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Liver Flush Help and pain!
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Published: 5 years ago

Liver Flush Help and pain!

I'm going to keep this short but I don't really know what to do at this point.

I'm 17 years old and I've done 3 liver flushes.
I suffer from a wide range of symptoms from Low HCL, weight loss, body odour, constipation and much more, so I decided to try a Liver Flush last year. I did that liver flush, using apple juice, 7 days beforehand everyday, 4 servings of Epsom Salts and the olive oil and lemon juice mixture.

After the first flush, I saw a lot of green balls and etc in the toilet, as many others have seen, but I developed a slight pain in my right side behind my ribs, around the liver area, which came and went. It was a slight pain, nothing major

So months later I tried the flush again, however this time I did everything the same but I used malic acid instead. This time I got no stones out, but developed a strong pain across the top of my abdomen on both sides, like a bit of a burning pain, sometimes a sharp pain, and the middle behind my ribs. It was really bad and it got better with time, but I would notice it got much worse when eating a lot of meat. The only other thing I noticed difference about this flush is that the first time the Epsom Salts tasted nasty, but the second time they were tasteless to me.

About 3 weeks after the painful flush, I went for a third one using malic acid, apple cider vinegar, and I drank 500mls of apple juice on the last day. This time I got stones out, very small ones, brown and greenish in colour. Some looked a bit like crystals, and I noticed that I had a pain around the liver area, less now however. A week went by and the pains are getting much better, especially after the second one. I still notice discomfort more in the middle of the abdomen below the ribs, slightly to the left, and sometimes on the right. It feels slightly heavy. There's some discomfort around the left side also. Here's the scary part, so after the flush, I was constipated for 5 days, and on the 5th day I went, and it looks like I didn't get all the stones out as I passed about 5-6 big light yellow stones, with some bright red blood in the yellow stools. After that I just had normal stool pass.

I'm not sure what that blood means, and about 4 days after that happened (today), I still get some discomfort and etc, but the pains are much less and almost gone, so maybe its healing or what? But the blood is worrying and I'm not sure whether it's time to stop flushing or to continue, or see a doctor? The pain after the second time seemed a bit like pancreatitis, not entirely sure.


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