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Re: Levamisole and Praziquantel

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Clarkia Parasites Tincture
Hulda Clark Parasites Tinctures

Natural Cancer Remedies
Cancer-proof your body with little known immune boosters!

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Published: 6 months ago
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Re: Levamisole and Praziquantel

Prior to starting any routine, it is essential to prepare.

1) Ph. under the tongue should be 6.5 or greater, or the meds won't work.
If one has a complicated infection, the supplementation routine must be correct.
Parasitic infections place demands on the immune system. Minerals, metals deplete. Antioxidant levels fall. Stress on the Citric Cycle and Urea loop can occur. Pathogen infections of bacterial, yeast, and viral can occur. GI acidity inversion can occur. Mal-absorption and digestion can occur. The health must be forced into alignment, and probiotics may be required for years. Lipid imbalance, oils insufficiency occur. So a proper balance and supplementation regimen must be in place prior to fighting parasites. This daily routine is a large a part, as fighting parasites themselves.

2) A history and challenge tests are the second phase of preparation. Complicated infections require simultaneous approach to relieve immune stress. It is done like this. One challenges flatworm, white worm, and red worm meds, at threshold doses, or below to ensure there is no rampant infection, then 3 days each med is challenged at a nominal dosing level. The pattern of meds should align with the history, to validate the infections.

3) Flat worm med challenges should include prehistoric meds, like castor oil and peppermint oil.
White worm med challenges should be complete, and a GI cleanse should be done using Pyrantel.
Then red worm challenges should be performed.

4) A stasis routine is established. For one with Flat, White, and Redworm complications, a low dose routine is established, to tune the infection into a better state.

5) Now essential health, forced balance, and stasis routines are in place, one is prepared to remove the first layer of the infections. The sequence of removal is flat worm, white worm, then finally red worms.

6) Sometimes a dominant infection occurs, or a symbiotic infection. These require special attention.
Filarialicides are employed when necessary. There are only 2 filarialicides, Prazi and DEC. These act on L2 stages to prevent growth of an infection into a hyper state. Organic oils also assist, such as flax seed oil.

7) Then a basic Flatworm approach may be taken. A preliminary scan of Doxy, TCBZ, Alinia may be used to identify any complicating pathogens, reactions may require additional steps to clear the GI. Flagyl round, or Tinidazole may also be used to identify any complications, along with a round of Mebendazole to clear the GI.

The core Flatworm formula is Albendazole, Prazi, Vitamin D, and Calcium.

The Level of these meds depends on 1) the degree of complication, 2) the sex, The degree of the infection.

Typically one dose a low level ramp, to say a nominal dose of 25 mg/kg of Prazi, once or several times per day. Each dose is accompanied with a Albendazole dose of 2mg/kg, up to a maximum dose of 8mg/kg/D. Daily doses of Yogurt are usually used, to buffer the meds, and provide probiotics and Calcium. Typically men use 50,000 IU of Vitamin D per day, and Women use 20,000 IU of Vitamin D per day. This vitamin D level is adjusted lower if the kill is too intense, or is in the spine or hypothalamus.

As an alternative, 3/4 teaspoon of Prazi can be used at 6PM in yogurt, to prevent a flatworm infection from growing. Prazi covers 85% of the flatworm species, so its use is generic. Common Flukes may require a round or two of TCBZ to bust them loose. Prehistoric Flatworms may require a course or two of Castor oil and Peppermint oil.

Once established on a flatworm ramp, the dosing is typically adjusted to 25mg/kg/Dose Four times per day, along with 2 mg/Kg Albendazole liquid Greek Yogurt, and a daily dose of Vitamin D.

Depending on the degree of flatworm infections, it is usually suggested to ramp the Prazi up to 33mg/Kg Dose or 50mg/kg/Dose for a few days, to get into the killing zone. This 4 times per day pattern usually sets itself inside a week to the 25 to 33mg/kg dose level for a month, the time it takes to clear one worm lifecycle of infection. Black stool, tapeworms, flukes, and all sorts of parasites may be ejected.

8) Comeds
Typical dose of DEC is 200mg/D, to prevent exciting white worm infections.
Typical dose of 200ucg/D of Ivermectin is used to prevent exciting Redworm infections.
Other meds may also be required to keep co-infections down to a level where flatworms can be cured.

Cure of Flatworms typically takes 5 months, but more severe infections can take 8 months to cure.

If you have gigantic flukes, Levamisole and Praziquantel are both required. Typically this is added towards the end of the routine.

After the first month or two of the flatworm routine, dosing is typically lowered to 3 dose per day. In mild cases the Prazi can be lowered to 25mg/kg/Dose. In uncomplicated infections, the Prazi can be lowered to 25mg/kg/Dose.

This completes the overview of the Flatworm infection removal phase.

Removing flatworms is normally the first step in curing parasitic infections, not the second step.
A hair analysis is normally performed if flat worms or white worms are suspected.

Mucus can be generated by either white worms or red worm infections.

9) Then Whiteworm and Redworm cures can be sought. There are many species of redworms. Strongyloides, Strongyloidea, Strongylida, Strongylus, etc. Most of these can be cured or controlled. Large Strongyles are an issue.

To date, only a few people have failed to clear their infections. One person just discovered 33X mercury. A few years ago one gal had U238 in her system. Now MRI contract agents are proving to be a factor. Toxocara is proving to be an issue. Then a few have undetected or incurable species. The vast majority get well, and difficult infections are seldom, when the proper process is used.

Since your description describes symptoms of other complications, you present with an infection treatment process that failed to properly prepare for parasitic infection elimination.

Nerve issues are due to parasite toxins, and so you have either certain species, or a larger infection that you initially suspected.

This is why a sequence of challenge tests are performed in the beginning of infection clearing, and not later in the process.

parasites are stealthy, and in most cases will not present, unless challenged. Treatment often results in failure when an incomplete initial picture, or insufficient preparation are made to clear and cure parasitic infections.

It is not your fault. Very few people understand the complexity and process required to do this treatment right the first time.

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