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Re: ✮ Could I have Parasites or Lyme disease? Undiagnosed looking for answers. Lost. 17 Y/O ✮ ✮
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: ✮ Could I have Parasites or Lyme disease? Undiagnosed looking for answers. Lost. 17 Y/O ✮ ✮

I have had a similar experience when I was 17 except I wasn't drinking heavily, I was smoking a lot. When I gave up smoking I was dealing with emotional problems and one day I woke up and it felt like a switch in my head was unplugged. I didn't understand what was going on and I after going to doctors and having them tell me there was nothing wrong, I believed them as my condition developed into fibromyalgia. It kept getting worse until I was put on Cymbalta which took me to a whole new level of pain, but I didn't realize it until a year later bc SSRIs screw with your head. I'm 19 now and am finally recovering from it all. I made some major steps in my life to take back my health but first was diet. I won't get into detail but my diet was horrendous, I first removed processed foods like fast food, chips, candy, soda(basically anything that wouldn't have existed 70 years ago), I stopped cooking my meals with the microwave and tried cooking all of my meals fresh, then I became a vegetarian which made me feel a lot better, but then I went vegan(it's a lot easier then you would think, please educate yourself about what the American meat and dairy industry is really about), and I felt like the old me before my early sysmptoms of fibro started. I also am detoxing my body(esp my liver, colon, and kidneys), and dealing with past emotional blockages.

I suggest you first clean up your diet, I think one of the main things that is helping me recover is eating around 50-75 percent of my diet as raw organic fruits and veggies. It's cheaper then you would think and you can get them from places like Farmers Markets, Co ops, Whole Foods(although it's generally more expensive then other places I've been to in my town). You can do what ever you want with your diet, but personally for me, I try to eat all of my food as undenatured as possible, the way it comes out of the earth(raw veggies aren't for everyone, some people do better with cooked/steamed).

Second, I recommend you read a book called Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvination by Andreas Moritz . It has a huge amount of valuable knowledge to anyone dealing with health issues, especially his method of doing something called a liver flush. Basically, a Liver Flush is done by prepping a week in advance, only eating as a vegan, avoiding fats starting the day before on the 6th day, and drinking 32 oz of fresh organic apple cider/4oz of raw apple cider vinegar a day up until the 7th day. Then, you go through a procedure where you eat very lightly up until 2 and you fast, then at 6pm and 8pm you drink a mix of Epsom Salts and water then at 10pm you drink a mix of olive oil and grapefruit juice which will cause your liver and gall bladder to purge cholestorol stones, which Andreas thinks(thought, he passed away not to long ago) is the root or at least part of the root of all disease. I was skepitcal at first, esp after hearing the nay sayers tell me it doesn't really do anything. After trying the flush myself, and having the remnants of the extreme fibromyalgia and Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome I lived with disappear over night, I can't say enough good things about it.

Third, you have to learn to deal with past emotions. No body goes on a binge drinking spree for no reason what so ever, whether you needed an outlet from school or stress, peer pressure, addictive personality, what ever the cause it has put you in the situation you are in. Emotional Trauma doesn't just leave the body, it is stored in your subconscious. A good way to deal with it is to just talk about it with someone who is close to you, who you can really trust, or someone who relates to your situation. Also, I think Binaural Beats help tremendously, here's the link for I guy on Youtube I like, I think his are really good, almost second to none.

Those were just a few from his channel I thought would help but he has many more, you have to listen with headphones and make sure you use the right side.

4th. Detatch yourself from useless technology. If something isn't helping you educate yourself and learn who you really are(something highschool could and will never do nor be able to teach you, then it isn't helping you. That said, you should ditch your TV, Netflix account, Facebook etc(esp your TV, though I don't know if you own one, just in general).

4th. Spend more time outside in the real world. Go get some sun on, vitamin D is VERY IMPORTANT(your body has to make it, not the stuff in supplements or food additives ). If you live up north a sun lamp might help. Sungazing and grounding your feet on the earth is very helpful too. Meditating is as well(basically, try 20 minutes a day, if you don't have time to meditate you should meditate an hour a day).

I hope anything I just wrote resonated with you and helped you innerstand what you are going through and what you can do to help. If I could highlight anything I just wrote, I would say Liver Flush, Whole Foods Vegan diet(giving up wheat products might help too, not that you are celiac, it's just gluten is hard to digest), Detox, Dealing with Emotional Trauma and repressed emotions, throw out your TV, get out in the sunshine.

Sorry if it comes of as over personalized, too much info, etc. If you are going through what I was 2 years ago I only wish to help, because I know how painful it can be to watch your life collapse around you and be left feeling like there is nothing you can do about it. Have doctors say there's nothing wrong with you, and to go on with life. If you do have Menengitis I hope you get that fixed, but if not, then I hope you do take into consideration some of the things I just mentioned. Hope everything works out for you :)

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