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Re: apple juice and oil cleanse
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Published: 21 years ago
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Re: apple juice and oil cleanse

I have done 4 successful liver flushes. I have done the same recipe with a few changes.
The Epsom Salts were part of my first flush and that was the worst part of that flush...they taste awful. I use Magniesium Citrate (can be purchased at a drug store) and it is much more palitable.

The recipe and reasons for the different parts of the recipe I use are as follows:

For 3 - 5 days before the flush drink unfiltered apple juice - at least 2 8 oz glasses each day - preferably one of those right before bed. The tannic acid in the apple juice softens the stones to prepare them to come out. (eat normally)

Then the 6th day eat citrus only and stop eating by 2 p.m. So you can eat grapefruit, oranges, pineapple. Just eat to keep you from going hungry. If you eat too much citrus, your tongue can become sensitive to the citric acid . The citrus starts your gallbladder to cramp.

That night before going to bed, warm up 1/2 c virgin olive oil with 1/4 c fresh squeezed lemon and 1/2 can Classic Coke - blend and drink fast. (The olive oil lubricates the gall bladder. The Lemon Juice makes the gallbladder spasm open and shut. And the Classic Coke - I have not figured out that one. I think that the phosporic acid does something. Does not taste too bad... like a rather wierd salad dressing.

Go right to bed. (you don't have to race - just get to bed). Lay on your right side. I have been told to pull my right knee up to my chest to pool the oil/lemon/coke mixture at the gallbladder area - and have been told by my chiropractor friend - that does not matter...just as long as I am on my right side. Well, I pull my knee up anyway. I go to sleep in that position - or at least lay there for a half hour to an hour before I stretch out and sleep.

Following morning - get up and drink a 10 oz. bottle of Magniesium Citrate. comes in Lemon/lime or Cherry. Tastes like a soda. This stuff will cause your bowels to become completely this is the day you stay by your bathroom. I have found that it is not violent. I am able to be in another room and easily make it to the bathroom.

You should pass stones - if you have them - within the first two uses of the bathroom. It takes probably 5 to 6 visits to the bathroom before things start turning back to normal. You may want to have some sort of ointment - A & D or Desitin to protect your skin because it can become tender from the pH of what you are releasing. You should see green jade colored stones of verious sizes.

I just did a flush two days ago and had at least 100 stones come out. Then read the information on by Dr. Hulda which says that people who have stones - have liver stones and the liver can have as many as 2000 stones in it. So, I am going to do the parasite cleanse and then start doing many flushes. You can do flushes 2 weeks apart.

I hope that this information has helped you. But I do believe that you have to have some sort of laxative - Epsom Salts or Magnesieum Citrate or something to get the stones to move through your intestines intact - so that they are not reabsorbed into your body.

good luck


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