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Image Embedded [gallstones] Formation of bile stones
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Published: 21 years ago
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[gallstones] Formation of bile stones

There certainly has been some very good debate of late regarding the formation of bile stones. I can appreciate much regarding the points presented, but I just thought I'd drop a line regarding the way they form and why they form.

I must say, one of the more interesting points was regarding the stones forming with the use of an oil causing as much bile to be dumped into the intestines as possible and that they then form from the oil and bile mix as it passes towards the exit point. This is quite contradictory to what the bile actually does. It would be like saying that mixing gasoline with grease causes the grease to thicken into globs of grease.

However, this one article will pretty much explain quite a bit regarding bile. I especially like the note regarding proteins in the second paragraph of "What Causes Gallstones".

Now as regards the formation of bile stones in the liver I thought this article would at least shed some light regarding its danger. But, I don't endorse this produce as I feel diet, exercise, and just plain common sense should help most people in dealing with bile stones of the liver, or gallbladder.

Primary sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC)

The fact that we, as humans, are all different and yet the same, can certainly effect the results of how a flush of the liver and gallbladder will turn out. Some of us have been subjected to various toxins earlier in life, or are being subjected to it on a daily basis today in the form of chemicals used for various forms of cleaning, the foods that we eat, or just from the air that we breath. Our skin is absorbing an amazing amount of toxins without our even knowing it. Some toxins can have a vary adverse effect pretty quickly as in the case of handling some chemicals like bug sprays that affect the brain when ingested from either the skin, nose, or mouth. The one organ that has to handle detoxifying of all these chemicals is the liver. It is the main organ of the body for input and output and the amount of input with everyone has been, and is at the present time, different. Therefore just on this basis alone we have differences of how an attempted cleansing of the liver or gallbladder is going to turn out. T
With myself I now look at seeing small Gallstones as a very positive effect of my diet, exercise, and flushing. My earlier examples in "99" have been noted by a pathologist as being gallstones, but they certainly were not small by any means.

As regards the formation of stones in the liver, it happens but it doesn't necessarily mean that all stones start forming in the liver and are then transported to the gallbladder to become larger. That can happen, but isn't quite as likely as it would be for them to form right there, inside the gallbladder itself. It isn't because of the removal of the water, and its becoming more concentrated, it has to do with the information presented earlier in this letter as noted from the website to which I'm pointing. It has to do with too much of one thing or another being in the bile causing a precipitation of either the calcium salts and bilirubin, or cholesterol. Looking at this picture you can see that some liver stones get pretty darn big.

The simple fact that the removal of the water from the bile doesn't have an effect on the cause for precipitation of Gallstones can be noted from the fact that you don't find any mention of that in any of the websites to which I can point, or anyone can find. It is like saying that a detergent becomes solid when it has an oil mixed in with it and all the water is removed, it just won't happen, it will be a concentrated soap containing oil or an oil containing a soap, i.e. detergent. I use a detergent to emulsify the grease and oil I get on my hands when working on a vehicle or other grease latten object. I can take that grease laden mix off my hand and leave it in the sun to attempt to dry but it won't. It will get thick again but with the addition of water it can certainly become an emulsive once again and wash off the platter on which it may have been placed.

I am very fortunate in that my success with the flushing, and continued maintenance of my liver has kept me in pretty good health, over all, and especially considering that I was bedridden in "95" for two months with Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome and Arthritis tearing me up. So, I can't help but to be a proponent of the cleansing of the liver, gallbladder and colon as it has brought me to the health I am able to enjoy today. And like so many, I just wish I'd known what I do today when I was much younger so I wouldn't have to deal with the pains I've acquired and continue to acquire as this body ages to destruction. I can only hope that I can keep up maintaining away from the pain that I know is sitting just off to the side if I were to not keep up a healthy life style.



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