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Re: My hair analysis results
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: My hair analysis results

Yes I was eating fish 3-4 times a week for about 6 months prior to the test. In an attempt to get away from eating factory farmed meat I started eating wild caught fish including Tuna, Swordfish, Haddock, Halibut, Mahi-Mahi, Salmon,etc. This undoubtably was the source of my mercury toxicity as I do not have any amalgams. I have since stopped eating all fish after seeing the hair results. I have done some mild chelation with cilantro, chlorella, apple pectin, modified citrus pectin, PB shakes.

Yes I have been focusing on rebuilding healthy bile and a healthy liver. All my health issues started about 8 years ago when taking antacids for several years (biggest mistake I ever made) It took me a long time to realize that stagnant bile could be a big source of issues. I have been doing Clark Liver Flushes and in between flushes supplementing to build healthy bile/repair liver with taurine, choline, ox bile, ACV, artichoke extract, bitter melon, chanca piedra, Clark liver tea, trikatu, triphala, milk thistle. I also have been including plenty of healthy fats EVOO, coconut oil, avacado/oil. Also eat apples, eggs, beets daily for their affects on liver/bile. The chit hit the fan when I ate all the fish with an already stagnant liver.

I chose the Analytic Research Lab hair test over others because they give ideal reference ranges based on healthy/thriving individuals rather than just the range/average of all results like the others do. Apparently they also do not chemically "wash" the hair sample prior to analysis like many others do, which they claim can skew results. Now admittedly I did do that test almost a year ago so it probably time for a retest, but it is pretty expensive (around $150 I think) and Im wondering if that money isn't better spent on other supps/protocols/cleanses etc.

I have no doctor, the internet is my doctor now. They have all failed me. Every single one them (20 or so). Allopaths and naturopaths. Some wanted to help but lacked knowledge I guess, others were down right resistant and confrontational when questioned or when I brought them lab tests I had done myself. None suggested heavy metals, none suggested liver/bile issues, none suggested parasites, even though I had symptoms and indicators on my lab tests which I brought them and despite me suggesting these as possibilities. They do not know how or want to cure by digging down to a root cause, only by treating a symptom or two. The insult to injury comes when some suggest its all in the head. I could go into a big rant on whats happening with the medical industry in this country, but I wont because Im sure everyone on here sees it and is aware of it and its part of the reason people come to websites like this.

So I spend much of my time researching on the internet, nothing goes in or on my body now without doing my research first because of my past mistakes. The problem is it is very time consuming to sift through the information and decide what is good or bad information. I am grateful to have access to the internet in this modern age though, i cant imagine what people were doing before it existed, relying on their doctor for all their info (cringe) or sitting in libraries trying to sort through medical text books to find relevant information.

Thanks for the response. I guess we all have to navigate our own path, so the research continues.


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