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Re: Renal Cyst
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Renal Cyst

Yes healthy fats vs the others like the toxic(canola or soybean), transformed(margarine, shortening, which are molecularly more like petroleum than our intended bio lipids), and any pasteurized dairy.(btw if we didn't know because of previous reports based on faulty science, saturated fats were not properly implicated in causing disease, and are very necessary for proper functioning).

One of the important elements is eating fat in the proper ratio of types. From short molecular length chains to the longer types. If we eat a predominant length, like only fish oil or only grain/seed oils, we frustrate our systems building processes due to lacking the other fats. Each type fits a need for our bodies building structure and it is best, if possible, to eat just the right amount of each one. Raw unpasteurized whole milk and marine plankton have the proper ratio of fats for our bodies.(They are both considered complete, vit mineral amino acid foods).

We should all be clear on the Iodine protocol and thyroid info. Lugols is cheapest (tho some of us cringe when we think of what we used to pay for it. 25$ a Qt). I use the Iodine Plus capsules.(This may be all you need to do to dissolve your cyst, but be sure to follow the advice on raising the amount slowly and taking the supplements).

CoQ 10 is an easy, but powerful assist for our cells health rejuvenation. It is associated with the production of ATP, the cellular chemical energy created by the mitochondria in each cell. It is this energy creating feature which most often reveals the state of our cells functioning. If our mitochondria can create ample energy our cells will process and reproduce efficiently. If our cellular energy production abilities are thwarted, the cells ability to function is lessened and problems will escalate from there.(no matter what therapy we introduce, unless it is promoting healthy mitochondrial activity it will be merely a symptomatic relief achieved).

One main reason why 'whole body'cellular energy production is lessened is thyroid dysfunction, for particular organ systems it is often infections or scar tissue blocking the bodies electrical circuitry. (and since emotions are EMF's they can also block our electrical circuitry, thus often emotional relief like laughter or therapies like EFT, rebirthing, ect will affect and promote recovery).

So while investigating thyroid and infectious predicaments, the CoQ10(give it a study) is a very good idea since it is going to boost cellular energy, (not a nervous system stimulant a mitochondrial output stimulant). It's really worth the money to add it to any health recovery protocol(cause its easy to take (there are newly advised protocols for this to get the most out of it too). It has successfully been used for cancer diagnoses treatments, at, as I mentioned, 500mg a day.

I figure, but havent read all your posts, that you either have tried or know about kidney cleansing herbs.

Again I would study what Tennant has to say about our biology and its needs and reasons for failure.

If I were you I would try to find the reason for the low voltage in your kidney/bladder circuit(often unrealized dental infection).

But independent of that I would add micro voltage to the kidney w either a BioModulator(but fairly expensive 3 to 5 K), a PEMF device of some kind, or using the PEMF device w an inexpensive microcurrent machine, or use just the microcurrent machine.

The reason why I mention using the PEMF with the microcurrent unit(there are YTubes on microcurrrent therapy, tho most are for cosmetic purposes), is that in placing the PEMF unit on the microcurrent unit, over the kidney, the PEMF units strong magnetic field, while stimulating health aspects in its own right, will also carry the microcurrent directly to the kidney and infuse the area with the current, assisting the, obviously, sub ATP producing cells to deal with the cyst.

The microcurrent device can also be used alone with skin patches placed on acupuncture or Shin Jin points for the kidney/Bladder circuit(not directly over the kidney because there is no entrance to the fascia circuitry there) and thus the electron field will enter and boost the circuit that way.

Tennant talks about Blood pressure in regard to all this too tho I'm not too informed except to say that he describes it in a more evolved and considerate way than conventional MDs. he says high BP is often cellular dehydration and if not directly related to water intake, perhaps due to a lifetime of a trans(plastic) fats diet, rebuilding our cell membranes and influencing our cells ability to channel properly.

He might advise some Nitric Oxide first(and that's another great not as often mentioned supplement for all of us) as this is the chemical which is part of the blood cell oxygen transport system thru our blood vessels. He also streses that the BP numbers are not being used correctly and that the understanding of our arterial structure and its health has a lot to do with properly diagnosing our BP state.

Lastly that product RESTORE seems to me to be another easy and potentially serious health addition for all of us, since its cell communication enhancing, its Intestinal tract and whole body flora restoring, abilities and effects are so wide reaching.

PS If you study further about this new parardigm on health and healing you will find that the potential for 'C' is another misunderstanding of conventional medical science, because its always potential, but never the grim reality they propose to us when we see how the Voltage/Oxygen environment controls the actuality of whether a mass becomes malignant or not. It's not familial or even mysteriously damaged genes, and acidification(cancer's low PH, Voltage Value, nursery) is, as you know from fasting, and now from this deeper study of human biology, a sign more easily dealt with than western medicine comprehends, rather than an uncontrollable element to fear. You might not be at the root of the exact location and origin of your predicament yet, but you are learning and exposing the culprit with each passing day.


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