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Re: A Great Tip for BadBreath! Clean out those tonsil stones!

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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: A Great Tip for BadBreath! Clean out those tonsil stones!


I'm 38 and I have been dealing with the bad breath issue since I was 23. I never new what the cause was until 5 years ago when I couldn't stand the taste and smell that came out of my mouth anymore and went in with some dental tools that included a flashlight. When I pulled the flaps near my tonsils and lit that area up, I couldn't believe my eyes! I started removing "stones" one after the other. I spent nearly 3 hours in the bathroom doing this. When I was finally done it was as if a miracle happened. I washed out my mouth and my mouth tasted great. Happy, couldn't explain how I felt. I can finally speak to people without a care of turning them away or watching cover their nose. Unfortunately, this didn't last very long. Eventually they built up again.. and again... and again.

By this time, it had been my 5th year living in Orlando, Fl having moved from NYC and I developed allergies and chronic sinusitis with a deviated septum. I ended up going to an ENT and had an Endoscopy surgery done. Before and after the surgery I complained to the Dr. about my tonsillitis issue and even had him do an CT scan to see if something was stuck in my throat (I'm sure most people know that feeling). They found nothing. And he said "It is normal. Just rinse it off with a waterpik". So I went ahead and bought a waterpik and a nasal sinus irrigation system. Although it helped, it is nothing but a temporary fix. After researching this problem I found out that a lot of people have them (tonsils) removed and all of their issues were gone, some including: halitosis, post nasal drip, allergies and stuffy nose. I thought, WOW! THAT'S WHAT I'LL DO!!! YES! THIS NIGHTMARE CAN FINALLY BE OVER.

After begging my ENT doctor to remove my tonsils, this man had the nerve to tell me no. That procedure isn't done anymore because it's too painful for adults. I'm thinking. . f!@# pain! Pain is watching someone take steps back away from you when you talk. Pain is being and a friends gathering for some drinks and overhearing someone saying "his breath stinks" while you're in the bathroom. Pain is afraid to kiss your wife, watching her frustration and feeling undesired because you won't kiss her.
I thought this Doctor is nuts. But I was even crazier for listening to him and dealing with this issue for 5 years after learning the cause of the problem.

I finally went to a different ENT for a second opinion. I spoke nothing of my problem and just let him do his thing to see what he finds. Immediately after he opened my mouth and flashed the light in there he realized that I had a problem. He called it He also realized that I had GERD (which I already new I had and was self medicating with Zantac. However, my 1st ENT never even mentioned that issue to me). So I then started to tell him my issues and how I had a different ENT DR. and I wanted my tonsils removed and ow he wouldn't do it. This new Doctor said "yes, it is very painful in adults". He recommended I rinse and gargle with Cepacol, peroxide and water for 3 months until my follow up. He said if it doesn't improve we will have to remove them. I figured it is protocol since I'm a new patient and decided if I endured this issue for 2 decades I can surely handle 3 months. I've been doing the peroxide mixture way before this new Doctor recommended it and it helps a little. My tonsils are so bad that once a month I go through what I now call "my oral period", where my left tonsil actually leaks a white pus and for nearly 2 weeks I get in there with "my tools" and little by little squeeze it out. It-is-disgusting!

For now, I'm convinced that this new Doctor will solve this issue.

I'm glad you no longer have this issue.

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