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Cured of candida with high fat diet
dannydread Views: 23,979
Published: 10 years ago

Cured of candida with high fat diet

Hello there

I was very active on this forum some years ago as i was summering from high intensity symptoms related to candida infestation. I had pretty much given up on ever really fixing this problem.

Then i met a german nutritionalist and sought advice from him. His suggestion was that i went on a 10 day cream fast. I had been a vegan for many years in the past and was not really into dairy but somehow was open to his suggestions. I followed his advice and took part in a 10 day cream only diet. This was in India so the quality of cream was not even so good.

The purpose of this diet was to again train the body to go to fat as a source of fuel. During these days the body goes into a state of ketosis where fats are processed as the primary source of fuel.

These 10 days for me were revolutionary!!! In this 10 days i felt none of my normal symptoms, no bloating, no gas, no body odour, mainting energy levels and no cravings for any carbs or sugar!!!! After the completion of the initial 10 days i saw that my body had indeed switched to being able to process fats as a primary source of power. This changed my entire life and body!!!

In practical terms for me it means for breakfast i eat no high carb fruits with cream and I am now recently also adding other sources of fat such as butter and other other high fat foods.

I wouldnt mix the cream with dried fruits or banana for example. I live a lot in india and my favourite combo is papaya and cream!!



If carbs or Sugar are consumed with the fat the body takes that as the primary fuel and stores the fat for later ( this is why so many people are over weight ). The problem is not eating too much fat, it is eating fats in the wrong way and the body not being used to processing the, As a child we feed on breast milk which is the most optimum source of these fats. I see now that from the moment we stop to breat feed we spend a life time looking for a good source of fat.

The reason that this is so related to my candida is that when the body cannot process fats it will always need carbs and Sugar as fuel and this also feeds the candida and other related parasites and things i had. Now i have no cravings and the best bit is that when i do indulge in carbs and Sugar and simply eat the cream in the moring and allow the body to process that. This can be sped up by combining the consumption of fats with viguorus excercise. This seems to speed up the bodies processing of prioritisation of the fats.

My diet and life has changed beyond recognition. I eat more fat ( as well as a good balanced diet of fresh fruit and veg ) then most people yet i am entirely lean!! We have been mis educated and lied to by main stream food providers for too many years. My symptoms have totally gone!! no skins rash, no bloating, great energy levels and a total relaxation of my thought process and cravings around food.

In tibet they drink butter tea and now i understand why. The fat is the best source of energy for humans. Like a slow burning, steady oil lamp instead of dry straw thrown on a fire as is the case with sugar and carbs.

I needed to share this as i really suffered for so long with these candida symptoms. I teied all of the diets and all of the supplements, i tried all of it and then gave up. That seems like another life time ago now.

This year i see more and more posts online regarding the benefits and Science of this diet and i see how it is directly linked to this condition.

I dont know if i have time to be active in this forum but i needed to share this vital information.

Step 1. Go on a cream only ( best is organic for sure but the fat is the important thing ) diet for 10 days.
Step 2. Continue by adding a source of cream and other fats into the diet.
Step 3. Always eat separate from sugar.
Step 4. Give it a few weeks and see what happens. Retrain the bosy to run on what it has always been designed to.

I hope this can be of benefit to some people.

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