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99.9% controlled with ASPIRIN... Jesus is Real – Praise His Holy Name
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Published: 7 years ago

99.9% controlled with ASPIRIN... Jesus is Real – Praise His Holy Name

Hello – I have not been on here for a while, but I have good news to report. FIRST, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ANSWER ALL OF THE INDIVIDUAL QUESTIONS, SO PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ THE INFORMATION BELOW AND/OR GO BACK AND READ MY PREVIOUS POSTS – BUT I WILL EXPLAIN EVERYTHING BELOW. Foremost, through PRAYER and FAITH I can report that I am able control this horrific, demonic condition that the enemy sent to destroy my life. This is a scripture that I have held onto and believed - Psalm 103:3: “who forgives all your sins

Up to this point, I have been able to minimize the odor by 60-80% through lifestyle changes and very specific regimens (see below), but about a month ago I accidently discovered that aspirin knocks the odor out completely. I took aspirin over the course of a few days for headaches and noticed the odor, which is voracious during my period, was not present. I had to think about what I had done differently, and it was take aspirin! I started experimenting and noticed when I stopped taking the aspirin and loaded up on meat, the odor would come back. If I don’t eat my trigger foods (seafood and beef) and adhere to a healthy lifestyle, the “aspirin affect” lasts quite a while. I can go several days, possibly a week (potentially longer) after taking just one dose of aspirin, when I keep up all of the other lifestyle changes. Please be very careful if you plan to try this. Aspirin can be and is dangerous for some people and can’t be mixed with some medications – so please do not over do it and check with your doctor first. I am only sharing this because it has brought some healing and relief and I know the desperation that TMAU brings. You have to make sure your bowels are cleaned out and you are not eating excessive amounts of your trigger foods and drinking lots of plain water to keep the fluids flowing and the build up of choline in the body, down.

I am doing research to try to figure out why aspirin works – but as some of you may already know, the synthetic aspirin that we buy over the counter, originated for a natural source, willow bark and has been used for hundreds of years. So far what I have learned is that salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin, is used topically for certain types of Body Odor , so it is probably doing something internally to effect TMAU (salicylic acid can be made naturally in the body from certain foods). I am hypothesizing too, that since aspirin thins the blood, it is keeping the blood build-up of choline thinned out and moving out of the body. In general, aspirin is an anti-inflammatory, so it is most likely is working on conditions associated with inflammation in the body. I also learned that salicylic acids is transformed into coumaric acid or coumarin (??) in the body, which is a natural vanilla smelling compound and I will say that in general, I just smell better all over after taking aspirin, not only is the fishiness gone, but the “sourness” that I seem to have from compounds breaking down in my body. My body temperature also feels cooler and I am not as sweaty. I was surprised to learn from Wikipedia that at one point, some scientists wanted to treat salicylic acid as a micronutrient and label it as a “Vitamin S” – can you believe that! Wikipedia info on salicylic acid: gets better! I continued researching and found out that Activated Charcoal that TMAU suffers are encouraged to take to control the odor, is sometimes made from Willow Bark. Isn’t God is amazing ....hallelujah!!! So I guess the reason Activated Charcoal may work well for some but not others, is that they lucked up and got the kind that is made from willow bark (natural aspirin). Activated charcoal is also made from sources other than willow bark.

My next step is to move away from OTC, synthetic aspirin and start experimenting with natural willow bark to see if I can get the same results and I am assuming yes. Remember, please be careful with aspirin, synthetic or natural. Aspirin is a drug and can be dangerous or even deadly.

I am believing God for complete healing of this condition. I pray too that He heals you of this condition as well. Don’t give up – ever! God loves you and wants the very best for you and this condition is not His best. I don’t know why we had to be stricken with this, but this is not of God. Keep praying, keep believing, and keep working on yourself physically and mentally. It is not one size fits all. I read somewhere that it takes time for the body to get rid of the smelly tissue and regenerate new, odor-free tissue in the gut or just in the body in general. We have had this condition for years, so internally the tissues are reeking of TMA. Cleanse, detox, hydrate, or do whatever you have to do to start the process of getting rid of the old, stinky tissue and change your lifestyle to start regenerating, new, clean-smelling tissue and maintain it!

Recap of lifestyle and dietary changes to control the odor 60% -80% of the time (without aspirin).

1. Sleep (it is good and restorative)
2. Intense exercise to get the heart-rate up and sweating (keeps stagnation away and lymph, the garbage dump for the body, moving through the system, plus it helps with anxiety)
3. LOTS of water – double the body weight in ounces (we are 60-70% water and we need it, plus it keeps the bowels moving and lymph flowing so that TMA won’t build up in the body)
4. Whole foods (the body has to work more with processed foods to break them down and move them out of the body – which of us needs that when our bodies have to deal with a build up TMA and getting rid of that? Cooked vegetables are good for me. When I do eat processed foods, I read the label to make sure there is no soy or soy lecithin or at least, make sure it is towards the end of the ingredient list. It is in EVERYTHING!)
5. Vitamins and minerals (I use a food based multiple from MegaFood that doesn’t have iron. It seemed that iron caused my fishiness to increase. I also take an extra B vitamin complex that doesn’t contain choline or inositol – “Megafood Unstress” is the formula I use. I am mainly after the B2/riboflavin, but I don’t want to throw all of the other B vitamins out of whack with mega-dosing B2. And as you know, that is the vitamin part of the defective enzyme that TMAU suffers do not make enough of and for me, extra B2 helps. In addition, I also take a Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium blend from MegaFood. It helps with my digestion, plus calcium and magnesium are the two of the most abundantly present and used minerals in the body. It is good to alternate days or when I have missed a few days, I will just take them altogether. OR when I know I am going to be around people, I take all of them together and drink lots of water so it can be dissolved properly and dispersed throughout my system. If not, I will just smell like vitamins, which I will take over fishiness any day! But do drink lots of water when you take these. Lastly, my Vitamin D level is low, like most Americans, so I take a liquid D3 – 4000 IUs per day from Carlson. PLEASE USE YOUR OWN DISCRETION OR WORK WITH YOUR DOCTOR TO GET YOUR VITAMIN AND MINERAL LEVELS CHECKED. THIS IS WHAT WORKS FOR ME AND I AM JUST SHARING TO HELP ANYONE WHO MIGHT GET SOMETHING FROM THIS.

6. Magnesium Citrate (this is a laxative to get EVERTHING out. I will use 1 ½ to 2 tablespoons of the powder and I will go for about 3 days. You can cut down on the amount for a less intense bowel movement. Some people take it daily. I have recently switched over to the ready-made solution you can buy at the drug store or grocery store. It tastes better and not as harsh as the concoction I mix at home with the powder. I only use the CITRATE form of magnesium and nothing else.)
7. Senna Tea – (another product to get the poop out. I don’t use it regularly)
8. Enema (I will do an enema to cleanse the rectum; especially on days when I am constipated or will be around a lot of people. Sometimes I will do a colonic for an overall intestinal cleanse, but enemas are good for cleaning the rectum, where a lot of the leftover poop will hang out. Make sure when you are cleaning yourself, clean the inside of the rectum by sticking the toilet paper as deep as you can go inside and wipe. The same when you bathe – stick the towel in as deep as you can go and clean. I use to wipe the rectum and thought I cleaning everything, but their was still residue and when you sit for too long, it will become stinky)
9. Lexapro antidepressant (for Depression and increased serotonin circulation in the body –please read my post on this....I learned about antidepressants and Body Odor on curezone // - but in short, serotonin is needed in the gut for motility and other than the brain, the gut produces lots of serotonin). For me, the generic form of Lexapro doesn’t work, which is escitalopram nor do any other antidepressant. But it tremendously help reduce the odor and I am not sure of the exact method, but it worked and emotionally I feel better. It is expensive, even with insurance, but it is worth it and I take daily. I am not sure when I will stop taking it.
10. Sebamed – (it is a slightly acidic soap and has helped tremendously to control my condition)
11. Head and Shoulders Shampoo or some type of soap that contains zinc oxide for dandruff (great to get odors out of the scalp. I will sometimes use it as soap – do not use in the vaginal area. I started using this because someone posted here that they used it like soap for Body Odor and it worked for them)
12. Clip toenails and get pedicures regularly to reduce stinky feet. Go to someone who will do a good job of soaking your feet and takes their time scraping off the dead, smelly skin where many odors from other parts of the body settle
13. Always Panty Liners with Odor Lock – (no other brand helps control moisture from sweating and locks in the odor. I have used other brands and they just smell like a sweaty panty liners)
14. Castor Oil (occasionally I will put castor oil in and around the rectal area before going to bed. This is where a lot of the odor comes from for me. The castor oil will help produce a bowel movement as well as deodorize the area. Make sure to clean the area thoroughly before leaving the house. I would recommend doing an enema early, before you leave home to get all of the oil out/off, because it can cause leakage. I DO NOT TAKE CASTOR OIL INTERNALLY (orally). For an internal cleanse I use the Magnesium citrate or Senna Tea as I explained earlier.
15. Therabreath mouth wash and toothpaste (I was surprised to learn that this product contains castor oil and putting castor oil directly on stinky areas help)
16. If you have a desk job, get up and move at least every hour...a quick walk. For some reason, when I sit too long, longer than 2 hours, the smell gets worse. I assume that the gut contents are settling and building up because of the position I am in. Also, try to drink 8-10 ounces of water each hour to keep the fluids moving throughout the body. Drinking water helps me smell better.

God Bless you!

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