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Re: Vit 'C' Exacerbating a Cancer
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Vit 'C' Exacerbating a Cancer

The idea that Vitamin C could assist the metabolism of a cancerous situation as opposed to assist in ending it, is relying on inferior or an incomplete study on the matter. (I think KMG is innocently passing on valuable, but incomplete info, encountered in her investigation of this disease. Which is only germane as a caveat if anyone is trying to eradicate a cancer by relying soley on a Vit C protocol, while neglecting to reverse metabolic causes of the tumor also).

Vit C (the third discovered (thus labeled 'C' after 'B'), essential (meaning humans cannot live without it) nutrient), is a molecule combining, among other attributes, two different actions(thus a super health molecule). It can reduce electrons in a gram negative, (pathogenic) (negatively charged membrane), organism encountered, thus killing it, and it can also donate electrons, thus changing a deconstructing 'free radical' (cation) atom into a balanced unharming state. Thus it is a good example of a true Redox molecule, one that reduces and oxidises.(Ionic Silver, O3 and H2O2 can only oxidise for example, and thus create, w each killing, deconstructing structures, aka 'free radicals', waste, rot. The process(aka reducing) of changing these harmful structures to harmless is aka alkalinizing, and its byproduct is in raising the environments PH (the hydrogen potential), increasing the potential for healthy cellular functioning). (BTW One of Z Bush's RESTORE molecule discovery specialnesses, is that while most all Redox molecules can only transfer or gain electrons once  for either or each, the carbon Redox molecule structure that he found in millinial old deposits, orginally created by bacteria, has the ability to affect transfer multiple times over. Combine that with its ability to provoke Intestinal and healthy body flora repopulation and this product stands out, worthy of investigating.)

A media source decrying the use of Vit C, even if based on research, by reporting that Vit C had increased a tumor size, would be misconstruing facts as we know them and missing the reasoning behind that result. Not considering the understanding of, as we now do (as incomplete as that may be presently), the mechanism of 'normal' and 'sub normal' cell health and divisioning, thus attributing the actions of high dose Vit C to a cancers growth as a final statement on Vit C use in cancer care, would be incomplete and missleading.

Since Vit C's functioning is as a required and normal part of our bodies processing, (internally synthesized in mega doses when ill or injured in all creatures but a few), to associate the addition of Vit 'C' in the mentioned way is similar to the findings of those who induce EM Field's and Frequencies to pathogenic organisms, intending dissolution but instead often findind the reverse.

The quandary to this(natural vit C or natural EMF's as promoter of tumor or pathogen health) is resolved by the more complete understanding and implications of how our cells function. And the more complete, than commonly known, information on how and why a cancerous cell mass is created, how it exists and how it's life cycle ends.(Non cancerous masses are far different in creation and metabolism).

Linking as example 'Vit C' and the EMFields for this explanation is based on each ones ability to donate energy and thus empower a cell system running on 'electricity'.

And tho a cancer tumor's cell's metabolic functioning is different then a 'regular' cell's, it is still running on electricity, and thus it is this which is being addressed and assisted, rather than eithers different metabolic style or life cycle effects on the overall biological system.

And thus the result of the added energy, to either a pathogenic micro organism, in the case of the E Field, or to the cell of a cancerous tumor, in the case of the added Vit C, can be interpreted and considered important, as mentioned by KMJ. Tho the implications of that interpretation would be incomplete and erroneous as to value, in either usage as protocol, unless cell metabolism(cancerous or non) is included in the analysis, hypothesis and determined medical protocol on the subject.

BTW This is in reference to cancer tumors not growths, since certain mass growths(cysts, boils ect) occur for different reasons than a cancerous tumor would (not withstanding that these growths may become cancerous, that would still be by more involved reasons than their original creation).


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