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Re: Major Demodex infestation. I worry I'm killing my skin when I try to kill the mites. Also feeling alone and scared and overwhelmed.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Major Demodex infestation. I worry I'm killing my skin when I try to kill the mites. Also feeling alone and scared and overwhelmed.

I am sorry to hear of your suffering. I hope this post can help you or someone else. I have been strugging with a terrible skin ailment for almost 8 years. Dermatologist have been utterly useless, so I've spent many years trying to figure out what in the world is going on with my body. These symptoms started when I turned 40 (and I am now a 48 year old female). I have had mild Acne over the years (only on my face), but these sores are all over my outer arms & legs, back, buttocks and jawline. The itch and pain are like nothing I have ever experienced. I am also now terribly scarred, but I thank my Lord that I am finally experiencing some relief! I really don't know 100% what I have, but I do feel like I am infested with some type of tiny parasite. The smallest scratch or even mosquito bite has the potential to turn into a sore that grows & won't go away for months. Something is horribly wrong with my immune system (I feel certain), but there isn't much help from the medical community. Studies show that demodex mites could contribute to Rosacea. The Antibiotic "Doxycycline" is prescribed for treating Rosacea, so I was able to get my primary care physician to let me try 100 mg. everyday for a year. When I started taking it, I had approximately 50 open sores all over my body. After 9 months, I have had as little as 5 to 10 open, oozing sores at one time (and for me-that is miraculous)!!! The smaller sores will heal first. The larger ones will take much longer, because they are the worst ones. I understand better than anyone that this itch (literally) makes you want to scratch your flesh off. You feel like you are being eaten from the inside out, because (truthfully) you are. What I do know about this condition is this: "IF YOU BLEED-YOU FEED". I could have a sore as tiny as my pinky fingernail and one scratch would send blood pouring down my back. I know that something is tragically wrong, but these doctors will not listen, because they can't fit it into their little diagnostic box. Don't give up "HOPE"! Through much prayer, God has given me some answers, and you can get back to living again! You are going to itch through this healing process, but you have got to try not to scratch. Rubbing your finger around the sore (in a circular motion) will help to bring some of this gunk to the surface. I also cover them with the sticky sheer part of a band aid (cut into small ovals to match my skin), because night time can be unbearable. I take an anti-histamine when I can't stand it anymore, but the key is keeping these sores dry. That is the opposite of how a normal sore will heal, but you aren't dealing with a normal wound. Even after they heal, you will experience horrible itching from the bacteria & such left inside the sore. Carry around some hand sanitizer & use a little to gently rub around the healed sore (until this stuff works its way to the surface). If you break the skin open again, the process starts all over again, and it is a vicious process that seems never ending. This ailment has effected me physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually, but my faith in God has helped me to move to the other side of this night mare. I continue to see improvement everyday, and someday soon hope to be completely sore free. I pray this information can help you find some relief.

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