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Image Embedded Re: Liver stones or just some formations of oil mixed with body juices?
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Liver stones or just some formations of oil mixed with body juices?

> Real Gallstones are faceted polyhedra, like the ones in the picture on the links below, or else shaped like mulberries. What you'll get from the recipe are spheres. One of my correspondents describes a friend who saves the spheres and displayed them to his friends.

Hello justmarvin,

you can try to contact this autopsy pathologist and tell him that he is extremely wrong! Ask him to read this message and to post his comments. It makes me very sad to see that self-appointed authorities make claims about things they have no experience with.

If you click here , you will see several photos of gallbladder surgicaly removed and photos of gallstones.


If you click here , you will see several photos of intrahepatic stones.

If you click here , you will see several photos of stones expelled by liver flush.

And more here , photos of stones expelled by liver flush.

Those stones are composed of bile ingredients (cholesterol, bile salts, pigments (bilirubin, biliverdin), water.

Make your own conclusion!!!!!

Yes, some stones are "faceted polyhedra", but many stones ARE NOT!

> >>>>>>>>
> Real Gallstones hurt bad when they pass through the cystic and common bile ducts.
> >>>>>>>>

Wrong again!

Some people (1 in 100) may experience pain. Read all questions & answers posted in Liver Flush FAQ , and messages posted in Liver Flush Archive and also Liver Flush Forum , . (over 1000 messages)

> Real Gallstones sink in water. (As an autopsy pathologist, I'm very familiar with this.) The "gallstones" you'll produce from this recipe will float, as the "alternative thinkers" themselves point out. (They claim that real gallstones float, too. Liars.)

Double Wrong again!

over 80% of gallstones are made of cholesterol.
Cholesterol is lighter then water - it floats.

Stones that sink in water are rare, but if you read Liver Flush FAQ , you will read that some people do pass calcified stones - too!

> If you know a little basic chemistry, you'll realize what is happening. The Epsom Salts are magnesium sulfate, and the grapefruit contains some complex carbohydrates. When these slosh around in the stomach and small intestine, they'll form a tough film which will encase drops of olive oil. This will produce some yellowish balls which will float in the toilet.
> >>>>>>>>

Wrong again!

If you know a little basic chemistry, you will understand that this explanation is poor.

Gallstones have bee analyzed and proved to be real gallstones, composed of cholesterol, .

Human intestines can not produce cholesetrol!

> Hulda Regehr Clark, the author of "The Cure for all Cancers" and "The Cure For HIV/AIDS" promotes this. Since she claims to have both a doctorate in naturopathy and a Ph.D. in something (the latter implying having done substantial original lab research), one would think she would have made an experiment with a real gallstone and discovered that it sinks. There's a nice photo which she took from my friend, pathologist Ed Klatt. She calls them "such small stones" though they're obviously 7-10 mm across. She thinks the stones she displayed formed in the liver and "rolled" into the gallbladder, which is silly.

It is not silly.
Read Liver Flush FAQ , - it is explained, it is common sense!

> She says gallstones "can be of any color" which is a hoot.

Again wrong!

If you click here , you will see several photos of gallbladder surgicaly removed and photos of gallstones.

It is true that gallstones can be of almost any color!

Ask any surgeon who has seen more then 1000 removed gallbladders and more then 50 000 stones, and he will tell you that it is true!

> She also claims that the major cause of gallstones is wearing shoes.

She does not claim that in no one of her 5 published books!
You can read books online here .

> If you want to believe these people, that is your business. If you try the purge, please chew your grapefruit up thoroughly. Otherwise, you're asking for a gastic bezoar and a trip to the endoscopist to remove the obstruction.
> >>>>>>>>

Again wrong!

He did not even read the recipe.

You are suppose to use grapefruit juice, not to chew grapefruit!

Read the recipe here .

Please read FAQ, all those questions have been explained by several different people!

This "autopsy pathologist" is just a poor soul. I am sorry for his ignorance.

All too often, self-appointed authorities will state categorically that they do not believe other's observations.

Far better for Science would be if responsible individuals maintain an attitude of open inquiry and test the obervations of others before forming RIGID opinions.

Do your own flus, analyze your own stones, and then form RIGID opinion! That is science!

In the sase of Liver FLUSH, human welfare might well be served if concerned researchers made every effort to fully study Liver Flush & to discover what disseases and ilness could be cured and/or prevented by liver flush.

I must remind you that Hulda Clark did not discover liver flush, it existed for hundreds - possibly thousands of years.

Do your flush, and do not trust to any self-appointed authority, who has never tried it himself!

best of health


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