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My opinion, experience and help for all mental illnesses
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Published: 11 years ago
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My opinion, experience and help for all mental illnesses

I have also noticed this tendency and the owner of a bar frequented by Lanza's mother said the mother said she was having a lot of problems with him the last few months and that he definitely was on drugs from the doctor.

I took 14 antidepressants, mostly SSRI anti-depressants as an adult over a 15 years period.

when the last an MAO inhibitor threw me in the hospital, I decided to stop all these doctor prescribed drugs.

This was before the black box warning and before doctors knew the dangers of increased suicidal ideation and action as well as homicidal thoughts/actions. but the film food matters confirms that the drug companies knew and hid it. I believe one can download this movie free at

During this 15 years, I had clinical depression and an extraordinary amount of constant problems and tragedies, so I never linked the way I was feeling tot he drugs I was told were meant to help me.

I was suicidal every single day for 15 years and not just a little, intensely almost bizarrely so.

I eventually got to the point where I rationalized away even the pain my children would feel if I act red on my impulses to commit suicide. This was not typical for me as I always put my children first and was an excellent mother.

When I quit all these drugs from the doctor, within a few days to a week *(whatever the half life of the drug was) ALL suicidal ideation went away--for 8 years. Went form every day to NOTHING. I was still depressed and still had a bunch of problems nearly every day and many serious ones but not suicidal thoughts to battle each day.

It is thanks to class action lawsuits and the brave testimonies of the parents and loved ones of victims or victims themselves before a congressional hearing that the danger  of these drugs is labeled at all.  here are some of the sad and horrific testimonies. with a search one can find others. I know from personal experience that these drugs change one's thinking and it is very hard to resist these thoughts.

When reports started coming out on kids and young adults killing themselves and others, I began to suspect my suffering was due to the drugs,,.when I heard some adults also had this, I knew it was the drugs scaring me from ever taking them again and most to all drugs as well.,,even over the counter ones.

I also heard they cause permanent brain damage to the neuro transmitter receptor sites (the anti-depressant drugs). shock therapy which they pushed but I refused, has caused people to have such memory loss that they have forgotten heir own children and how to do their jobs and thus lost them. Anti-psychotic drugs cause tardive dyskinesia and brain shrinkage (brain shrinkage can be slowed with aerobic exercise)

After 8 years I had a lot of problems and got suicidal again this time while not under the influence of these antidepressant drugs and the ideation was much less intense, overbearing and bizarre in nature and a lot more bearable.

Dr Peter Breggen mentions a study one on two groups of depressed people.

the results were that the group of depressed people taking anti-depressant drugs have increased suicidal ideation/thoughts and more suicides as well as exacerbated depressions than the group of depressed people taking nothing.

I highly suggest his books--some for specific problems and some in general\

Also look into the testimonies at on the healing on the hallelujah diet

I would also add juice fasting and lots of fresh juices, green juices and green smoothies (drink fresh juices within 20 minutes and make fresh each time don't refrigerate take with no food or pulp on empty stomach for best results and for smoothies one can refrigerate for 2 or 3 days. When fresh juices are consumed with no food or pulp, the vital elements then go to healing and repair and not mainly to digestion as absorbed rapidly.

See for more on green smoothies,. I recommend her books green for life and green smoothie revolution for diverse green smoothie recipes.

Finally do colon cleansing when depressed as this helps according to Schulze.

I also recommend fish oil or omega three in the diet at least 3000 to 6000 mg.

The best vegan source is chia seeds (salba has a whopping 2400 mg or so a tbs and since no taste easily to mix with a wide variety of foods.

Sources of omega three fats are deep sea cold water fatty fish like mackerel, salmon, herring and sardines (can be canned or wild caught but not farm raised).

Also flax seeds (ground), flax seed oil (store in freezer, chia seeds, raw walnuts, and purslane
  At the same time reduce bad fats like trans fats, hydrogenated fats, saturated fats (some of the vegan ones are OK like raw coconut oil) and most unsaturated fats.

You want the balance of omega 6 to 3 to be 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 not 50 to 1 like most Americans. The imbalance of fat and the wrong fats can cause chemical imbalances by making the neuro-receptor transmitter sites less flexible so the neurotransmitters cannot go to the next neuron and thus they build up in the synaptic gap an cause a chemical imbalance. It could take up to a few years before it reverse so don't quit. Make this a permanent lifestyle change.

I also like the idea for the peace army for people with mental illnesses by someone I know Bruce a schizophrenic with a big heart that although does use drugs when needed, uses a lot of love and service and caring



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