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Please help me with my acne :)
Misty325 Views: 2,317
Published: 7 years ago

Please help me with my acne :)


I'm hoping someone on here can give me some advice for my Acne problem. I'm pretty depressed about it. I'm 27yrs old (female) and have been struggling with Acne since I was 11-12. I'm really exhausted over it. I've tried so much, even was desperate and went on Accutane when I was in high school.
I know it shouldn't, but it has prevented me from living my life to its fullest. So many times I stay inside because of my face. I cry about it all the time too. It has really done a number on me psychologically all these years. I would really appreciate ANY advice at this point. I'm sorry ahead of time for how long my post may be, I want to make sure I include everything I can. Thanks!

Current health problems
-Endometriosis (on vagina, left ovary, and colon). I had laparoscopic surgery for it about a year and half ago. The first surgeon I saw wanted to remove my ovary and colon, and parts of my vagina.... I RAN to get a second opinion. 2nd surgeon wanted to remove only part of my ovary and remove the rest of endo without harming organs. I went with the 2nd surgeon! Unfortunately, Endo returned 7 months after surgery with VENGEANCE! I couldn't leave the house for a month the pain was so bad. No matter what doctor I went to they all wanted to put me of pain meds (oxy...) and said there nothing else that can do except another surgery, what I have is "incurable". I refused the pain meds and on my own changed my diet, started acupuncture. My pain is almost 100% gone now. I do still have endo.
-Suffer from Ovarian cysts. I've had them since early high school. Most went away on their own. Have one now, am shrinking it naturally. One cyst needed to be removed through laparo surgery (same time as endo removal) because it grew to the size of a tennis ball. All cysts have always been benign.
-I STRONGLY believe I have PCOS but every time I ask a doctor to test me for it they dismiss it right away because I am not obese and have a regular cycle
-Allergic to benzoyl peroxide, gold, and shellac. (I try my best to avoid all)

Symptoms I'm dealing with
- Acne (only on face)
-Hirsutism (I hate this... :( . This also has affected my life)
-Hard for me to gain weight no matter how much/what I eat (I'm 5'2 and about 100lbs)
-Trouble sleeping, going/staying asleep. I've never slept well my entire life. My mom said even as a baby I was the same way.
-I have lots of energy in the morning and night. I crash in the middle of the day around 4pm-6pm. After, my energy goes back up again.
-Pain in joints. (palm of hands and knees)
-Any cut, pimple, scar, takes a LONG time to heal
-My husband and I tried to conceive for 9 months last year, had one early miscarriage.

Current diet
-no dairy
-no soy
-no alcohol
-rarely eat meat
-limit sugar
-limit gluten
-trying to eat raw first half of day
-trying to have lots of tea throughout day (green tea, raspberry leaf, yogi teas...)
- 2 scoops of Green Vibrance daily
- 500mg B5 daily
- 1-2 grams Inositol daily
- 500mg vitamin C daily
-I also take Great Lakes Collagen (green bottle) every morning

-Although my skin looks horrible and unhealthy, my head hair is and has always been super healthy and very long.
-I don't exercise much
-never have trouble with bowel movements. I go about 4 times a day. never constipated etc...
-I am under a lot of stress, a lot of people rely on me and it weighs heavy on me
-I currently use only vegan (non shellac) mineral foundation. no other makeup.
-I remove makeup with coconut oil, wash my face with lush herbalism, and then apply apple cider vinegar (diluted with water) to my face, every night.

Thanks again for taking the time to read all of this! I've tried a lot over the years to cure my acne but nothing :/.... I haven't yet tried the bowel/parasite/kidney/liver cleanses. Do you think this is a good place to start?

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