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Re: BREAKING Root cause of adrenal fatigue discovered! Not stress or candida, it's listeria!
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: BREAKING Root cause of adrenal fatigue discovered! Not stress or candida, it's listeria!

Wonderful info!!

Really it is - wow - i love it when stuff comes full circle and makes more sense than ever before.

I'm not saying that ALL cases of AF/AI (primary or secondary) are caused by listeria - but certainly what seems universal is the 'delipidisation' of the glands!!

Which is remarkable - i was going to do a separate post on it, which is why i'm here after many months away trying new protocols....and the ONE major nutrient that has healed me the MOST - are the EFA's!! Essential fatty acids.

Dr Lam glosses over them - but by gosh - are they important.

Just last night i'm researching a pioneering doctor - Dr Revici - Einstein said he was the smartest man he ever met - he lived until 101 - was decades ahead of his time understanding diseased states - he used LIPID THERAPY to heal MAJOR diseases, from cancer to schizophrenia.

I'm trying to get to the bottom of the exact lipids he used and why - watch this space.

His main protocol using lipids was to repair the mitochondria - the membrane of each cell - needs GOOD lipids to function and supply the correct electrical charge to the cell so that the inner nutrients of the cell do their jobs properly and produce energy.
He used lipid therapy in ALL cases where fatigue was a major debilitating symptom.

He used the therapy on 90 year olds and reversed their ATP production and lipid health to that of a 30 yr old.

I tried fish oil - but urggh...the batch i had must of been bad - i had terrible migraines.
It's why i never bothered with taking omega 3 because of the headaches i would always get.

As a vegetarian/vegan (for some time 100% raw) i was not getting the amount of EFA's i needed through diet to truly heal.

So understand that i had a high omega 6 to omega 3 ratio going on in my body - for years.

I've just started taking UDO's Oil - and within DAYS my brainfog of 4 years has lifted!!!!
2 Tablespoons per day is current dose.

If you see my history on here i've tried many protocols, and i've been awfully ill to the point that i thought this would kill me, i had got so weak, imbalanced, i cannot express the dysbiosis i felt - i couldn't function, and at times could barely walk.

The ONE MAJOR NUTRIENT i was not focusing on ALL THIS DAMN TIME - has been EFA's!
Now of course, flaxoil contains a great amount of omega 3 but it's not the DHA form - it has to be converted to DHA - which i seem to be able to do.

Good quality fish oil - hard to find i know - but that is the pure DHA form of omega 3 and so you're getting a more potent form.

Apparently, KRILL OIL is the most potent, stable, clean supply of omega 3 available out of all the possibilities.

I plan to continue with UDO's and add a krill oil capsule 1 every 3 days.

When i learnt the etiology of EFA's being vital for hormone production i was floored.
So much research done on endocrine function but i have not come across the info about EFA's being so integral in hormone health.

I will post more about it with links of what i'm researching so all you fellow AFers can add that to your protocol.

Seriously guys, i'm floored by the benefits since taking UDO's oil - for just a few days!!

Lipid therapy is the missing link for me personally - i wonder how many others out there are also missing this link?


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