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Re: My TMAU Test Results
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: My TMAU Test Results

Bro im the same as you i dropped out of uni in london i was in my 3rd doing my bahelors it just started randomly i left work my parents cousins friends everyone think im nuts i dont take subway now or bus i walk sometimes 9 miles till my kneecaps actually make cracking noises i used to go to religoius ceremonies Im muslim when i used to go mosque everyone will look at me i smell like garbage or shit i take 4 showers a day 8 times i brush my teeth women would look at me and say stuff like pissy pants whatever money i got would ho to 250£ worth of cologne very expensive all my clothes threw it out buy very expensive clothes i try to fit in once i bout on a friday evening 865£ worth of clothes and shoes to go out on saturday night my friends and i took a cab everybody started sniffing and start coughing i just got off and said i forgot something at home i just wanted to fuking kill something why me before i was a cool guy smelled really nice i had long hair masculine figurd now i shaved all my hair lost 45lb look so weak sycchotic look like im crazy second i step out everyone is looking at me like oh shit he smellz like absolute grbage/sewer i havent spoken to a girl in 6 months i dont have a job no university i cant even go dentist appointements once i had an appointement with my dentist i went 3 minutes into the my molar surgery the nurse assistant started gaging moaning wooah its smells like actuall crap in here they turned on the Air conditioner my actual dentist couldnt even subscribe me with my medications he was about to vomit.i was an amateur boxer at one point of my life no ive got nothing i started smoking ciggs like 2 20 packs a day then i started smoking weed when i smoke weed i start to smell x1000 worser one tims i smoked with two my best friends they said it smelled like shedp or catel shit i was about to break down i always carry perfume but it makes it worser i dont kno its like im cursed i have shower like 4 or 5 times a day my dad this im schzrophaniac like tottaly nuts but im not i dont kno i spend 1 hr 20 mins everyday doing routine of scrubbing its like im on crack i dont kno who ever thought id end up like this i had a great awesome life a boxer third year in uni i was studing political Science i used to be open now im even scared to look at the shop keepers. Eyes when i buy my ciggs coz hes holding his nose like im a f***ing dog if only he knew im a million times cleaner than him i dunno man its like we done something bad to deserve this like i never used to do bad to peopld now i have zero friends i would say i was quiet popular with my from all walks of life everyone in the neighbour hood now people say that stinking guy lost the plot and that im on heroin heavy stuff i dont kno my mum is my only hope and she cut me a ticket for like some tims off england so she booked me a ticket to egypt i just arrived 4 days ago and now its a lot worser and middle eastern people arent like people in europs theyre much open and come up to you and say here is some shampoo have a good bath and i say f*** off yesterday i went to get a sim card at the company stors it was packed with people i was waiting for my numeber ass soon as i walked in everyone started coughing and sneezing like there is soms sorta of a disease or a plague i dont kno i just stormed out of their coz everybody was just looking at me and blatantly were like this motherf***er smells like actual dog shit im im try go to an arab doctor to get this checked out ill see how it goes if not then im go back to london and see what wrong with me but i really sympathize with you bro well defiantely get through with this and get married get a career its just sadening how ignorant motherf***ers are because like seriously im wearing very expensive clothing line wearing expensivve shoes lates phone in my hand wouldnt i have atleast 15 mins to shower think mothercuckers think its a physical disease gosh people are just dumb like when i arrived to my rented apartment my mother rented out for me here in egypt the maid was therd giving me my apartment keys she just started coughin and sneezing and coverd her nose seriously shes very poor dirt all over her clothes its really dissapponting even this when time a homless man in london was walking past me with his dog and he started looking at me and coughing very had he was absolutely amazed from the way i smell he couldnt believe his eyes and hes a homeless man it just ruined my self esteem my confidence i got no futur i have deleted all my contacts no 1 of my past life kno where i am or what ive been through i even closed my face,twitter,instagram,skype etc .. everything i dont kno only solution is suicide and my religion islam its very bad and not permissable to commit suicide so thats out of the equation even tho i really think of it i just look back to my pictures when i was at amsterdam , brazil , germany ,sydney with mates my old girlfriends my previous life i think im a f***ing ghost sometimes i smell like actuall death i dont kno but ill see if i dont get medical help here in egypt then im going back to London then seek help there as the NHS there is very good i didnt think going to doctors theor beacuse i was too embarressed of the smell after the dentist situation i was pretty much denial but dont worry bro have faith trust me well rise above tbese hard time ,in my religoin we have trials and tribualtions the one who keeps calm in hard times will prosper to become great just have faith my fellow brother.

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