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Re: Vaginal pinworms?
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Vaginal pinworms?

There are two types, or maybe three types of pinworms.

White RED.

Let me explain.
There are 2 million species of parasites, over time they evolved to survive.
The DNA is different, we have found the meds they react to can be different, or hybrid, meaning they have a stage that was borrowed from a different species.

In helping many overcome a simple uncomplicated infection, we have seen reactions to meds that are unexplained, and best explanation is these infections are hybrid stage, evolved DNA worms.

This odd hybrid stage usually dies when doing white and red meds at same time.


White pinworms are killed by using white meds.

White meds, MVZ, ALB, FenBen, IVM, etc.
Balance minerals and metals.
Fats and oils supplements
Herbal detox.


Red meds Pyrantel, Invermectin IVM, Levamisole LEV.
REDS may have a filarial stage that is susceptible to FenBen
REDS similar balance minerals and metals
Fats and oil supplements
Herbal detox.


RED/White requires a mixture of White and RED meds, sometimes DEC to push them over the edge.
The lifecycle of most pinworms is 28 days, so one needs to dose daily pattern for 3X28days, after the nests are gone.

I suggest oil of oregano, MSM, Miracle-Mineral-Supplement on skin 10 drops, etc.
If they react to clove bud oil, you have red threads.
If they react to MBZ you have white threads.
If you react to FenBen you have Red or White filarial stage.
A small dose (70mg per day total) of LEVamisole will speed clearing process.

Plenty fluids, OJ orange juice to crank up citric cycle, 10 calciums per day, like cheese, butter, cream, milk, ice-cream, etc, plenty of alkaline calcium to protect you magnesium and potassium chemistry.

Natural Piperazine or piperazine citrate to clear nitrogen
KGP flush, Bovine liver extract, to clear nitrogen pathways.
Borage seed oil...some take more than a few per day pepper is great with salads, pepperine molecule is helpful. Niagra pills are useless. Just use mccormick pepper

If you fail to clear them directly, you have a flat worm, larger white like ascaris, or stronger REDS like stongyloids or Strongyloidea, or Strongyl.

I typically run a series of 3 day tests to identify reactions to meds. This helps verify any complications, and the removal sequence.

Flat, White, REDS is the removal sequence for parasitic worms, if you have a complicated case, you will find it impossible to clear an infection, that has other parasites like flat playhelminths, or white hookworms.

Oil supplements, are essential to restore cell integrity.

Systemic yeast treatment -(good yeast and oils)
Systemic bacteria treatment - oregano oil 150mg Swanson 10:1 cap per day.

Sulfurs like garlic, MSM, or stronger molecular or chemical forms work.

Caution: never use Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and DMSO at the same time, they react and can flame.

That is what you need to know to clear an infection.

Remember, external applications of Pyrantel paste, IVM paste, can help if red worm co-infections are present.
Worms cycle when close to the end of their existence, so you can mark calendar, keep a journal to determine if you have symptoms of co-infection, or when to start heavy dose, like 2X meds, on worm life cycle.

All goes right, should take say month or few to clear nests, then 3 life cycles to clear a systemic infection

Salads at lunch
chromium and chaparral at noon if brain bacteria
Rosehip seed tea at 3 pm, no calcium hour before or after
Vitamin d alpha E, 400 - 800 mg/D
Selenium, Boron, Idoral, etc
Vitamin D3 helpful.




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