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Re: Aquaphor
danielxmiller Views: 3,219
Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Aquaphor

I check this site from time to time. To see if I can help anyone, whenever I am not super busy. I did say my last post was going to be my final post, but after reading what you just wrote about me, I have to say I was rather annoyed. More like I wanted to punch a wall for reading something so ignorant.

Before you talk about someone, please DO SOME RESEARCH before writing. What you are talking about is YEARS old information from my site. You clearly didn't go on it recently, meaning within the last 2 years, and if you did you obviously didn't read ANYTHING at all.

I made one cured video explaining everything. And then in October of last year I made a 2 year update video nit picking every single little thing I did EXACTLY to become healed. Just for people like you who keep trying countless different things. Obviously I tried tons of different things in the beginning because I had no idea what to do. But by the end I figured out exactly what I needed to do, and clearly you weren't around to see, because here I am 100% healed, NO WHITE "GUNK", no buildup, no peeling. Aquaphor was my savior, and it says EXACTLY why in the first post of this thread.

It's seriously so frustrating when you literally go through HOURS and HOURS of work to help people and here they are still crying because I had no idea what I was doing. If you can't do proper research then you honestly have no help of ever getting rid of this condition.

I wrote in BIG BOLD text on my site that leaving your lips alone DOES NOT WORK. I even took a screenshot of it for you here:

Since you clearly haven't watched my newest video, I invite you to watch it. And hopefully you can stop writing negative things about how carelessly I tried to become cured, and how I have no idea what I did.

The video is here:

I also talked a lot about my diet throughout my cure attempt and definitely mentioned it in this final video as well. I did change my diet yes. I quit eating tons of junk food, and I started eating healtier food. I also said I don't think it's a major factor in healing, but that it did play some role. You could probably eat Mc Donalds everyday if you truly wanted to and still become cured using my method.

I also never once gave the impression that leaving them alone was the cure to this. I said leaving them alone WHILE applying constant moisture (Aquaphor) was the key to solving this issue. That doesn't mean you'll be cured in a month, so people who try this and give up after a short term obviously won't be healed. it took me almost an ENTIRE YEAR. Of never once peeling my lips. Ever.

Enjoy the video. And please do some research before you talk bad about someone next time, because you just might not know what you're actually talking about.

Will my method heal everyone? Who knows. But it's healed me, and I've gotten countless emails since I made my newest video about how it's stopped peoples build up considerably, and can live half way normal lives while they are waiting for their lips to completely heal.

Have a great day,


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