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Re: Does acidophilus cause dental plaque?

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Does acidophilus cause dental plaque?

I just want to say that the website "" is the worst source of information on the internet. If you want to stay sick, listen to her advise. I never saw such a concentration of junk Science in one place in all my life. Below are direct quotes from her webpage dealing with yeast infection (

Many researchers and scientist throughout history have proved that germs, bacteria, fungus (including candida), cancer, etc. are the result of the poor condition of the body, and that the body itself creates them as needed.

These researchers saw tiny microbes change into bacteria, and then the bacteria changed into fungus/yeast, and finally the fungus changed into cancer.

The purpose of bacteria and fungus are to "clean up" garbage, toxins, waste, etc. found anywhere in Nature. As needed, they change into bacteria, and then into different kinds of bacteria, and finally into fungal forms like candida/yeast and cancer, when bacteria are not able to do the clean up necessary. To claim they are the "cause" of disease is like saying "flies cause manure piles," or "firemen cause fires".

In other words, germs, bacteria, fungi (including candida and cancer) and everything in-between are the "result," and not the "cause", of disease! If "germs" are there as the result, not the cause, then to treat germs with Antibiotics (toxins) is in fact very wrong! Unfortunately, this misconception about disease affects all aspects of modern medicine today.

Louis Pasteur created the Germ Theory of Disease, yet he proved to be a fraud and an impostor, who stole other researchers' ideas and forced his beliefs on the medical community.

Such die-off symptoms are "Herxheimer reactions," also called Herx reactions. However, die-off symptoms and "Herxheimer reactions" "assume" that the Germ Theory of Disease is true, so the medical field had to fabricate (make up) such terms in order to make us believe Antibiotics were actually killing off bacteria, however, that isn't at all true!

The term "Herxheimer reaction" was fabricated by Karl Herxheimer (1861-1942) and Adolf Jarisch (1850-1902), also known as the "Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction." The reason the term was created was in order to describe what occurs when large quantities of toxins are released into the body as viruses, bacteria, candida, etc. die-off when treated by Antibiotics or antifungal drugs, antifungals, etc. that "supposedly" kills them off.

"They claim" antibiotics cause bugs to die, i.e. be killed off, which causes bugs to release large numbers of toxins faster than the body can remove the toxins by natural detoxification processes. They also say: "Such reactions includes fever, chills, headache, muscle pain, cold-like and flu-like symptoms with increased mucus, and an increase in skin rashes and eruptions." But note this! They also say "The intensity of the reaction reflects the intensity of inflammation present." NOTE: That statement is your biggest clue to the truth! Of course the medical field "had to dream up" something that explains such adverse reactions to antibiotics!

The Truth About Die-Off Symptoms & Herxheimer Reactions

The truth is that die–off symptoms and Herxheimer Reactions are not caused by bugs being killed off or dying. What is actually happening in the body is in the statement above, i.e. "The intensity of the reaction reflects the intensity of inflammation present." The fact IS that inflammation is a natural immune system reaction to the presence of toxins, and antibiotics and antifungal drugs are toxic/poisonous to the body! Therefore, any symptoms and reactions are caused by the body itself, which is evidence it is working trying hard to detoxify Antibiotic toxins.

Such symptoms and reactions are "NOT caused" by killing off bugs at all. They are created by the body in response to toxins/poisons like it reacts to any kinds of toxins or poisons, therefore such reactions are because of being poisoned!

The woman is so deceived as to not recognize that pathogens can and do cause disease. And this business about how bacteria can change into yeast and cancer. Crazy talk. What does the cancer look like? Avoid this lady like the plague.

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