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Been struggling for 10 years. Please if you have time, could you lend me your insight.
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Published: 15 months ago

Been struggling for 10 years. Please if you have time, could you lend me your insight.

Been struggling for over 10 years to try and figure out whatís wrong. I apologize in advance for this is a long post, but necessary to understand whatís happening.
So for over 10 years Iíve been struggling with debilitating symptoms such as muscle fatigue/muscle/joint pain. Itchy sore eyes with vision issues. Itchy/intermittently ringing ears/constipation/mood swings/night sweats. Unrelenting chronic fatigue, terrible brain fog and most importantly food sensitivity , prominently to any sort of carb/starch/sugar. Iíve been living off a diet of strict meat and leafy veg with select hearty vegetables such as zucchini/avocado/squash/cucumber/green beans/cauliflower/broccoli/carrots. My digestive system canít seem to handle anything else. If I eat nuts, for some reason I start to get real hungry, like for some reason Iíll feel famished and uncontrollably gorge myself on more. This happens with any raw nut/seed. Though I stay away from peanuts/cashews/pistachios or any baked nuts with any oils. I constantly feel hungry and when I eat a meal, after I finish it I feel even hungrier for a good few minutes until maybe 15 minutes later my stomach will register that it has food in it and that hunger feeling will dissipate a little bit. Unless I overeat to the point where Iím hurting I always get this feeling. Foods like sauerkraut or digestive enzymes donít help with that feeling either.

Iíve been seeing doctors and naturopaths throughout this journey and have had many tests. Iíve been tested for parasites, lyme, h.pylori, a multitude of other possible infectious diseases and have all come back negative. When I test organ function everything comes back fine. Yet I always feel like my system is on the brink of falling apart. I canít exercise because my muscles donít recover in any acceptable amount of time. (doing several pushups = arms being too sore to use for the next week+)Any time I have an issue with my body or some sort of trauma to it, it takes months and months before it starts to feel better. I had a scope done for h.pylori over 5 months and my esophagus has still not recovered from it. I had a fissure from a bad case of diarrhea several years ago and my rectum has never been the same. I canít wipe and have to use the showerhead to clean myself off because my rectum is constantly sore and the act of wiping induces quite a bit of pain.

Iím getting a little bit ahead of myself, but it didnít start off this bad. After a period of battling with continuous bouts of Antibiotics I first started feeling these symptoms as just burning when I peed and intense scrotum pain/burning/itching. Thinking it was just a yeast infection I took whatever topical and internal recommendations I could find. That seemed to help control things. Eventually I started noticing muscle pain in my forearms and soreness/irritation in my eyes. I thought it was RSI at first because Iím an artist. However, no matter what therapy I tried nothing worked. Eventually I started noticing that these symptoms were spreading all over my body. I started being unable to be physically active for any period of time because my joints/ knees would get too sore to use. Eventually my eyes got so bad that I couldnít even look at any type of screen without them feeling like they were bursting into flames. Then came the food, I started noticing that any foods with Sugar or heavy caused me great discomfort in my eyes and scrotum. So thinking it was a terrible case of yeast infection I went on the most extreme anti-candida diet I could find. It helped to control things from getting worse at the time, but nothing ever got better. I went to an ND who gave me natural stuff for parasites and candida specific killing supplements. Nothing seemed to work until he gave me Digestive enzymes. At this point it seemed to be a miracle, because I was finally feeling feedback from the supplements. But this is where I started to feel the chronic fatigue and fogginess in my head. From that point on my body has never felt like itís been able to operate with the same energy it had before I started all this. Iím always tired all the time.

Iíve been through mega doses of vitC iv therapy of 80g but that eventually stopped having any benefit. Iíve been on multitudes of natural Antibiotics such as Grapefruitseed extract, oil of oregano, Colloidal Silver , garlic, triphala, Black-Walnut , Wormwood (all accompanied by probiotics spaced well apart before bed). All of which felt awful and created what I thought were herx effects such as extremely cold extremities/ braing fog/ exhaustion. But I thought it was great and felt like it was providing relief for a while but it all seemed to just rebound after a while. Iíll take them; feel like things are finally turning around for me, then bam the chronic fatigue and head fog/muscle pain so bad I canít even hold a pencil comes in like an avalanche after a week or so.

My ND tested me for heavy metals through Doctors data using dmsa as a provocator and said that I was apparently high in thallium. So we did chlorella and ionizing foot baths for the better part of a year. It was strange because when I first started it felt like immediately something was changing, but I had to stop for a brief period and took the time to get myself retested which oddly showed my levels had increased. when I went back on it nothing changed. In fact things got worse as I noticed I became jaundiced for an extended amount of time and my brain fog was getting more prominent. I noticed once I started taking charcoal capsules, things started to improve again. I was going to stop to get myself retested but once I stopped taking the chlorella and charcoal for a couple of days and my body felt like it was going to give up right then and there. I couldnítí t eat anything without getting massive pains in my sides so bad I felt like I was going to puke every time. My head was spinning and I felt like I was going to go insane because it felt like there was noise just trying to burst out of my skull followed by terrible insomnia. I immediately went back on the charcoal which seemed to calm the symptoms down. But eventually it made the symptoms worse, so I went to the chlorella again and same thing, my sides could not accept the supplements anymore and I couldnít eat. I went to my GP to do just a regular urine test for thallium and it came back saying that there wasnít a significant amount found so I donít know if the other test was bogus or if the detoxing did anything, but this time I didnít take any DMSA while I was still on the chlorella. So I went to intensive care thinking its my liver/kidneys. Nope, theyíre fine according to them. So as I starved myself and took probiotics/ Epsom baths/more ionizing foot baths. That seemed to help regulate me to being able to eat food at least. It wasnít until I started seeing a new ND and he saw that one of my previous tests had shown a mild amount of klebsiella. So he gave my more natural Antibiotics again and that seemed to help relief some of the pain I feel in my sides. Though theyíve still never fully recovered. He wanted to try and do natural Antibiotic regimen with a gradual increase of probiotics up to 400 billion for about a month. Iím currently dosing myself with 200 billion. Have been for the past several months. But Iím still fighting constantly back and forth with these supplements and getting brief positive effects then relapsing. My digestion has never felt like itís improved. The only improvement Iíve felt is briefly my energy and my muscle pain/eye inflammation. As time goes on it just feels like everything gets worse and worse. Iíve been tested with a stool test for several strains of candida and all have come back negative. I still intermittently experience burning when I pee, but also am now experiencing increased urination. I had an ultrasound on my bladder and they said it was fine, but apparently they found course calcification on my prostate. Which I have no idea what that means. Iím now constantly belching when I eat food or not eat food and have terrible acid reflux if I even think about trying to lie down below a 45degree incline. So Iím wondering. What the hell is going on. Is it possible my symptoms are related to SIBO? Could this just be the worst case of candida ever? Because I am still so highly suseptable to anything other than the foods I mentioned prior. Any carb/sugar/starch will cause major pain in my esophagus and cause very bad symptoms through out my body. Is it possible they missed a strain that wasnít tested for on the stool sample? I have many small little things that pop up on tests but my doctor says that a lot of this stuff is just background noise that many people can run into throughout life. None of anything seems to be high enough to warrant medical intervention. I had a test come back for rocky mountain spotted fever/ rickettsia but the specialist said that the levels arenít anything that would cause any negative symptoms. Even after going on antibiotics for those specifically, the levels never raised but I felt shittier after taking the antibiotics. Is it possible my organs are just backed up from all this constant detoxing? I need some serious guidance as no one Iíve been to seems to be able to tell me anything that can help me.


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