walked up to the man working there and told him the same thing as I'd told the others on the preceding days. The man looked into thin air for a split second and then made it very clear to me that he believed that it was possible. I began to question his faith in the idea, and he explained why he had such faith. He pointed to a picture on the wall. The picture was of a temple. The temple was very large and was covered in turquoise and other colourful stones. The man told me that he was born 100 metres from the temple in the picture. He told me that it was a famous temple and that there was a healing festival held there every year which lasted 48 days. He told me that he'd known a man who was born blind and who went to the temple during the healing festival for several years and prayed to be healed, and that when he was 25 years old he regained his sight.

The man couldn't explain how these things could happen, but he had no doubt that they could. I ordered a large pizza with the lot. I ate it with all the excitement, passion, fever and gusto that I could. When I finished it, I still felt elated from the conversation we'd had so I ordered another one and ate it with as much pleasure as I had the first. The next day I still felt that way and I ate 2 more large pizzas with the lot which I ordered one at a time. This story is absolutely true. The pizzeria is about 500 metres from my mother's house.


Think about seasonal eating. If one binges on natural things when they are in season, it's like when you're growing a crop and you have a lot of it so you have to feast on it. That only happens when that crop's in season.

Seasonal eating is something I try to practice, and I agree that one should favour seasonal foods when binging on fresh food.


I've made lots of progress with health by understanding the chakras. It is not just energy from stones that can stimulate them, but other things. I have a book about the chakras, and every time I find something new about health I underline it. Eating by color stimulates the chakras.

I like chakra theory and I agree that chakras can tune in to lots of different things. I don't like becoming so involved in chakra theory that I overlook emotional desires like love and sex, and I'm wary of all spiritual ideas for that reason. Generally, if I have a real query within myself about some particular idea or practice, I try to gravitate towards practices which don't scare people, those which singles, and teenagers do, and those which children can understand. Admittedly, I haven't always been able to exercise that preference and I've had to visit some very esoteric ideas to heal up certain physical and emotional problems.


In theory, I'd have to agree with you about juicing. It deluges the body with a whole bunch of sugars at once. I've become more conscious of this now that I suspect I have high blood sugar.

If the teeth are getting cavities, there might still be something you're missing. If you haven't read about the balance between acids and alkalis in the body, this could be one of the things. No matter how much meditation I do, if my diet's highly deficient in alkaline minerals I have to make up for that relentlessly.

Now that I'm almost fine in terms of acidity, my teeth have stopped having a new cavity every month. It takes vigilant effort of eating natural things to keep me there. If I return to processed foods, it drops my alkaline minerals.

I think my teeth have reopened the enamel surface due to habit more than anything else. "Habit" for me may mean the habit of eating too much acidic food, yet it might mean worrying too much rather than being a dietary thing. I feel it's due to habit because I know I had 4 large cavities by the age of 10. I don't remember feeling any discomfort or pain while they were developing. I simply went to the dentist one day and they said "You've got cavities": I never thought about how they'd gotten there.

I appreciate the acid versus alkali model. I hope that in the near future I'll be able to perceive the acidity of foods with my own senses if I can't already, or that if I already can, that I'll pay more attention to it. My preference for going natural is based on the joy of living by my senses. I feel like the ability to sense the acidity of foods is probably a taste I'll inevitably develop, since I expect to reseal the enamel without too much drama, and I assume that in between where I'm at now and doing that is a natural awareness of my body chemistry.


Just make sure you find a way to sterilize the area in the cavities before resealing them so you don't seal in bacteria which will cause you pain later.

I'm not worried about bacteria 'getting in there'. Since I've got no inorganic materials in my body for pathogens to feed on, anything a virus can attach to is something I can become aware of and produce antibodies to defend: between a vital bloodstream, a clean stomach, a clean mind, and relaxed organs of elimination, there's little for the bad guys to get hold of.

Essentially, I expect to corner and dissolve the tooth decay habit by addressing it from several avenues until it's extinguished:

(a) from the external: chewing medicated chewing gum; washing my mouth with mouthwashes; crystal treatments that provide solar or mineral energy directly to the enamel; brushing or polishing my teeth or gums;

(b) the mind: visualisations of the goal state; meditations on the awareness of discomfort; internal alchemy meditations or qi gong routines;

(c) the natural functioning of the internal organs of the body: spleen and heart to produce and move blood cells; yoga, stretching, exercise, and massage to provide a physical structure that houses my dentition without any tension; chewing sessions and breathing exercises to stimulate the area;

Most of the practices listed above are things I feel I only need to do once or twice a month.


Kind thoughts,



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