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Re: Skin fungal infection caused by metal poisoning from orthodontic braces?

Protozoa, Amoeba, Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Skin fungal infection caused by metal poisoning from orthodontic braces?

Thanks for the book recommendation o2. I totally agree with you after doing my research on the subject and reading all these testimonies of people with braces. Here's my results after my treatment:

Good news,

After a couple of weeks of treatment with the herb complex I mentioned above mixed with coriander tisanes the fungal infection is gone, a week after taking it I found a fungus colony in my stool (a big black stain) and after that the fungal patches on my skin started to heal, so most definitively the diagnosis was right. Anyone going through similar symtomps should consider metal poisoning as one of the reason of them and start chelating and killing any fungal intestinal infection they may have.

Having researched more on metal poisoning from braces I found some pretty serious testimonies from people that have had problems even worse than mine from their braces and two of them given by physicians and an environmental engineer. After reading these testimonies I'm seriously considering to remove my braces before my condition gets worse because now all the pieces are starting to fit. In a biorresonance test I've had months ago revealed problems with my hypothalamus, skin, bladder and teeth, the doctors didn't know at the time what could be originating these problems but from the testimonies the braces are the most probable cause.

Any person considering putting stainless steel braces should take these into heavy consideration, I wish I would have known all this before starting my treatment.

EXPERIENCES taken from

My experience dates back almost 20 years when braces had higher levels of nickel in them, than what they have today. My sister, age 9, had braces put on on a Monday afternoon. 16 hours into her braces treatment she started to exhibit signs of lucidity, impaired thought process, weakness and vomiting. She progressively worsened throughout the day. Late hours of the evening she started to lose consciousness and was taken to the emergency room. Her heart rate was accelerated, persistent vomiting and liver dysfunction followed. Within 3 hours of being admitted to the ER, so passed away from cardiac arrest. Several autopsies were performed by State labs.
It all pointed back to the high levels of nickel in her blood system. She suffered from an undiagnosed hypersensitivity to metal that escalated her metal poisoning. It was only in recent years that I also found I too have the same hypersensitivity, after collapsing from a temporary crown that was in my mouth. The repeated exposure (about 14 hours) caused my body to go into shock, seizure, and lose coordination, paralysis and impaired state.
I work in the healthcare field and have since come to realize that metal allergies and sensitivity are so often misdiagnosed. After talking to colleagues in the field, many ER doctors, they admit they probably would not put these symptoms to a heavy metal poisoning diagnosis.
There are now tests that your dentist can perform to test your metal sensitivity. If your child is young or you are unsure if you are sensitive, I would ask for such test. I know that the Clifford Test is one such test and although it might not be a common test to be performed, it has literally saved my life!
I have done hours upon hours of research on metal toxicity and it is nothing to mess around with. If I knew back then what I know now, perhaps my sister would still be alive!!!
These types of allergies and reactions are so often misdiagnosed. You have to be an advocate for your own health!!
I have worked as an environmental engineer for over 22 years. If I would visit a facility that was storing metal outside, even stainless steel, the facility would be required to monitory the stormwater for metals. Under wet conditions metal ions leach. In acidic-wet conditions, metals ions leach more readily. What will happen to metal in your mouth??
I am curious. My 17 year old daughter has metal braces. She has had them for 5 years now. In that time, she has been diagnosed with type I diabeties and epilepsy. Can the braces have a negative affect of her?
Concerned mom
I too have a daughter that developed seizures within six months of getting braces - 5 1/2 years ago. I just recently realized that the two events occurred so close together. She was a perfectly healthy, happy little girl and then started having seizures out of the blue. They were worse at first, but now she just has absence seizures - she still has her braces. I truly believe that there has to be something causing the seizures. When I tried to mention this to her neurologist he wouldn't even consider it.
I'm 17, live in England and I have had almost exactly the same symptoms as Jim in the first post. I had my braces put on for about 2 years, after 6 months i started suffering from anger problems and severe depression, which is completely different to how i used to be. I had councelling and anger management which didn't really help, it was blamed on my hormones and personal issues. Further on into the 2 years I've had serious short-term and long-term memory loss (forgetting weeks of my life). I have recently had my braces removed a week ago, so hopefully i'll return to normal, my anger seems to of gone but my memory has been constantly getting worse. I've had blood tests but nothing unnormal has been found. Atleast i now know i'm not the only person going through these things.
I have just spent 3 + years working to get my daughter well- 6 operations later, many many many medical and alternate appointments later we found the immediate cause was the BONDED RETAINER - which we were told by all "no one can be allergic too" as it was white gold... After years of serious infections, chronic fatigue, basically non-functioning from 14 years to 17 years old.. The bonded retainer was removed as a last resort. My daughter's health improved miraculously within 24 hours! And continued to improve for some months. She currently has setbacks because of previous infections and possible metal poisoning from the braces that went undetected at the time. Looking back and now from what we have learnt - She had a ruptured appendix 2 months after the braces were put on and her health gradually declined. 2 months after her bonded retainer was put in.. she had massive pneumonia... that was August 08.. and continued to be seriously ill for years, had infected adenoids operated on, More Ent surgery for sinus infections, oral surgery for infected teeth, tumors in jaw and sinuses.... sadly the list goes on and on. Basically prior to braces she was a very healthy robust child. Braces appeared to weaken her immunity then the introduction of a new metal (the white gold that no one can be allergic too).. tipped her immunity over the edge.

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