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Re: was just Diagnosed as being HIV POS, is Colloidal silver the cure?
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: was just Diagnosed as being HIV POS, is Colloidal silver the cure?

i just post this for a critique from hv/others on the subject.

this guy (kary mullis inventor of pcr) says HIV has never even been isolated....

I find that hard to believe being that they have taken electron microscope pictures of the virus.  I would consider that a form of isolating the virus.  For example, these images:

Then there are studies like this:

Immunol Lett. 1996 Jun;51(1-2):29-33.

Persistently seronegative men from whom HIV-1 has been isolated are genetically and immunologically distinct.


Los Angeles Center of the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study, Department of Epidemiology, UCLA School of Public Health, USA.


Studies in both monkeys and humans have suggested that transient infection with HIV-1 can occur without provoking a measurable humoral immune response. The objective of this study was to look for genetic and immunologic correlates of transient HIV-1 infection in antibody-negative men from whom HIV-1 had been isolated. The distributions of MHC class I, class II, and TAP (transporter protein associated with antigen processing) region genes were compared between 23 persistently seronegative men from whom HIV-1 was isolated at least once (isol+/Ab-) and 137 men who seroconverted. A subset of 13 of the 23 isol+/Ab- men were compared to 27 seronegative men for distribution of CD25+CD4+ and CD25+CD8+ cells in the absence of exogenous immunologic stimulation. The prevalences of the TAP1.4, and a combination of TAP1.4, and TAP2.3 variants were significantly higher in the isol+/Ab- men. The proportion of CD8+ cells that expressed CD25+ antigen was also significantly higher in the isol+/Ab- men than in the seronegative men. We conclude that isol+/Ab- men may be genetically and immunologically distinct from HIV-1 susceptible men. We hypothesize that activated CD8+ cells may have cleared HIV-1 infection in these men through genetically mediated influences of the TAP genes on the presentation of peptides by HLA class I molecules.

Therefore HIV has been isolated but presence of does not mean cause.  HIV can only cause AIDS under the expanded definition, which was done to cover up Gallo's second big scientific fraud when he claimed HIV was the cause of AIDS.  Under the original definition, when he made this claim for personal financial gain, HIV could not cause AIDS.  So the government expanded the definition of AIDS to fit the HIV virus so they could honestly claim that HIV could cause AIDS.

In many AIDS patients though they have never found any evidence showing infection or potential infection by HIV.

I have posted on this, and AIDS, in detail a number of times.  You can run a search on my forum with key words such as "AIDS", "Gallo", "HIV testing", etc.


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