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Skin fungal infection caused by metal poisoning from orthodontic braces?
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Published: 11 years ago

Skin fungal infection caused by metal poisoning from orthodontic braces?


This is my 2nd message just new to this forum and I feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of subforums here. I think this is the best subforum along with MMS support, Dental support and Toxic Mold to post my questions but if you find it will suit better in another I will appreciate any advice. Weeks ago I went to the doctor to check a strange rush that appeared in dotted lines all along my torso; from chest to hips. The doc confirmed that it was a fungal infection. It appears as rows of pink patches of damaged skin, slightly eroded. Investigating the reason for an acute fungal infection in someone relatively young and healthy (30 y.o.) I found that the most probable reason is the stainless steel orthodontic braces I wear since eight months ago.

Nickel is one of the main components of the stainless steel of these braces. Here's what Dr. Hulda Clark says about high nickel levels in our bodies:



Nickel, vanadium, gold and ruthenium have a different history. They do not belong to our bodies. They belong to primitive life forms, like yeast, bacteria, fungus and parasites that use them in their enzymes, but live in us. Nickel is built into their urease enzyme.

They eat filth, such as ammonia (the vapor of urine). Ammonia is toxic to more recent life forms like us. We and other mammals have a set of enzymes with the special job of changing all ammonia quickly to urea, which is not toxic. The liver and kidneys make most of it. Our eliminations and excretions then get rid of the urea. And there is always a bit left in the blood, called BUN on the blood test. For bacteria and fungus to “clean up”, namely feed on, animal excretions in Nature, in the fields and streams, their urease enzyme must go to work to break these urea molecules apart again, back to ammonia. This gives it all a stench and we sense its presence so we can stay away from it. But the ammonia provides valuable nitrogen for them, making their life possible. The element nickel is present in each urease molecule. It is their key to survival.

Chromium, along with nickel, has been rated as a top metallic carcinogen (cancer-causer) for decades. Its deposits accumulate in the intestine wall to feed the yeasts there. It feeds staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria, besides yeast. Possibly for this reason staph, streps and yeast are often seen together in tumours, especially in breast cancer. In “well” people it causes overweight and high blood sugar. Check yours.

Nickel supplies bacteria and fungus with their needed element to make the urease enzyme. It accumulates in the prostate and in the scalp at the hair roots! The prostate and scalp get infected and inflamed. The scalp goes bald and the prostate enlarges from chronic inflammation. The prostate invites parasites from the nearby colon and cancer has its opportunity.

Pathogens which use nickel in their metabolism

Aspergillus (fungus) – cobalt, chromium, nickel

Clostridium - nickel, cobalt

E. coli – vanadium, molybdenum, manganese, chromium, nickel

Streptococcus G - Chromium, vanadium, nickel

Yeast (bread and alcohol) - Chromium, nickel, cobalt

My bet is that my fungal disease is a direct symptom of a nickel exposure. I'm using a compound of bentonite clay, clove, grapefruit seed extract and other plants mixed with vaseline topically to treat my skin once a day as well as wearing a Zapper 24-7 and having a dose of 6 drops twice a day of MMS (chlorine dioxide) but with not very good results. So here are my questions:


  1. Do these steel braces have some kind of protective coating which prevents too much nickel to enter the body? I think one of my braces may have lost its coating by accidental filing.
  2. If the nickel is caused by the braces no matter their coating, do you advice to remove them immediately? (monetary cost matters to me, that's why I chose, regrettably, stainless steel braces but matters not that much to risk my health) Or is there a way to keep them until the end of the treatment and meanwhile chelate those metals and kill my fungal infection maintaining both levels low?
  3. MMS (chlorine dioxide) I heard is a good chelating agent besides its antibiotic effect. If so what daily dose I should be taking giving my specific situation to help degrade these metals and keep the fungal infection at bay?
  4. Can I ask for a blood analysis with levels of nickel and ammonia as a way to determine with certainty that I have intoxication from nickel and what areas of my body the fungal infection has affected and how severe is?
  5. If the blood test is unreliable in these cases. Will a synchrometer give a realiable reading for nickel or will only read the metal level in my braces?


Thanks and I will be very appreciated for any advice on this problem you can give me.


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